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    Wanderer reacted to heywoodu in Supporting Small and Exotic Nations at the Summer Olympic Games 2016   
    For many years during every Olympics we have a special thread on the main Dutch forum. In this thread, people choose one small or exotic nation and introduce them to the rest, support them during the Olympics and keep people updated on how they're doing. This way the small nations don't go through the Olympics without any kind of attention and we learn more about the lesser-known nations and athletes
    It's a bit hard to give exact criteria of which nations are eligible, obviously powerhouses like the USA, China, Russia etc are not. For starters, let's make these criteria:
    - Countries with more than 50 athletes in Rio are not eligible
    - Countries that reached the top-30 of the 2008 or 2012 Olympics are not eligible
    - Countries with a big medal favourite are "reserves", when all or most other countries are taken (for example Grenada with Kirani James or Fiji with their rugby team, if they even stay under 50 athletes which doesn't seem likely anyway)
    Many nations that have a bit more than 50 athletes or that have one or two medal candidates are up for debate of course. Imagine a user from Grenada here, he or she would be more than welcome to take Grenada even though they have a big medal favourite. Same thing goes if you have specific personal reasons for a certain country (apart from the obvious countries, those are just off-limits for this).
    Feel free to share your opinion on this or, in case you already like it, simply choose a nation  
    Nation List
     Andorra - Jur (1st choice)  Angola - JoshMartini007 (1st choice)   Bahamas - tuniscof (2nd choice)  Bangladesh - Benolympique (1st choice)  Belize - mrv86 (1st choice)  Bhutan - heywoodu  Burundi - KhanBeaver  Comores - bestmen (1st choice)  Cook Islands - Wanderer (1st choice)  Costa Rica - Agger  Cote d'Ivoire - OlympicIRL (1st choice)  DR Congo - amen09 (2nd choice)  Ecuador - hckosice (1st choice)  Eritrea - rybak (2nd choice)  Gabon - IoNuTzZ (3rd choice)  Guam - Jur (2nd choice)  Guatemala - amen09 (3rd choice)  Guinea-Bissau - vinipereira  Honduras - Henry_Leon (2nd choice)   Iceland - OIympicIRL (3rd choice)  Kiribati - africaboy (2nd choice)  Kosovo - tuniscof (1st choice)  Laos - Griff88 (1st choice)  Lebanon - carivan   Liechtenstein - dcro (3rd choice)   Luxembourg - IoNuTzZ (1st choice)  Maldives - bestmen (2nd choice)  Mauritania - Gianlu33  Mauritius - OlympicIRL (2nd choice)  Micronesia - ahjfcshfghb   Nauru - Crolympic  Nepal - Wanderer (3rd choice)   Nicaragua - hckosice (2nd choice)  Oman - mrv86 (3rd choice)  Palau - dcro (1st choice)  Palestine - Malik (1st choice)  Panama - Henry_Leon (1st choice)  Papoa New Guinea - tuniscof (3rd choice)  Paraguay - Pabloffo   Rwanda - uk12points  Saint Kitts and Nevis - IoNuTzZ (2nd choice)  Saint Lucia - ofan  Samoa - africaboy (1st choice)  San Marino - Pavlo (1st choice)  Sao Tome and Principe - mrv86 (2nd choice)  Senegal - amen09 (1st choice)  Seychelles - Wanderer (2nd choice)  Somalia - rybak (3rd choice)   Timor-Leste - Griff88 (2nd choice)  Tonga - Jur (3rd choice)   Turkmenistan - LDOG  Tuvalu - rybak (1st choice)  Zimbabwe - dcro (2nd choice)  
    - Countries that have "1st choice" behind the username are not available anymore, just like countries that only have the username without "xx choice". Countries with "2nd choice" or "3rd choice" are still available to pick up as your first choice. 
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    Wanderer reacted to heywoodu in Totallympics New Start   
  3. Love
    Wanderer reacted to dareza in Basketball 2016 Discussion Thread   
    Lokomotiv and Laboral now have 1:0...
    top 5 players after first 1/4:
    Im soo happy that Serbian players are in amazing shape. Here and in NBA.
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    Wanderer reacted to Henry_Leon in Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018   
    Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018  
    Various Cities (RUS) - 14 June 2018 - 15 July 2018  
      Totallympics Results Thread
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    Wanderer reacted to heywoodu in Medalists at London 2012 not Qualified for Rio 2016   
    I thought it'd be interesting to work on a list of London 2012 medalists who didn't qualify (or likely won't qualify) for Rio 2016. I am specifically talking about athletes/teams who missed out on qualification, not on athletes/teams who simply retired.
