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  1. Hey brothers, we both really should return back our attentions to hockey and leave this thing called football to the others
  2. now I really want to ask, which wikipedia outage are you speaking about last 2 days ? It never stopped to work
  3. I knew Kovačócy will mess it up...pity the whole situation would be clear if he would have won this one also for Tužinský...nah
  4. Today it´s already 8 years, but the memories remain RIP Lokomotiv Yaroslavl 2011 squad Mikhail Balandin (31), Gennady Churilov (24), Alexander Galimov (26), Marat Kalimulin (23), Alexander Kalyanin (23), Andrej Kiryukhin (24), Nikita Klyukin (21), Maxim Shuvalov (18), Pavel Snurnitsyn (19), Ivan Tkachenko (31), Pavel Trakhanov (33), Yuri Urychev (20), Alexander Vasyunov (23), Artem Jarchuk (21) Jan Marek (31), Karel Rachůnek (32), Josef Vašíček (30) Vitalii Anikeenko (24), Daniil Sobchenko (20) Sergei Ostapchuk (21), Ruslan Salei (36) Pavol DEMITRA (36) Robert Dietrich (25) Karlis Skrastins (37) Stefan Liv (30) RIP Legend, RIP Champion, RIP our #38
  5. Internal Qualifier after Event 2/4 (Day #1) M C1 Rank Athlete WC Stage 4 WC Stage 5 World Champs European Champs Total 1 Matej Beňuš 28 30 58 2 Michal Martikán 28 28 56 3 Alexander Slafkovský 30 25 55 W K1 Rank Athlete WC Stage 4 WC Stage 5 World Champs European Champs Total 1 Eliška Mintálová 18 28 46 2 Jana Dukátová 21 8 29 3 Elena Kaliská 16 4 20 What a fight in M C1 last week Slafkovský won the WC event and today Beňuš the next one, All 3 were in the finals top 10 in both events...and yes we can earn only 1 quota...
  6. Stage 5/5 in Prague (CZE) Women´s K1: 1. Jessica Fox 101.11 (0) 2. Ana Satila 103.98 (0) 3. Eva Tercelj 104.30 (0) Full Final Result HERE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ World Cup 2019 Final Standing Women´s K1: 1. Jessica Fox 278 2. Eva Tercelj 265 3. Corinna Kuhnle 248 Full Final Result HERE
  7. Stage 5/5 in Prague (CZE) Men´s C1: 1. Matej Beňuš 100.26 (0) 2. Kirill Setkin 102.43 (0) 3. Luka Bozic 103.42 (2) Full Final Result HERE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ World Cup 2019 Final Standing Men´s C1: 1. Matej Beňuš 289 2. Luka Bozic 287 3. Michal Martikán 248 Full Final Result HERE
  8. yeah well, thankfully now when the borders are open it looks like the whole Slovakia can "easily" travel to Croatia and enjoy the sea but at the time of the communism when leaving the country was forbidden the peoples had to enjoy our fabulous lakes resorts, so you have really easily to uderstand why Slovaks loves sea
  9. And it´s Marek Pavúk. So the final Official delegation is known. 3 athletes in 2 sports, when it come to beach games we are like Chad in Summer OG https://www.olympic.sk/clanok/na-oktobrove-i-svetove-plazove-hry-anov-vysle-sosv-len-7-clennu-vypravu-s-3-sportovcami
  10. Maybe, But I assure you last 3-4 months it worked just perfectly, it was a real pleasure to re-watch a event after event. and now when I am almost finished ahead of the new winter season this happened and yes it bother me a lot.
  11. Sure, but the PC 2018 videos were not until yesterday and since I am right into my "complete rewatching mode" unfortunately the sudden yesterdays changes are frustrating me a lot
  12. So the Olympic Channel decided to make their videos literally unwatchable. Why ? well, Because of the super mighty dollar obviously. Since yesterday they completely changed the whole program, now you can not open any of the video replays without removing your addblocker and then the video is constantly stopped every 10 minutes or so by a add for toyota, coca cola etc... (sure they put you the option - skip the add) but this doesn´t help you since the add is and will automatically returning again in the middle of the video and again and again to the point it become extremely annoying and frustrating to watch it. Well done IOC ! Money above everything else
  13. 1. 2. 3. Special Mentions + + no worst for me There no worst anthem since every one should be respected pps. Mega specia mention to despite full of propaganda, I always loved for some weird resons this one...sorry I know I´m weird
  14. https://www.fis-ski.com/en/snowboard/park-and-pipe/pipe-and-slope/news-multimedia/news/big-air-world-cup-atlanta-announced-for-december-20-21
  15. Yeah, I don´t know why, but I had here and there feelings we are like resting or what, because I can´t remember last time we showed so impressive misery like tonight we´ll see in Budapest, if it was on purpose or we are seriously that bad anyway, congrats that was one serious lesson from Croatia tonight for our guys
  16. 9 Slovak youngs were selected to attend the "rookie camps" 2 of them (Fehervary and Studenič) with realistic chances to actually make it to the final team this season and raise the not very impressive amount of our 10 current NHLers (Jaroslav Halák, Zdeno Chára and Peter Cehlárik (Boston), Andrej Sekera (Dallas), Christián Jaroš (Ottawa), Erik Černák (Tampa Bay), Martin Marinčin (Toronto), Tomáš Tatar (Montreal), Richard Pánik (Washington) and Tomáš Jurčo (Edmonton). Slovaks at Rookie Camps Anaheim Ducks - Roman Durný (G) Boston Bruins - Róbert Lantoši (F) Calgary Flames - Martin Pospíšil (F), Miloš Roman (F), Adam Ružička (F) New Jersey Devils - Marián Studenič (F) New York Rangers - Adam Húska (G) Tampa Bay Lightning - Maxim Čajkovič (F) Washington Capitals - Martin Fehérváry (D)
  17. Barbora Mokošová thankfully raising her form before the Tokyo qualifiers in Stuttgart qualifying for two finals in the WC in Szombathely with 3rd places in the Balance Beam and Uneven Bars qualification
  18. and just one week later another turnover, Halčin eliminated in the heats in Prague while Grigar advanced to the semis as heats winner
  19. Carapaz will not compete in GB because he didn't get visa.
  20. In fact saying Mugabe had racial issues against white peoples is a bit funny, since for years Kirsty Coventry (whiter than flour herself) was introduced as the Mugabe´s golden girl. One would even say she was like his daughter seeing how often they were pictured together
  21. Is this over for today ? I mean, when the M event is supposed to be contested ?
  22. It´s only after 2 series, it´s really far to be over
  23. Marián Kovačócy is fighting for his quota here, if Tužinský will fail to qualify in the air pistol, it´s very likely the Mixed trap quota will be offered to Tužinský, so the best way to assure everything is to gain quota here.
  24. hahaha well, he grew up and raised his skills in Canada, and played various juniors leagues there. In other hand Michalovce are the newly promoted team (for the first time ever) and huge underdog of the championship, gonna be interesting to follow how the club will do
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