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[PREDICTION CONTESTS] Tokyo 2020 Olympic Bet Contest Discussion Thread


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Once again, the idea of a Totallympics Olympic Bet Contest is a reality. First introduced back in 2012 at the Olympic Games in London, the Totallympics Olympic Bet Contest will once again feature at the upcoming Games this summer. Everybody who is interested in taking part are very welcome. This contest is just for fun, thus unofficial, so there are no Points to earn concerning the Prediction Contests General Standings.


 This contest consists of a series of questions suggested by and asked to the users about Tokyo 2020. They have to answer yes or no to each question asked while also placing a "bet" of a certain number of points for each question.


These are some examples:

2 - The best-placed European NOC in the overall 2016 Summer Olympics medal table will be Russia. [YES/NO - X]

21 - There will be at least one nation who will win 8 medals or more, but won't win a gold medal. [YES/NO - X]


or for specific sports and disciplines:


Athletics (12)

50 - A non-European athlete will win gold in either Men's or Women's Javelin Throw. [YES/NO - X]



As mentioned earlier, I will need the help from you, the Totallympians, to make suggestions for possible questions that can be asked in this contest. This discussion thread will be used for users to make your suggestions for possible questions that can be featured in the contest. You can here see the questions (and the overall format) that were used for the 2016 contest, so you can get an idea of what questions that could likely be suggested.


This time however, due to the addition of five new sports and nine disciplines more, the contest will be expanded to 150 questions. The point format and rules will also be different compared to Rio 2016. Explained VERY briefly here, there will be 150 questions. Overall questions and at least one question for each sport. Each user will have a fixed amount of points for his or her disposal. Each user will have 10x15, 10x14, 10x13, 10x12...10x2, 10x1. Let's use an example. This means that User A have, and to clarify, only have the option to bet 15 points on 10 different questions.Likewise User A only have the option to bet 7 points on 10 other questions and etc. Users must use all of their fixed amount of points in this contest. This was a very short explanation of the point system. I hope most of you understand the system. In case you have further questions, you are welcome to ask them in this thread, the Totallympics Prediction Contests Discussion thread or send a PM to me with your question/s.


Users can make suggestions for possible question until the deadline which will be June 27th, 23:59 (GMT). After the deadline has been reached, 150 suggested questions will be selected and used for the contest. Lastly, I would also like to ask each user not to make more than 30 suggestions each.


That's all from me



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Work in progress. I’ll add more suggestions as the deadline approaches.


- An athlete on the Refugee Olympic Team will win a medal. [Yes/No]


- Every athlete in the men’s 100m final will run under 10 seconds. [Yes/No]


- The total number of shuttlecocks used in the men’s singles tournament will be less than or equal to 952. [Yes/No]


- The number of Asian NOCs that win a medal will be higher than the number of Pan American NOCs that win a medal. [Yes/No]

- A medalist from the 2017 Jeux de la Francophonie will win a medal. [Yes/No]


- In women’s combined, the winner of speed climbing in the qualification round will qualify to the combined final. [Yes/No]

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair” - Nelson Mandela

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- At least one individual medallist from Athens 2004 will win an individual medal 


-Japan will win at least 3 medals in team sports


-Spain will win more than 22 medals (their record)


-The youngest medallist will be younger than 14.


-the USA will win at least 10 medals in team sports





- all race walk gold medals will be Asian.





-Mongolia will end the pool phase with a points difference of -70 or worse





- At least one individual gold medal final will end with a score of 15-14 


- At least a fencer seeded 17th or worst will win a medal (individual events)





-At least one medal match will end with penalties


- Both gold winners will be among teams who won their group in the pool phase





- At least 12 different countries will win at least one medal





- Italy will win at least one gold medal





- the women's semifinalists will be China, Italy, Serbia and USA





- Hungary will get at least one 4th place



P.S. I'm not following that much, in some questions with "at least x medals", x might be adjusted a bit.



EDIT to add:




- in at least one event final (among 50m rifle 3P, 10m air rifle, 10m pistol, skeet, trap) the score of the women's gold medallist will be higher than the score of the men's gold medallist.


