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Men's Ice Hockey NHL 2019 - 2020

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On 06/09/2019 at 22:07, hckosice said:

9 Slovak youngs were selected to attend the "rookie camps" 2 of them (Fehervary and Studenič) with realistic chances to actually make it to the final team this season and raise the not very impressive amount of our 10 current NHLers (Jaroslav Halák, Zdeno Chára and Peter Cehlárik (Boston), Andrej Sekera (Dallas), Christián Jaroš (Ottawa), Erik Černák (Tampa Bay), Martin Marinčin (Toronto), Tomáš Tatar (Montreal), Richard Pánik (Washington) and Tomáš Jurčo (Edmonton).


Slovaks at Rookie Camps

Anaheim Ducks - Roman Durný (G)

Boston Bruins - Róbert Lantoši (F)

Calgary Flames - Martin Pospíšil (F), Miloš Roman (F), Adam Ružička (F)

New Jersey Devils - Marián Studenič (F)

New York Rangers - Adam Húska (G)

Tampa Bay Lightning - Maxim Čajkovič (F)

Washington Capitals - Martin Fehérváry (D)





and pretty good start for Martin Feherváry, scoring 2 goals in the first test game :yes. points last night also for Maxim Čajkovič and Róbert Lantoši. Martin Pospíšil started the camp with first brawl






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Martin Fehervary becomes last night the 87th Slovak playing an NHL match.


WTG Martin.

he embellished his debut with this nice self-sacrificing intervention.






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