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  1. [ hide] Event & Date Athletes Gold Silver Bronze Men's 10,000m Day 1 July 30th 2021 Mohammed Ahmed x Aron Kifle Berihu Aregawi Selemon Barega Yomif Kejelcha x Marc Scott
  2. [ hide] Event & Date Athletes Gold Silver Bronze Archery Women's Team Day 2 July 25th 2021 Belarus China Chinese Taipei x Germany Great Britain Italy
  3. I think Thomas was 1st at this years europeans , cause Stanulis got silver, by the way it's strange that only he got caught and not his brother too .
  4. don't know about other sports , but tommorow they will add another medal and probably Gold
  5. Well as a lifter , lifting many years , I can say China was robbed here by judges, Nothing wrong with that 123 kg lift. I have seen many lifts that have been 3 white lights and looked 10x times worse than Li's attempt...
  6. According to one of local news site Efimova is going to Rio...
  7. Agree , but my guess would be that everyone wanna avoid risk of beiing in group B so they put very high Totals.
  8. Yeah had a bet on her too. It's really hard to say who is favorite in 48 without Hou , but I would pick Sopita Tanasan , in world champs last year she did 210 at 53 but weighted only 50.xx. So i believe she could do about 200 total, which may be enough for gold
  9. Ha ha , I missed that bet when Kashirina was out , but now I am happy that I did .
  10. They can give it to us then Zygimantas Stanulis would be happy
  11. Bit strange that they gave women quata's to ALB GEO and MDA , considering that those nations had positive tests recently.
  12. fixed mine , but did not counted points if it's below 400 it's good right?
  13. 94kg category from London podium now looks like that : from 3rd to 1st Ciricu , from 5th to 2nd Mohammadpourkarkaragh , and from 8th to 3rd Minjae
  14. Sporting Rivalries and Medals (26) 1- Medals will be awarded to more nations than at the 2012 Summer Games - with at least 86. [YES - 3] 2- The best-placed European NOC in the overall 2016 Summer Olympics medal table will be Russia. [NO - 2] 3- Brazil will achieve their best ever placement in the overall 2016 Summer Games medal table, finishing within the top 14. [YES - 2] 4- Finland will fail to win a medal for the first time in history. [NO - 3] 5- At least 4 countries will win their first olympic medal. [NO - 3] 6- Rio 2016 will be India's best ever pe
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