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Everything posted by Fly_like_a_don

  1. Same here though the labs are something being thought about
  2. For repecharge there should be conventional mode Should be followed. Choosing the 6 giving points 6 to 1.. Then highest 4 win.
  3. Oh yeah and also I don't like the reverse order starting from the last position team every time. At this rate I'm likely gonna lose interest.
  4. I won't be surprised if after some entries I google the singer name after being suprised on getting to know that they belonged or had any association with that country..
  5. I have a feeling @Olympian1010 has given a large sum of money to make the Orangers win this season more than any fans of minty maniacs or raspberry racers did conbined. Sadly no one put their money on mellow yellow.
  6. I got to know today that Rihanna was not from US but from Barbados. Nonetheless Despacito should be the least suprising entry among the above. In fact the user should be allowed under extraordinary circumstances to change the song even though deadline is done.
  7. Depends on the music each nation has chosen. Hopefully we don't get to hear the National Anthem of Gibraltar after all
  8. Very questionable.. Come on these are marbles. Felt like Round 6 of an athletics field event final with those at the end doing way better than those who are at the beginning. If same teams are winning it doesn't make fun. It should be unpredictable but rather it's following real sport event finals.
  9. Idea is good but let's not call best of the worst Call it the Challeger Trophy, Plate League or Plate finals
  10. Just got to know he was from Netherlands ,I thought he was an American since they put EDT.
  11. Why do they have the event at 3pm like it's a terrible time for me. It should be like 10am or even 2pm which is fine. Even if it was night 10pm EDT it's easy to catch up.
  12. No it isn't blocked.. It worked this time
  13. But I am unable to join how come.
  14. Even if China and few other nations are ready what is the probability that other nations will be able to make it. They won't have sufficient practice either. While some countries may not afford to send their athletes after the economic crisis.
  15. Oh no we should give the orangers their time in spotlight. Who knows they may never win another event this season .
  17. Hahaha tomorrow she says she want to jump from a mountain what would you do? Especially during these times I don't think it's smart for something like this. It's better to stay and support your family.
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