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  1. Yeah I know even boxing,wrestling ,volleyball and many more events are Olympic events so let's name them all Olympic Volleyball final or Olympic Basketball final Lol
  2. I'm ok with 25m pool but not at the expense of 50m pool, especially when Sea games have same type events. World Athletics (formerly IAAF) has had proper naming of events which should be followed. It's like calling you by your neigbours name and expecting you to respond the same way.
  3. Most of the things in the games have been horrible. From swimming in 25m pool to having age group events in Taekwondo. There was a Cross country Olympic race in Cycling, torch relay Was called Olympic Torch relay bcoz most ppl in Nepal think this is only Olympics . The website had a news report titled Nepal won gold in Women's Olympic Marathon in 1500m . What more do you want to laugh at.
  4. Looks like a good system but needs modification. Imagine Dakar having this system. Only 170 nations or so will have their flagbearers at both ceremonies .
  5. @Olympian1010 I hope you didn't forget about these games
  6. Here's how the Sepaktakraw events were set : Men's Event Hoop Team Doubles Team Regu Regu Women's event Hoop Regu Rules : Phillipines can enter all events. All other nations can participate in 2 events each in men and women. Similiar to AG 2018, but I rather prefer Quadrant event than Hoop. Hoop is not bad but it is not true Sepaktakraw. The action you get to see in hoop is 0.001% as compared to ' real Takraw ' events. What do you say @Griff88 @Olympian1010
  7. I actually don't like lead or speed that much so I'm happy. Greco Roman being thrown out is awesome too. Badminton could have had both men's and women's doubles rather tennis. Futsal is not a great addition considering the organizers wanted Beach soccer.
  8. I watched some couple of weeks ago just to know the rules ,it was nice I'd love to watch it live.
  9. 35 Years , 6200+ medals and history was created on 3rd December 2019. The good days to the tiny island finally came. Maldives celebrated it's first ever gold in the history of games courtesy of Saaid Hassan in 100m.
  10. Not exactly, the results are slow and changing. India has 5 golds now.
  11. Apparently just football being telecasted
  12. It's nice maybe little bit more difficult next time and it will be fun. I don't know if you guys are aware of Takeshi's castle,it should be like that. Ninja warrior has no humour
  13. I'm just stopping myself for 3 more days thats it then I'm free, fully free.
  14. It was DVB sports Vietnam. They had shown almost all sports live since morning ,loved the mountain biking . I took an hour off and now the video has been removed from YouTube.
  15. For I'm not complaining today, awesome livestream ,just the thing I love in multi sport events.
  16. Just YouTube South Asian Games page or Fusionstar TV.... Many more hopefully
  17. Indians don't like to fight for no reason. So no one actually may bother to.
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