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    Thank all friends who cheer for Vietnam. It's such a big surprise . And hope Hoang Xuan Vinh will get another medal in 50m event.
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    That's true. Biles will place ahead of her, and I'm confident Olsen will also place ahead too provided she doesn't fall. There's a chance Moreno will not place ahead of Dipa. Dipa's score is too high and Moreno needs to be perfect to beat this score.
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    Alt now has a higher D score than Schäfer and just scored 14.8 on vault. Balance beam is always very tricky, we might get two athletes into the final or none, i hope for one and at least one on uneven bars. Berger has been injured multiple times since London 2012. I read that she has torn her cruciate ligament, her meniscus and multiple other things in her knee. I agree that she got robbed in 2012 but i am not sure whether she wouldve made the team. Scheder, Seitz, Alt and Schäfer are safe, but one out of Berger/Chusovitina might have repaced Bui in the team. I think in the end she couldnt have helped us very much, i think with her our overall score wouldve been 0.4-0.5 points better at best.
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    They all keep shooting but in Shoot-off format.
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    6 shooters in semis. After 15 shots, top 2 go to Gold Medal Match, next 2 to Bronze Medal Match. In GMM and BMM, initial match is of 15 shots. If both are tied after 15 shots, sudden death.
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    The only football I will be watching are danish and swedish matches that fit into my schedule
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    Wow, but I don't think many follow football after opening ceremony .
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    What happened to pallavolo italiano? Pallavolo femminile ha perso e Lupo e Nikolai hanno perso anche.. Perché?
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    Kažem da je ljude briga za nju i njene saigrače kada nisu OI, a sada odjednom treba da se nosi sa pritiskom da većina 'sportskih fanova' u njenoj zemlji očekuje medalju od nje. Verovatno ju je to slomilo. Mikec je podjednako dobar u obe discipline. Andrea ne. Mada nesporno je da ima kvalitet Videćemo
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    It's amazing see new national community! Welcome in Totallympics @Javohir
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    Today its women's day for India at Rio!!!
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    Our team made the final, but our two medal contenders Nguyen (parallel bars) and Bretschneider (high bar) missed the final, great first day for Germany. Engleder dropped from 2nd to 4th with her last shot and our swimmers are drowning again, like they did in 2012. Jung also is very unlikely to win the gold in eventing. I wouldnt be sad if they would end the olympics now, with all the doping, criminality, health issues and so on. I am already looking forward to 2020 olympics, they should be much better.
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    if only all our athletes get same attention in national level and other events they could have taken pressure like cricketers... somehow badminton and hockey is getting good importance and viewership ... we are able to see the positive in these sports....shooting archery and other sports hardly matter for indians... they are considered once in 4 years... they are bound to crumble in pressure
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    Sure, I will do tomorrow's after the swimming
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    Congrats and welcome on Totallympics
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    Let's go everyone who's not called Sun Yang
