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Weightlifting EWF European Championships 2024 Road to Paris 2024


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The final entries are out for next month's European Championships in Sofia.


We are submitting all of our best lifters (bar the injured David Fischerov) with the ambition to win the medal table and of course get good lifts for the Olympic ranking. Expectations are for 5 golds at 55, 61, 67, 89 and 109. For the women's team it would be good if they can get one medal, as most of the girls are young and are there for a participation in a big event. 


BG Men's Team:


55 kg - Angel Rusev & Dzhan Zarkov

61 kg - Ivan Dimov & Gabriel Marinov

67 kg - Valentin Genchev & Dian Pampordzhiev

73 kg - Bozhidar Andreev

81 kg - none..


89 kg - Karlos Nasar

96 kg - none..

102 kg - Vasil Marinov

109 kg - Hristo Hristov

109+ kg - none


BG Women's Team:


45 kg - Nadezhda Mey-Nguen & Boyana Kostadinova

49 kg - Reni Ruseva & Silvia Angelova

55 kg - Magdalena Dimitrova

59 kg - none

64 kg - Galya Shatova


71 kg - Maria Arnaudova

76 kg - Sofia Stefanova

81 kg - none

87 kg - none

87+ kg - Dzhesika Ivanova

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Karlos Nasar gave a press-conference before the Euro. Here are some of the highlights.


- He is fully healed now, after the big injury last year. He is hopeful to not have anymore problems before Paris;

- The Doha Grand Prix in December was a great testing ground and the 223 kg CJ World Record reassured him, that everything is ok. He mentioned, that he has lifted 233 in training, but joked, that he hopes it won't come to that for a gold medal. 


- He has received numerous offers from other countries. There was speculation, that he would go to Bahrein after the Olympics. Karlos firmly said he is rejecting all such offers and has no intention of switching. Bahrein had indeed made a strong proposition to his coach and said they are trying to make a "dream team".


- If weightlifting remains an Olympic sport, he sees another 2-3 OG in him after Paris.


- All the constant scandals with the national coach, the Federation, the different clubs has a negative impact on the team. It's getting tiresome to be surrounded by problems and not train normally. The National team is being split in two with some remaining with the still (disgraced) coach Ivan Ivanov, while Karlos and others train with his and other coaches elsewhere. He has no or wants to have any communication with Ivanov until the courts rule on the corruption case. For him the guy should leave as he has brought so much scandals over the years.

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Great start to the Euro for us at 55 kg. :champion: Angel Rusev with his 4th title, even though there was a scare with his shoulder in the Snatch. He pushed through and with one good lift in the CJ got the win.


Lots of guys had trouble in the CJ, which led to a very surprising bronze to our young athlete Zarkov. His entry was for 7-9th place, but was the only one with 6 good lifts and gets his first medal at a big event.

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Georgopoulou 202 kg, just not enough and she not improved at all in the last two years it seems. She was our last hope to send a weightlifter to Paris. Now it is 95% certain that Greek weightlifting will not be represented at the Olympics for the first time since 1956 :cry:


Weightlifting is our second-best sport in our Olympic history. 5 gold, 5 silver, and 2 bronze between Barcelona and Athens and now we can't even qualify anyone. The sport has major issues but it is still sad to see how far we've fallen...

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Wow,  i totally ignored Bozhidar Andreev in my initial prognosis, as his head wasn't focused in the past 1-2 years, but damn :yikes: 73kg is one of closest weights at the Euro and he dominated. Haven't seen him so strong and confident in years. An European record in the C&J and a total of 348 kg, which jumps him up to number 3 in the rankings.

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I'm surprised that we are still able to win medals at European Championships, when it's very possible that we will not qualify anyone to Paris, first time since 1948....


Too bad (despite gold medal!!) that Weronika Zielińska-Stubińska in -81kg will not improve her place in ranking... 


Besides PanAmerican and Oceanian Championships + World Cup in Thailand is there any other event left where athletes can improve their ranking?

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