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  1. From a NZ point of view. Lisa Carrington K1 200m. Hasn't been beaten in this event since the heats at the 2012 Olympics but won when it counted. Looking beyond NZ I don't think you can go past the US men and womens Basketball teams. They could send US D teams and still win.
  2. Commonwealth Games 2018

    That MB race was epic. Sam Gaze wins with Anton 2nd. But it seems quite clear these two Kiwis hate each other. It was expected these two to win. Sam seems a bit arrogant and threw the NZ flag at Anton once he'd done with it. Wow I don't think we've produced an athlete like that lol.
  3. Commonwealth Games 2018

    So it's the Ashes all over again Australia v England.
  4. Athletics 2018 Discussion Thread

    Tom Walsh has just thrown the shot put the furtherest distance in 15 yrs. 22.67m in Auckland, NZ.
  5. Scandals in Sports Thread

    I was reading an article about England contemplating a boycott of the FIFA WC?? Because of a poisoning of a former KGB spy and daughter living in asylum in England. I honestly don't think we'll hear the last of this.
  6. Which is stupid really. AUS and NZL have to qualify through Asia for WC's from now on. Should also extend to Olympics IMO.
  7. Yes I totally forgot about them hosting the WC and will no doubt get help along the way. But it'll be difficult from then on to qualify in future games. With AUS and NZL joining the fray and with Iran, Philippines showing improvement.
  8. I have a feeling China won't be making the Olys in Men's Basketball.
  9. Track Cycling UCI World Championships 2018

    Maybe NZ are targeting the Comm games with AUS/ENG/SCO/CAN etc. But still that's a really disgraceful effort but maybe they've learnt their lesson and are taking the GB path and peaking for far bigger events like Olys. Well I'd like to think so. Because if they bomb out in the Comm games that's funding gone.
  10. You're right but for me it's about building momentum. Hopefully NZ starts pouring money into snowsports more from now on. Jossi Wells multi X games medal winner who unluckily was injured before the Olys has to be credited with the talent now coming through. We are at least nipping the heels of the all conquering North Americans in freestyle and snowboarding events.
  11. Thank goodness little old NZ made the Winter Olympic table. Our two big freestyle skier and snowboarder being injured before the start, and a whole lot of 4ths had me worried we were going to be unlucky once again.
  12. Men's Boxing AIBA World Championships 2017

    I maybe biased because I'm from NZ and we haven't had much of a history in Amateur boxing but Nyika put on a clinic against Tischenko the reigning world and Olympic champ. Ha ha ha what a robbery. Even Lawrence Okolie commented as such. This wasn't the only robbery, Whittaker of Eng got robbed as well. What a corrupt sport.
  13. I think people are finally realizing what a huge negative economic impact the Olys have on the hosting city and country. It honestly should be restricted to a few cities every 4 years like 1 from each continent. There's just so many white elephant stadiums that are being built for the games and aren't even used again. Time for the IOC to get their head out of the sand.
  14. What is sad is that back in the bad old days in China under Mao's rule, paraplegic persons were either hidden away or disposed of. Probably just like many countries then and even now. It's rather ironic that they've salvaged a somewhat terrible Olympics from their able bodied athletes.
  15. Your Summer Olympic Sport Program Review

    If you take out Table Tennis and Badminton out of the Olys that's a whole lot of TV revenue for the IOC gone. You'd be a fool to take those sports out. It's common knowledge that TT in particular draws some of the biggest TV revenues. It's all about the dollar, not what country is dominating a particular sport, so it's a reason enough to be gone.