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Athletes Deaths Thread

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35 minutes ago, Olympian1010 said:

Not an athlete, but felt this was worth posting.



I already mentioned it in the football thread. but thanks to posting it also here.


Really sad news. He was great person, very humble, polite and so intelligent.


He was nicknamed "the Gentleman"


Enormous legend of our football is gone



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This is a total tragedy Kobe Bryant is apparently dead

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Deaths of Olympians in January.


:COL Pablo Hernandez, 80 - Cycling

:NOR Harald Maartmann, 94 - Cross-country skiing

:JPN Naohiro Ikeda, 80 - Volleyball (1×G, 1×S)

:HUN Andras Haan, 74 - Basketball & Sailing

:IND Nghlhav Mehtabs Singh, 72 - Boxing

:GBR William Windham, 94 - Rowing

:BUL Mikhail Zhelev, 77 - Athletics

:GBR John Land, 82 - Hockey

:PNG Elanga Buala, 56 - Athletics

:URS Vladimir Kiselyov, 64 - Athletics (1×G)

:ESP Jose Mendez, 83 - Rowing

:GBR Bill Nankeville, 95 - Athletics

:IRI Mehdi Attar-Ashrafi, 72 - Weightlifting

:ITA Bruno Ghedina, 77 - Ice Hockey

:CAN Kathleen Heddle, 55 - Rowing (3×G, 1×B)

:IOC:GEO David Khakhaleishvili, 49 - Wrestling (1×G)

:SUI Paul Kolliker, 88 - Rowing

:NED Wim de Graaff, 89 - Speed skating

:COL Alvarez Mejia, 80 - Athletics

:GER Bernd Kannenberg, 78 - Athletics (1×G)

:VEN Nelson Nieves, 86 - Fencing

:AUS Cliff Burvill, 83 - Cycling 

:MEX Jose Luis Caballero, 65 - Football

:GBR Simon Crosse, 90 - Rowing

:GRE Leonidas Pelekanakis, 58 - Sailing

:ESP Melanio Asensio, 84 - Athletics

:USA Muriel Grossfeld, 80 - Gymnastics

:PER Carlos Burga, 68 - Boxing 

:SWE Thorsten Johansson, 70 - Athletics

:USA Louis Giani, 86 - Wrestling

:SRB Danial Jahic, 41 - Athletics

:ITA Giovanni Zucchi, 89 - Rowing (1×B)

:IRL Jerry Kiernan, 67 - Athletics

:ZAM Anthony Mwamba, 60 - Boxing

:POR Ricardo Durao, 92 - Modern Pentathlon 

:ITA Gianfranco Lombardi, 79 - Basketball

:FIN Raimo Suikkanen, 78 - Cycling 

:RSA Marius van Heerden, 46 - Athletics

:GBR Sylvanus Blackman, 87 - Weightlifting

:GHA Abukari Gariba, 81 - Football

:IRL Harry Perry, 86 - Boxing

:KAZ Nikolay Chebotko, 38 - Cross-country skiing

:FRA Jaoid Chiguer, 35 - Boxing 

:GDR Margitta Gummel, 79 - Athletics (1×G, 1×S)

:SWE Gert Blome, 86 - Ice Hockey (1×S)

:USA Flavio Alfaro, 59 - Baseball

:MEX Rafael Heredia, 84 - Basketball

:HUN Jozsef Csatari, 77 - Wrestling (2×B)

:ESP Alejandro Gomez, 53 - Athletics


I think I'm not taking too much of a gamble by suggesting that Andras Haan of Hungary is the only athlete to compete in both sailing and basketball at the Olympics.


A late reported death.


:USA Bunki Bankaitis-Davis, 63 - Cycling 




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On 28/01/2021 at 03:35, MHSN said:

:IRI Mehrdad Minavand former Iran national football team player who played at the 1998 FIFA World Cup died today from COVID 19 at the age of 45. :cry:


he was quite famous here like every other player from that 1998 team. he got married only 2 months ago :(

and another footballer from that generation just joined him today, :IRI Ali Ansarian died from COVID 19 at the age of 43. :cry:


not a World Cup player but still very famous and popular because of his club achievements (and also his later career as an actor and a TV host). both guys were at the same TV/internet live show few weeks ago and both got infected there. :(




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