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Men's Baseball MLB 2020

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It's finally opening day! So let me get in on the predictions as well.   A.L East   x's mark playoff teams   1. Yankees (x): Should be clear division favourites. Added ar

it looks that this proposal was immediately taken with great enthusiasm by players...

Here are my predictions:   AL EAST Yankees Rays Red Sox Blue Jays Orioles   AL CENTRAL Indians Twins White Sox Royals Tigers 

On 03/10/2020 at 17:44, phelps said:

and so, we are already done with the new wild card format of the 2020 MLB Playoffs...


here's the playoffs table (updated after the end of the WC Series, the LDS start on Monday)...


MLB Playoffs 2020
American League World Series National League
Wild Card Series   LDS   LCS   LCS   LDS   Wild Card Series
(1) Tampa Bay Rays, 2                               (1) L.A. Dodgers, 2
(8) Toronto Blue Jays, 0                               (8) Milwaukee Brewers, 0
      (1) Tampa Bay Rays, 3                   (1) L.A. Dodgers, 3      
      (5) NY Yankees, 2                   (4) San Diego Padres, 0      
(4) Cleveland Indians, 0                               (4) San Diego Padres, 2
(5) NY Yankees, 2                               (5) St.Louis Cardinals, 1
            (1) Tampa Bay Rays, 4   (1) Tampa Bay Rays, 2   (1) L.A. Dodgers, 4            
            (6) Houston Astros, 3   (1) L.A. Dodgers, 4   (2) Atlanta Braves, 3            
(3) Minnesota Twins, 0                               (3) Chicago Cubs, 0
(6) Houston Astros, 2                               (6) Miami Marlins, 2
      (6) Houston Astros, 3                   (6) Miami Marlins, 0      
      (2) Oakland A's, 1                   (2) Atlanta Braves, 3      
(2) Oakland A's, 2                               (2) Atlanta Braves, 2
(7) Chicago White Sox, 1                               (7) Cincinnati Reds, 0
WC Series = Best-of-3 series; all games to be played on the field of the highest seeded team
LDS = Best-of-5 series; all games to be played on neutral soil
LDCS = Best-of-7 series; all games to be played on neutral soil
World Series = Best-of-7 series; all games to be played on neutral soil

so, this is the final playoffs table of the 2020 MLB season...


finally, 32 years after having known the wonderful game of Baseball thanks to the Orel Hershiser magic and Kirk Gibson's amazing walk-off HR (more than that, its legendary call by the great, unforgettable Vin Scully), "my" Dodgers won another championship...


it's a small light in a crazy, shady 2020 (talking of sports, but not only of that)...

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