    Some basic rules:
    1. Athletes who didn't qualify because they retired at a time they could still technically qualify for Rio won't count
    2. Athletes who didn't qualify because they are banned will only count if they are officially still 2012 medalists (example: no Alptekin)
    3. Athletes who are still active but were apparently not good enough to be selected for qualifiers will count
    - Mariana Avitia (MEX): Bronze in 2012
    - Oh Jin-hyek (KOR): Gold and bronze in 2012
    - Russia men: Bronze in 2012
    - Marlen Esparza (USA): Bronze in 2012 (women's 51kg)
    Canoeing - Slalom
    - Michal Martikan (SVK): Bronze in 2012 (men's C-1)
    - Émilie Fer (FRA): Gold in 2012 (women's K-1)
    - Ettienne Stott (GBR): Gold in 2012 (men's C-2)
    - Laura Sanchez (MEX): Bronze in 2012 (women's springboard)
    Equestrian - Jumping
    - Saudi Arabia: Bronze in 2012 (team)
    - Bartosz Piasecki (NOR): Silver in 2012 (men's epée)
    - Choi Byung-chul (KOR): Bronze in 2012 (men's foil)
    - Japan men: Silver in 2012 (team foil)
    - Germany men: Bronze in 2012 (team foil)
    - Britta Heidemann (GER): Silver in 2012 (women's epée)
    - Valentina Vezzali (ITA): Bronze in 2012 (women's foil)
    - Japan women: Silver in 2012
    Gymnastics - Artistic
    - Krisztian Berki (HUN): Gold in 2012 (men's pommel horse)
    - Matteo Morandi (ITA): Bronze in 2012 (men's rings)
    - Romania women: Bronze in 2012 
    - Canada men's eight: Silver in 2012
    -  Przemysław Miarczyński (POL): Bronze in 2012 (men's RS:X)
    - Zofia Klepacka (POL): Bronze in 2012 (women's RS:X)
    - Vijay Kumar (IND): Silver in 2012 (men's 25m rapid fire pistol)
    - Andrija Zlatic (SRB): Bronze in 2012 (men's 10m air pistol)
    - Håkan Dahlby (SWE): Silver in 2012 (men's double trap)
    - Lionel Cox (BEL): Silver in 2012 (men's 50m rifle prone)
    - Cesar Cielo (BRA): Bronze in 2012 (men's 50m freestyle)
    - Michael Jamieson (GBR): Silver in 2012 (men's 200m breaststroke)
    - Martina Grimaldi (ITA): Bronze in 2012 (women's 10k open water)
    - Sebastián Crismanich (ARG): Gold in 2012 (men's -80kg)
    - Carlo Molfetta (ITA): Gold in 2012 (men's +80kg)
    - Terrence Jennings (USA): Bronze in 2012 (men's -68kg)
    - Jake Varner (USA): Gold in 2012 (men's freestyle -96kg)
    - Damian Janikowski (POL): Bronze in 2012 (men's Greco-Roman -84kg)
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    Wanderer reacted to OlympicsFan in Tennis 2016 Discussion Thread   
    By winning against Nadal, Zverev could become the first 18 year old to reach the quarterfinal of a masters tournament since Nadal himself in 2005. The only other 18 yo to do that in this century was Roddick in 2001. No player born in 1994 or later reached the quarterfinal of a masters tournament so far.
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    Wanderer reacted to OlympicIRL in Totallympics International Song Contest History (Old Thread - Closed)   
    As users know, everything was lost when Totallympics changed to a new forum software. The Totallympics International Song Contest was also a casualty of this changeover with all previous contests being wiped from the database.
    The purpose of this thread will be to fill in as many of those gaps as possible. I will do my best to provide the results, scoreboards and competing songs from each nation from all 5 previous editions of T.I.S.C.
  9. Love
    Wanderer reacted to heywoodu in [OFF TOPIC] General Chat   
    I thought it might be good to have a general chat thread, just for all kinds of stuff and for some general talk
    We didn't have it on the old forum, often resulting in these kind of things ending up in all kinds of other threads  
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    Wanderer reacted to Sindo in Totallympics New Start   
    Hi everyone and welcome on the new version of Totallympics !
    First of all, I am really very sorry to everyone who contributed on Totallympics in the last 5 years, because as you already know everything we did went lost. There are a series of reasons for this to happen, someone knows them someone don’t, but anyway now it is not important anymore, because we just have to look at the future.
    Anyway, I have decided to start everything again because the Totallympics community should not die.  As someone already know, I have lost the motivations to go on with Totallympics in the latest months, maybe this new start will help me to find new motivations.
    As you can see, we do not have the chinese software (Discuz) anymore, I have opted for Invision Power Board which I have evaluated as the best forum software.
    Of course this is a new start for everyone and in the first period everything will be different compared to the past. We will not have the results part anymore, just the discussion about all sports. We will decide later whether to start again to post results (on the forum or maybe on a website we could create, with the forum becoming a part of the website).
    Anyway since we are just 6 months away to Rio 2016 I have did everything I could to start a new forum, with a new webmaster, a new software and everything else.
    In all honesty, I can tell you that the main reason why I have lost the motivations in the latest months was because Totallympics is not a source of income for me, but actually I have spent a lot of money during the years. And I have done a lot of sacrifices in my personal and professional life to be able to dedicate so much time to the forum.
    This is the reason why from next month there will be the possibility for users to “subscribe” to a premium membership. This will give some privileges to the premium members but the main reason is that they can contribute with some money per month/year to keep Totallympics community alive. Also donations will be possible, also for non registered users.
    Now, about the immediate future, I am still working on the forum and I will go on working on it in the next days. First of all please register and start having a look around the forum and test its features.
    I will organize the threads to be opened in each section with the admins, so that we will not have hundreds of threads in the very first period. So for the first days you will be allowed to post only in very few threads, starting from this one
    Thanks everyone for the kind words received over the past month and have a good time on the new version of Totallympics !
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