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  1. #2. Sunisa Lee was #1 with a 6.8 difficulty although she sometimes misses connections. (she did hit the 6.8 routine in team and all-round final)
  2. I would love to see Boglárka Kapás take gold in the 200fly too!
  3. Don't you think she could still challenge for gold in 400IM after that 4:34 swim at Europeans?
  4. How's Hosszu's form? I am a big fan of her but I don't read Hungarian so I cannot know much about her preparation
  5. If Popovici is from a wealthy Western European country or USA, no one will question his legitimacy... Such is the hypocrisy
  6. Both Ian Thorpe and Michael Phelps won their first Worlds gold at the age of 16. Would be incredible to see David Popovici win OLYMPICS gold at 16!
  7. David Popovici is amazing. I hope he takes gold in Tokyo. Very rare for a young male swimmer to have so much early success. We maybe seeing the greatest swimmer since Michael Phelps in the making.
  8. Hong Kong. Vault (Men) : Shek Wai Hung Track Cycling (Women) : Lee Wai Sze Swimming (Women) : Siobhan Haughey Shek Wai Hung has two 6.0 difficulty vault, the most difficult ones in the world. If he can land on his feet, he will definitely medal, even taking gold. Lee Wai Sze had won a bronze in London Olympics. She can medal in two sprint events. Siobhan Haughey is in great form. She is swimming PBs this year. The problem is that her best event - 200m freestyle is packed. (Ariarne Titmus and Katie Ledecy will probably g
  9. Hey I have a silly question. They now have 4 members for the Team Dressage instead of 3? thanks for answering in advance.
  10. I know very little abt this sports. but man I really loved Charlotte Dujardin's performance in London!
  11. He is my favourite since 2007. Maybe even earlier than some Serbians.
  12. I am a big tennis fan (see my avatar!) but I am not sure I'll follow tennis closely in Olympics becoz it isn't the pinnacle of this sports
  13. I used to follow Tour de France but not this yr. No one believes you can win this competition as a clean competitor anymore. And the outcome is too predictable as well.
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