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    yesss!!! maybe even a little bit too early I guess... however, I can't wait for it (but I'm going to ignore the first 2 rounds of the Champions Hockey League, since they are going to be played during the second week of the Olympics )... I'm going to start my "personal" hockey season only with the KHL opener, on Monday, August 22nd...
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    INDIA AT 2016 SUMMER OLYMPICS MEDAL TABLE SPORT GOLD SILVER BRONZE TOTAL RANK Badminton 0 1 0 1 7 Wrestling 0 0 1 1 18 TOTAL 0 1 1 2 67 RESULTS ARCHERY Athlete Event Ranking Round R64 R32 R16 QF SF Final/Bronze Medal Atanu Das Men's Individual Recurve 683/720 (Rank 5) 6-0 vs Muktan 6-4 vs Puentes 4-6 vs Lee S-y Did Not Advance Deepika Kumari Women's Individual Recurve 640/720 (Rank 20) 6-4 vs Esebua 6-2 vs Sartori 0-6 vs Tan Y-t Did Not Advance Bombayla Devi 638/720 (Rank 24) 6-2 vs Baldauff 6-2 vs Lin S-c 2-6 vs Valencia Did Not Advance Laxmirani Majhi 614/720 (Rank 43) 1-7 vs Longova Did Not Advance Laxmirani MajhiBombayla DeviDeepika Kumari Women's Team Recurve 1892/2160 (Rank 7) NA 5-3 vs Colombia 4-5 vs Russia Did Not Advance ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS Athlete Event Qualification/Heats Final Dipa Karmakar Women's Individual All-Around 51.665 (Rank 51) (Vault - 15.100, Uneven Bars - 11.666, Balance Beam - 12.866, Floor - 12.033) Did Not Advance Women's Vault 14.850 (Rank 8) 15.066 (Rank 4) ATHLETICS Athlete Event Qualification/Heats SF Final Muhammad Anas Men's 400m 45.95 (Heat Rank - 6) Did Not Advance Jinson Johnson Men's 800m 1:47.27 (Heat Rank - 5) Did Not Advance Thonakal Gopi Men's Marathon NA 2:15:25 (Rank 25) Nitendra Singh Rawat 2:22:52 (Rank 84) Kheta Ram 2:15:26 (Rank 26) Manish Singh Rawat Men's 20km Walk NA 1:21:21 (Rank 13) Gurmeet Singh Disqualified Ganapathi Krishnan Disqualified Sandeep Kumar Men's 50km Walk NA 4:07:55 (Rank 35) Ankit Sharma Men's Long Jump 7.67 (Rank - 24) NA Did Not Advance Renjith Maheshwary Men's Triple Jump 16.13 (Rank - 30) NA Did Not Advance Vikas Gowda Men's Discuss Throw 58.99 (Rank - 28) NA Did Not Advance Lalith MathurMuhammed KunhuArokia RajivMohankumar RajaDharun AyyasamyMuhammad Anas Men's 4*400m Relay Disqualified NA Did Not Advance Dutee Chand Women's 100m 11.69 (Heat Rank - 7) Did Not Advance Srabani Nanda Women's 200m 23.58 (Heat Rank - 6) Did Not Advance Nirmala Sheoran Women's 400m 53.03 (Heat Rank - 6) Did Not Advance Tintu Luka Women's 800m 2:00.58 (Heat Rank - 6) Did Not Advance Lalita Babar Women's 3000m Steeplechase 9:19.76 (Heat Rank - 4) NA 9:22.74 (Rank - 10) Sudha Singh 9:43.29 (Heat Rank - 9) Did Not Advance O P Jaisha Women's Marathon NA 2:47:19 (Rank 89) Kavita Raut 2:59:29 (Rank 54) Khushbir Kaur Women's 20km Walk NA 1:40:33 (Rank 120) Sapna Punia Did Not Finish Manpreet Kaur Women's Shot Put 17.06 (Rank - 23) NA Did Not Advance Seema Antil Women's Discuss Throw 57.58 (Rank - 20) NA Did Not Advance Anilda ThomasNirmala SheoranM. R. PoovammaJisna MathewDebashree MajumdarAshwini Akkunji Women's 4*400m Relay 3:29.53 (Heat Rank - 7) NA Did Not Advance BADMINTON Athlete Event Group Stage Group Rank R16 QF SF Final/Bronze Medal Kidambi Srikanth Men's Singles 2-0 vs Hurskainen 2-0 vs Munoz NA 1st (Group H) 2-0 vs Jorgensen 1-2 vs Lin Dan Did Not Advance Saina Nehwal Women's Singles 0-2 vs Ulitina 2-0 vs Vicente NA 2nd (Group G) Did Not Advance P V Sindhu Women's Singles 2-1 vs Li 2-0 vs Sarosi NA 1st (Group M) 2-0 vs Tai T-y 2-0 vs Yihan W 2-0 vs Okuhara 1-2 vs Marin Sumeeth ReddyManu Attri Men's Doubles 0-2 vs Ahsan / Setiawan 0-2 vs Chai / Hong 2-0 vs Endo / Hayakawa 4th (Group D) NA Did Not Advance Ashwini PonnappaJwala Gutta Women's Doubles 0-2 vs Matsutomo / Takahashi 1-2 vs Muskens / Piek 0-2 vs Supajirakul / Taerattanachai 4th (Group A) NA Did Not Advance BOXING Athlete Event R32 R16 QF SF Final Shiva Thapa Men's Bantamweight (56kg) 0-3 vs Ramirez Did Not Advance Manoj Kumar Men's Light Welterweight (64kg) 2-1 vs Petrauskas 0-3 vs Gaibnazarov Did Not Advance Vikas Krishan Yadav Men's Middleweight (75kg) 3-0 vs Conwell 3-0 vs Sipal 0-3 vs Melikuziev Did Not