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  1. Good to see Saina winning her first game after Rio olympics..
  2. Well done gaganjeet bhullar... he was actually playing better than Anirbhan 2 to 3 yrs back and then huge loss of form...hope this win gives him confidence back
  3. USA hegemony speak a lot in Olympics... For sure if they were Russians then many would have cried foul...surprisingly no one is even questioning here...
  4. Wada showing its color... anyways might is always right..simone biles was tested positive but no action
  5. Advani played so well till semi final and one moment he came close to tie with ding...somehow his long pots didnt work well but his safety play is the best in modern snooker game ...even ding acknowledged that
  6. Such a proud moment for all of us ...thanks thangavelu and Varun Bhatia...national anthem played atlast in rio
  7. Wrestling match against Narsingh and Sushil would have seriously done good for the sport in our country, these trials should be arranged for all sports and they all need to be televised as only during Olympic phase other sports get huge importance and they should capitalize this opportunity also in terms of Olympic trials...
  8. Sathiyan played very well against robinot Quentin lost 3-4
  9. Awesome analysis Dolby... somewhere in case of Narsingh, i feel officials didnt want russian federation to be upset with narsingh inclusion, also they wanted to prove a point that no one will be given a chance in case of doping...
  10. Saurav got defeated against Ramy ashour... former world no 1 and a great player.....
  11. This Olympics from my point of view was very bad for India... From Doping taint to Minister Goof ups our nation prestige was in stake.... We got solace from Sindhu and Sakshi ( who were not even in our top 10 medal expected candidates)....In our work culture we are very good with Jugaad and we expect this jugaad to work even in our sports... Unfortunately Olympics was a clear learning that only hard work dedication and practice can fetch medals...Jugaad may help you to qualify and after that nothing... If we expect miracles in next 4 years then that will be wrong but one good thing is that lot
  12. Its good that today people watch Badminton match with a lot of interest but unfortunately this will be the last badminton match they will watch until n unless another player reach medal round in future Olympics from our country... This attitude is a problem... Support them in each of there success so that they will treat Olympics as a normal tournament...
  13. It was too early to start commenting on Aditi performance... Got some messages where people wrote one more lady Aditi silently moving towards Golf finals... First of all there is nothing called as Golf finals... In Golf there is cut applied after 2 rounds where players scoring below that score can no more continue the game but in Olympics they didnt have any cut so all the players will play 4 rounds irrespective of scores... This is an 18 hole game where first second round wont give any idea about the winner ... Infact even the third round cannot give a real picture.... Aditi participating for
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