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  1. Then it looks bad for the German men, given that they failed to qualify for the World Championships and didn't do well in the World League. They will lose many points after the World Championships 2014 are deleted. European Championships don't seem to count anymore?
  2. According to this article (second to last Paragraph) all Qualification Systems but Boxing are now approved by the IOC: https://www.olympic.org/news/ioc-executive-board-to-appeal-cas-decisions-on-russian-cases
  3. Table Tennis ITTF Team World Championships 2018

    Ovtcharov was injured and still isn't fully fit.
  4. Summer Olympic Games 2020 Team Sizes

    Aside from the host, yes. Copa America feminina was the first possibility to qualify Athletes for Tokyo.
  5. It's not the official qualification System for Tokyo. But here it says, that in Table Tennis the medallists at the 2019 European Games will qualify for Tokyo. As will the Winner in the Team competition and the mixed double. Please click on the link "2019 Minsk - Qualification System": http://www.ettu.org/en/events/european-games/regulations--amp--documents/
  6. Athletics 2018 Discussion Thread

    In most disciplines you need 3 results in main events. Exceptions are only the long distance runs and the multi events.
  7. Athletics 2018 Discussion Thread

    Injured athletes with less than five competitions are not listed. I looked for Cindy Roleder, who was injured in 2017, and didn't find her anywhere.
  8. Athletics 2018 Discussion Thread

    Yeah, but they are published and it gives us a good Impression about the method they used.
  9. Athletics 2018 Discussion Thread

    The new world Rankings are published: https://worldrankings-staging.aws.iaaf.org/home
  10. Nope. I had this Problem as well.
  11. You are right @AlFHg . Tournament was the wrong word.
  12. Each team has a maximum of two chances to qualify for the Olympics: Their respective Continental Championships and the final qualifying tournament.
  13. Is this certain? How can Israel represent Africa? They lost in the qualification for the European Championships 2019: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_European_Baseball_Championship_–_Qualification And now they are representing Africa just like that? Israel isn't even in Africa. It's in Asia. And in Sports, athletes from Israel traditionally are part of the European Federations.
  14. If I'm not mistaken, Israel is already out. The five European Teams who will participate at the European/African qualification tournament are the top five from the European Championships 2019. And Israel failed to qualify for the EC. Participants: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_European_Baseball_Championship
  15. It's the 6 highest ranked Teams from the hockey series. There are three final tournaments, and the best 2 from each tournament qualify.