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  1. Ieri sera un record italiano nuovo per Mancini ed i suoi ragazzi.. Bravi ed io voglio di più.. La medaglia d'oro ad Euro 2020 ed il cup.. Forza Italia
  2. Claudio Marchisio also retired from professional football..
  3. Ed ora tutti gli italiani sono fuori all'australian open?
  4. Italy were defeated before the match even started.. No fighting at all!
  5. Good point - and that's why Poland is not winning by a huge margin. They don't need it! Italy lost 57 - 75 I think, so need to win tomorrow with about a 22 points difference; I don't think that is achievable!!
  6. But Italy won't be able to score the points difference needed to make it equal or superior to Serbia and/or Poland. Poland will resist big time, and play with tooth and nail!!!! Or maybe I am being pessimistic..
  7. Is Russia a bad team or have they stopped being interested in this world championship?
  8. I agree.. Brazil will probably win the whole thing now..
  9. Correct me if I am wrong but I heard that it was already planned for heads of the E and F groups to have a rest day in between..
  10. Conspiracy theories? But that would mean semifinal and final will be easier for group J and much harder for group I..
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