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  1. The busiest week with lot of high class events
  2. Please read this. IAAF is making rules to prevent athletes trafficking. India lost 9 Golds until now because of the gulf cheats.
  3. Probably in TT we are slowly starting to do what we did in Badminton
  4. Bahrain and Qatar making joke out of the games. Making it like club events. (Already Indonesia has done damage with non descript events.) No value for nationality. Shame. OCA should make some code. Maybe the sheiks at the top are resisting. Should be like FIFA rules of nationality, maximum that could be allowed is persons of origin that too after certain years of taking citizenship. VERY ANGRY. INDIA LOST 7 GOLDS ATLEAST NOW because of these cheating countries. Only solution: Either Bahrain/Qatar will find SELF RESPECT (which appears to be remote) and never import Africans OR they run out of o
  5. Why is there no "Belly Dance" competition. Maybe Indonesia is not so good other wise they would even create mixed doubles.
  6. Indonesia really is a pathetic host(sucks is the right word desperately avoiding here). Webpage and apps are low quality. The opening ceremony was a joke with bike stunts obviously appearing to be made up. Can take all the above with certain level of commeradorie for being a nation having similar problems. But what really hurts is the type of games. 16 Gold medals for something called Pencak Silat. Trick to play with medals table. There are many such skewed events. Well done Indonesia. While we all get is a medal or two with a world class hockey teams which
  7. Maybe we lost a medal here. Deja vu. It is becoming a very common feature of Leander Paes to play spoilsport before every Olympics. We have lost at least two Olympic medals due to his drama and massive ego. In fact no one in tennis fraternity likes him except Anil Khanna of AITA. With due respect for him due to Atlanta bronze in singles and Davis Cup exploits, it appears that somehow he is pulling himself out of greatness. Look at his contemporaries like Gopi Chand, Mahesh Bhupathi, who have given back to the game through coaching and made many players for India. His behavior is damaging the g
  8. True, in the last Asian Games in 2014, India lost 20 - 39 against the same opposition. So seems to be some sort of improvement.
  9. If WAFF U16 win against continental powerhouse Iraq is massive victory... Then ten man India U20 defeating Argentina U20 2-1 in COTIF Cup 2018 was absolute madness. As the age groups go higher the competition gets tougher. I was following the match early morning 0245. Thought there is some error in scoring. Surely, we have improved. The investment in U17 team is showing positive results. Some of these members should be part of AFC 2019. That will provide massive experience to them. That will be real internship under captain, leader, legand Sunil
  10. Highly inconsistent. Maybe not much motivated. He of course has talent.
  11. In Hockey we may expect Gold in Women. Just as our men have overtaken the Asian counterparts with huge gap, women is also technically very strong at least in defense. Look at the world cup. China and Korea women are not as strong as they used to be.
  12. Our doubles is becoming a drag in team events. Not sure we can overcome strong field of China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand with our mediocre doubles unless Ashwini Ponnappa takes inspirational role just as she did in Commonwealth Games.
  13. Good to see some upward trend in Tennis. Hope Ramkumar and Pranesh get into top 100 ASAP. Great to see seven in doubles top 100. Must be the first time in history. Also in women, Ankita Raina and Karman Kaur are doing reasonably ok but have to find way to break the ceiling.
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