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  1. Summer Olympic Games 2020 News

    It is mentioned in the qualification systems. It's mentioned underReallocation of Team Quote Places: http://inside.fei.org/system/files/JUMPING Tokyo 2020 - Qualification System_7 August 2017.pdf
  2. The speicific details for the Volleyball qualification seem to be known as well. According to Worldofvolley, all qualifications tournaments are already in 2019 and the order has changed: http://www.worldofvolley.com/News/Latest_news/FIVB/89336/fivb-changes-qualification-system-for-the-olympic-games-continental-championships-gain-importance-.html - First tournament is the World Qualification tournament, which is similar to the World Cup. It takes place in early 2019. - Second tournament is the International Qualification tournament, with the twelve best teams in the World Ranking not yet qualified. It's in summer 2019. - The third tournament are the Continental Championships in 2019. So there seems to be no longer an additional continental tournament in the beginning of the Olympic year.
  3. 2024 and 2028 Olympic Games Host Cities Election

    I honestly think the time will come very soon, when the Olympic Games will be awarded to whole countries (or very big regions) instead of citys and smaller regions (like the Rhein-Ruhr area). It would be a pity, that all those different athletes wouldn't be able to live in the same Olympic village anymore, but I don't see many other possibilities. Only speaking about Germany, because I don't know the situation in other countries, but theoretically, we have almost every sporting venue here, just in very different places. Transportation costs wouldn't be too expensive either, if it is spreat over the whole country. And I don't think the costs for security measures will be much higher than for example during a Football Worldcup, which takes place in a whole country as well.
  4. Today it's 150 days until Pyeongchang 2018.
  5. Men's Basketball FIBA European Championship 2017

    Well done.
  6. Men's Volleyball CEV European Championship 2017

    What a pity. But great tournament from our team. Congratulations, Russia.
  7. Men's Volleyball CEV European Championship 2017

    Doll was not that big a surprise, IMO. He was always one of the fastest, and it was clear, that he could win a race if he finally doesn't miss the targets. Wieczerzak was very good as a junior and had a long injury. Schmidt I agree was a big surprise as well. And to be honest, I had to google Bachmann because I never heard of him. I'm just not interested in Taekwondo. So I don't know how surprising this was.
  8. Men's Volleyball CEV European Championship 2017

    I can't believe it. This is biggest surprise of the year for Germany in sports so far.
  9. Volleyball 2017 Discussion Thread

    No chance so far against Serbia.
  10. Speaking of Olympic Qualification, is anything known, if will start with a united Football-Team this time?
  11. Men's Volleyball CEV European Championship 2017

    Yay. Didn't expect this after the pretty bad year so far.
  12. Men's Volleyball CEV European Championship 2017

    This doesn't look good so far.
  13. Men's Volleyball CEV European Championship 2017

    Go, Germany.
  14. Men's Volleyball CEV European Championship 2017

    I said I was rooting for Czech reoublic, but I never really expected it. Wow.