Advance FIELD HOCKEY Athlete Event Group Stage Group Rank QF SF Final/Bronze Medal India Men's 3-2 vs Ireland 1-2 vs Germany 2-1 vs Argentina 1-2 vs Netherlands 2-2 vs Canada 4th (Group B) 1-3 vs Belgium Did Not Advance India Women's 2-2 vs Japan 0-3 vs Great Britain 1-6 vs Australia 0-3 vs United States 0-5 vs Argentina 6th (Group B) Did Not Advance GOLF Athlete Event Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Final Anirban Lahiri Men's Par 74: +3 (Rank 50) Par 73: +2 (Rank 46) Par 75: +4 (Rank 50) Par 72: +1 (Rank 45) Par 294:+10 (Rank 57) SSP Chawrasia Par 71: 0 (Rank 27) Par 71: 0 (Rank 31) Par 69: -2 (Rank 13) Par 78: +7 (Rank 58) Par 289: +5 (Rank 50) Aditi Ashok Women's Par 68: -3 (Rank 7) Par 68: -3 (Rank 17) Par 79: +8 (Rank 56) Par 76: +5 (Rank 52) Par 291: +7 (Rank 41) JUDO Athlete Event R64 R32 R16 QF SF Repechage Final/Bronze Medal Avtar Singh Men's Middleweight (90kg) Bye 000-001 vs Misenga Did Not Advance ROWING Athlete Event Heat Repechage QF SF C/D Final C Dattu Baban Bhokanal Men's Single Sculls 7:21.67 (Rank 3 - Heat 1) Bye 6:59.89 (Rank 4 - QF 4) 7:19.02 (Rank 2) 6:54.96 (Rank 1) Overall Rank - 13 SHOOTING Athlete Event Qualification SF Final Chain Singh Men's 50m Rifle 3 Positions 1169-52x (Rank 23) NA Did Not Advance Men's 50m Rifle Prone 619.6 (Rank 36) Did Not Advance Gagan Narang Men's 50m Rifle 3 Positions 1162-50x (Rank 33) Did Not Advance Men's 50m Rifle Prone 623.1 (Rank 13) Did Not Advance Men's 10m Air Rifle 621.7 (Rank 23) Did Not Advance Abhinav Bindra Men's 10m Air Rifle 625.7 (Rank 7) 163.8 (Rank 4) Jitu Rai Men's 50m Pistol 554-9x (Rank 12) Did Not Advance Men's 10m Air Pistol 580-22x (Rank 6) 78.7 (Rank 8) Prakash Nanjappa Men's 50m Pistol 547-10x (Rank 25) Did Not Advance Gurpreet Singh Men's 25m Rapid Fire Pistol 581-24x (Rank 7) Did Not Advance Men's 10m Air Pistol 576-21x (Rank 20) Did Not Advance Kynan Chenai Men's Trap 114 (Rank 19) Did Not Advance Manavjit Singh Sandhu Men's Trap 115 (Rank 16) Did Not Advance Mairaj Ahmad Khan Men's Skeet 121 - SO +3 (Rank 9) Did Not Advance Apurvi Chandela Womem's 10m Air Rifle 411.6 (Rank 34) NA Did Not Advance Ayonika Paul Womem's 10m Air Rifle 407.0 (Rank 43) Did Not Advance Heena Sidhu Women's 10m Air Pistol 380-13x (Rank 14) Did Not Advance Women's 25m Pistol 576-16x (Rank 20) Did Not Advance SWIMMING Athlete Event Heat SF Final Sajan Prakash Men's 200m Butterfly 1:59.37 (Rank 28) Did Not Advance Shivani Kataria Women's 200m Freestyle 2:09.30 (Rank 41) Did Not Advance TABLE TENNIS Athlete Event Preliminaries R128 R64 R32 R16 QF SF Final/Bronze Medal Soumyajit Ghosh Men's Singles Bye 1-4 vs Tanviriyavechakul Did Not Advance Achanta Sharath Kamal Bye 1-4 vs Crisan Did Not Advance Manika Batra Women's Singles Bye 2-4 vs Grzybowska-Franc Did Not Advance Mouma Das Bye 0-4 vs Dodean Did Not Advance TENNIS Athlete Event R32 R16 QF SF Bronze Medal Leander Paes Rohan Bopanna Men's Doubles 0-2 vs Kubot / Matkowski Did Not Advance Sania Mirza Prarthana Thombare Women's Doubles 1-2 vs Peng / Zhang Did Not Advance Sania MirzaRohan Bopanna Mixed Doubles NA 2-0 vs Stosur / Peers 2-0 vs Watson / Murray 1-2 vs Venus / Rajeev 0-2 vs Hradecka / Stepanek WEIGHTLIFTING Athlete Event Snatch Clean & Jerk Total Sivalingam Sathish Kumar Men's -77kg 148kg (Rank 12) 181kg (Rank 12) 329kg (Rank 11) Saikhom Mirabai Chanu Women's -48kg 82kg (Rank 6) No Lift (No Rank) No Lift (No Rank) WRESTLING Athlete Event R32 R16 QF SF Repechage 1 Repechage 2 Final/Bronze Medal Sandeep Tomar Men's Freestyle -57kg 1-3 vs Lebedev Did Not Advance Yogeshwar Dutt Men's Freestyle -65kg 0-3 vs Ganzorig Did Not Advance Ravinder Khatri Men's Greco-Roman -85kg Bye 0-4 vs Korincz Did Not Advance Hardeep Singh Men's Greco-Roman -98kg Bye 1-3 vs Ildem Did Not Advance Vinesh Phogat Women's Freestyle -48kg Bye 4-0 vs Vuc 0-5 vs Sun Y Did Not Advance Babita Kumari Women's Freestyle -53kg Bye 1-3 vs Maria P Did Not Advance Sakshi Malik Women's Freestyle -58kg 3-1 vs Mattsson 3-1 vs Cherdivara 1-3 vs Koblova Did Not Advance Bye 3-1 vs Orkhon 3-1 vs Tynybekova