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Men's Ice Hockey IIHF World Championship 2018

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I'm happy for Sweden's win but feel bad for Switzerland. They were so close their historic first gold. But I'm sure they will get that gold soon. 

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1 :SWE Sweden A
2 :SUI Switzerland A
3 :USA United States A
4 :CAN Canada A
5 :FIN Finland A
6 :RUS Russia A
7 :CZE Czech Republic A
8 :LAT Latvia A
9 :SVK Slovakia A
10 :DEN Denmark A
11 :GER Germany A
12 :FRA France A
13 :NOR Norway A
14 :AUT Austria A
15 :BLR Belarus I A
16 :KOR South Korea I A
17 :GBR Great Britain A
18 :ITA Italy A
19 :KAZ Kazakhstan I A
20 :HUN Hungary I A
21 :SLO Slovenia I A
22 :POL Poland I B
23 :LTU Lithuania I A
24 :JPN Japan I B
25 :EST Estonia I B
26 :UKR Ukraine I B
27 :ROU Romania I B
28 :CRO Croatia II A
29 :NED Netherlands I B
30 :AUS Australia II A
31 :SRB Serbia II A
32 :CHN China II A
33 :BEL Belgium II A
34 :ISL Iceland II B
35 :ESP Spain II A
36 :NZL New Zealand II B
37 :ISR Israel II B
38 :PRK North Korea II B
39 :MEX Mexico II B
40 :LUX Luxembourg III
41 :GEO Georgia II B
42 :BUL Bulgaria III
43 :TUR Turkey III
44 :TPE Chinese Taipei III
45 :RSA South Africa III
46 :HKG Hong Kong III Q
47 :TKM Turkmenistan III
48 :BIH Bosnia and Herzegovina III Q
49 :UAE United Arab Emirates III Q
50 :KUW Kuwait III Q


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Posted (edited)
14 horas atrás, phelps disse:


no, they're not

Corpus Christi (or Corpus Domini) is a liturgical celebration only scheduled in Italy, the Catholic Swiss Cantons, Brazil, Spain, Croatia, Poland, Germany, Ireland, Austria and San Marino

it's related with Christ's Last Dinner and rememeber the presence of Christ in the Eucharist...

it's scheduled for the first Thursday after the Pentecost (or, in the Countries where it's just a religious celebration but not a civil Holiday -like here in Italy, it's set on the second Sunday after the Pentecost)...


meanwhile Pentecost is the Holy Spirit descent on the Faithfuls and it's celebrated 50 days after Easter...

for most Catholic Countries, Italy included (except for South Tyrol, where they follow the German Countries and still have the Holiday Monday), the Holiday has only a religious matter and it's celebrated only on the given Sunday, meanwhile the Monday's rest has been abolished more than 100 years ago by Pope Pius X...

the only Nations having this privilege (Monday's rest, I mean) are Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg (and the Italian region of South Tyrol, as written before)...


Thanks for the explanation. Now I'm kind of sad because we don't have yet another day for resting in Brazil as well. 

Edited by thiago_simoes

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