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  1. Guys where can I watch highlights of the events, especially shooting.
  2. May be gopis training is too rigorous and his method is prone to injuries or there are too many to look after for him. So they are not getting individual attention. He has mentioned he wanted to train under fitness coach Deckline Leitao.
  3. I feel that this disastrous show is good for us in the long run. With social media attention and more people following sports, government should wake up. Badminton is taken care of with gopi at helm and newly appointed doubles coach will produce results. In mens we have lot of players coming up, but women worries me as there is no talent after sindhu and saina. Womens wrestling seems tobe in good direction and mens we have amit kumar and punia. Womens boxing will have a new Mary Kom in nikhat zareen. She is supported by OGQ and I expect a lot from this teenager. Mary kom boxing foundation will need some time to produce talents. But boxing federation should clear its mess. Hockey is under good leadership and coach if oltmans stays till tokoyo 2020. Archery I dont know but they should move over and I saw somewere that the korean coach saying the technique of our girls is not that good. If it is so then they should seriously look into it. Shooting: Hope gagan stays till next olympics and jitu shoulders the responsibility. We have got some good young talent.
  4. yes but its the nature of the sport. But Army should invest in shooting and Navy in canoing and rowing
  5. I agree. The one sport in India which can match cricket in next 20 years is badminton. In badmniton we have good coach and more coaches will come. And its very exciting sports and simple to play anywere. More kids will take up badminton now.
  6. Sindhu has defeated her in Denmark SSP. But olympics final is a different game. Hope she is not tired and marin has not been tested in the tournamnet so far.
  7. Great going srikanth. In 2020 tokoyo both LCW and LD will be absent and Indians have many potential players coming up.
  8. You are absolutely right. There was saina to turn kids into badminton, deepa karmarkar now has opened door for gymnastics in india. We need some star in swimming. Badminton is in safe hands of gopi and for doubles the new malaysian coach needs time to produce results. We have lot of boys coming up but I'm worried about girls. sania mostly will retire after 2020 tokyo and only we have sindhu. They should groom a bunch to replace both of them for long term. Shooting we have ability and we should be consistent. Archery- I heared someone saying that techique of womens team is not so good according to the korean coach. I feel mens team is better placed as we have atanu and atul verma. Boxing - drastic changes should be made. We have lot of potential in north east and we should tap into it. It is high time.
  9. Take a bow Dipa. You are a legend. Thanks for making us proud.
  10. Manish singh finished 13th in 20km road walk. At halfway mark he was 7th. Good show.
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