- in at least one individual event, the leader after the qualification stage will end up last in the final



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Canoeing Slalom


At least 1 missed gate (50 penalty seconds) in one of the Mens final

At least 1 country will win two gold medals in Canoeing Slalom

At least one athlete will hit the very first gate in one of the finals

Athletes from 3 continents will win medals in the sport

No semifinal winners will actually win Gold in the final

All 3 medalists in W K1 will have clean run (0 penalties) in the final

European nations will win all 4 golds

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Will any european country get a medal on Surfing?


Will there be a full podium for any country in a Skateboarding event?


At least 2 events in swimming there will be a tie on any medal position.


At least 2 BMXers will not finish the last race of BMX Racing final, for men or women.


At least 2 former yugoslavia countries will get medal in Men's Water Polo


Will :MKD get a medal at this edition of Olympics


Will :USA win both BMX Freestyle events?


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India will win 7 or more total medals, surpassing their highest ever number for a single edition.


Philippines or Malaysia will win their first olympic gold medal.


Sweden will win more gold medals than Norway.


The number of gold medals won by Brazil will be equal or lower than the number of gold medals won by all other south american nations added up.




At least 2 world records will be broken in field events (including Decathlon & Heptathlon).


Field Hockey


At least one medal match will finish without any goals scored from penalty corners.


There will be medalists from at least 3 different continents between both events.




At least one group (in either men's or women's competition) will finish with no team with zero points (=all losses, no draws or wins).


A non european team will make it to semifinals (men's or women's).




Japan will win at least 7 gold medals.




At least one medalist (men's or women's) will be a surfer that didn't take part in any stage (contested prior to the 2020 Olympic Games) of the 2021 World Surf League.




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There will be at least one individual event final, in which the world record mark will be beaten by at least two swimmers.


USA will win a medal at every relay.


There will be three or more relay events, in which the world record will be broken.


At least one relay team, of any country, will be disqualified in a final.


The winner of the men's or women's open water race will be the 2016 defending champion.


Water Polo

In men's and women's tournament combined, there will be four or more knockout matches decided in a penalty shoutout.


In men's tournament, at least two of the three countries that won a medal in 2016 will be again on the podum (not necessarily in the same place).


In women's tournament, the gold medal game will not feature any european team.


In both men's and women's tournament, there will be a team on the podium (one or more in each tournament) that didn't win a medal at the last world championships.


The men's gold medalists will finish the tournament undefeated.








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Singles gold medal in either men or women event will be won by a non-Grand Slam singles winner (YES/NO)


Athlete wins any medal in singles AND doubles OR singles AND mixed event (YES/NO)




Both gold medals are won by Asian players (YES/NO)


USA doesn't win any medals in either men & women events (YES/NO)




There will be a podium sweep (i.e. all medals for one country) in at least one event (YES/NO)




Host nation Japan wins at least 10 gold medals (YES/NO)



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-In women's competition, USA will win all thei matches with a difference of more than 20 points (YES/NO)





-In men's final, there will be 2 European teams (YES/NO)





-In women's tournament, Great Britain,defending champions, will be eliminated in Quarter-Finals (YES/NO)

-In women's tournament, New Zealnd will finish at the 4th place (YES/NO)





-In men's final, there will be 2 European teams (YES/NO)

-In women's tournament, during Group Stage, the USA will not concede a single goal (YES/NO)





-In men's tournament, the best scorer will be a winger (YES/NO)

-In women's tournament,during Group Stage, France will concede the fewest goals(the best defense), and Norway will score the most goals(the best offense) (YES/NO)





-In both tournaments, there will be no European team on the podium (YES/NO)





-In men's tournament, there will be three teams on the podium that played in the same group during the Group Stage (YES/NO)

-In women's tournament, there will be a repeat of the 2018 World Championship (1st-Serbia, 2nd-Italy, 3rd-China) (YES/NO)




-In women's tournament, The United States will not lose a single quarter (YES/NO)

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