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Triathlon at the Summer Olympic Games 2020


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11 minutes ago, hckošice said:

Start Lists confirmed


Slovakia finished 1st under the qualifying line in both M & W events. Funny and sad at the same time, but certainly a unique and rare situation :lol:

There's still about a week for athletes to become injured :p

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such is the sport, it is as it is. sometimes it bring joy and positive emotions, sometimes not...what can we do, it happened, we won't do anything about that anymore.


But the one thing that irritates me the most is South Africa, which nominated Richard Murray, who underwent heart surgery two weeks ago and will definitely not be able to start. I will not buy that he will try blah blah.. it was only on purpose just so they can field a stupid mixed relay and nominate him to the anchor leg when they are certain he will not have to compete since their relay will be lapped before. In this way, they will have another column in the start lists with Mixed relay, but they took the place from a competitor who actually can compete. I still can not believe Richard Varga will miss the games, the best swimmer in the circuit, because of one stupid mistake...


nah, let it be. Hockey quota for Beijing will be more important :lol:

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