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  1. I have a picture of me and my sister in front of that Buddha at Seoraksan that was just re-posted on facebook a couple of days ago. It's from 2012, although I've been there many times. I'm glad you had this opportunity, I really like Seokcho. It was probably my second favourite Korean city after Seoul (though Busan in summer is nice). It is absolutely lovely there in fall, if anyone ever has the opportunity. I've lived in East Asia since 2005, but I'll be moving away this summer (going to Egypt!). Such bad timing, with all these Olympics coming to this part of the world. I hope to get to Tokyo 2020, maybe as a volunteer.
  2. 1) Yeah, I know. But it was still sucky for those of us actually at the Olympics. 2) The course was technically good. I was just using it as an example of lack of personality.
  3. My short review: I was excited for these WOG because I lived in Korea for a long time and witnessed the lead up to it first-hand. It really did seem like Korea and Koreans were really into it. I did get to go to these Games, my first one ever, but just the last weekend. Before that, just watching on my computer, I have to say it didn't feel as exciting as past ones. Even on screen there seemed to be a total lack of atmosphere. As others have said, the scheduling didn't help either. Nothing for hours and then 10 things at once. It just didn't make sense to me, either. Why was the women's gold medal hockey game at 1pm in the afternoon? Why was the final night of short track on Thursday instead of Friday (or Saturday), especially since that's the biggest sport in Korea. Putting qualification and finals in many snowboard and freestyle events ended with having disappointing finals. And I was getting really sick of seeing snowboarders, and to a lesser extent skiers, falling down and getting injured every single run during the cross races. It's the Olympics, not Death Race 2000. One example of how generic these Games were compared to others: on the slopestyle course in Sochi they put a big nesting doll for character. It was a great touch. I was hoping Korea would do something similar, maybe put one of the gates from Seoul in there. But there was nothing. No personality at all. Visiting was awesome, of course. I said in the 'experiences' thread that it did seem a bit bland and quiet, though. The volunteers were amazing! Transportation was efficient and there were no problems at all. I don't know if my past in Korea helped me, but I think it was pretty straight forward for everyone. I only went to the Gangneung "coastal" cluster, though. As a Canadian, it was overall good. I mean, we won the most medals ever for our country and most non-home golds. But it was also strange because we did so poorly in hockey and curling (well, our women's hockey team did fine, it's hard to get closer than the 6th round of a shootout). It's also weird because many of our favourites under-performed, while other athletes stepped up to glory. I looked at infostrada and while they got our total medal count pretty close (though totally underestimating the golds), many of the names were different than reality.
  4. That price tag includes building the whole city, though. They were also building resorts, an F1 track and preparing for the arrival of a KHL team. This is why adding up the costs of the Olympics is always so difficult, because a lot of these projects sometimes would have been done anyway (i.e. new highways or train lines, like the KTX to the east coast in Korea). I do agree that people didn't want to host the Olympics after seeing these price tags, but it's really short sighted. It's like saying, "I'm never buying a house because my sister bought one for a million dollars and I don't have a million dollars!" Maybe you should buy a house, maybe you shouldn't. But you don't have to buy a million dollar house to be a home owner.
  5. Some pics from around the park and city.
  6. Curling: Men's semifinals (Canada v USA; Sweden v Swiss).
  7. I'm sorry it's taken so long to post these, Korea gave me some mystery disease and I've been almost comatose in a fever dream for the last 4 days. Anyway, some pics from the Canada vs USA gold medal hockey game:
  8. Just got back yesterday from Korea and will add pictures when I have a moment to put them on my home computer (working hard at my job now ) CAN v USA gold medal hockey game was exciting and never-raking. Not the outcome I wanted, but you can't get any closer than the 6th round of a shootout. Fans were fun, chatted with lots of people. Even met Cheryl Bernard, 2010 silver medalist in Curling! Men's curling semi-finals were good, too (saw 2014 champ Jennifer Jones, but she was running off somewhere, so no pic). Except, it's really hard to follow along without the overhead view. We were down close to the button, but it's really hard to tell what's going on with the stones in the house because of the angle. They would show one of the matches for 2-3 ends at a time on the big screen, so if the one I wanted (CAN v USA) wasn't shown it was hard to tell who was where. Again, not the outcome I wanted. Canada played horribly, and it was actually a really boring match, at least until the 8th end. The SWE-SUI game was much more entertaining. Again, the fans were great and chatted with lots of them. I also want to say the volunteers were great. From the train station to the city roads to the shuttles and entrances, security and venues, every single one was friendly and helpful. Many thanks to all of them! Having lived in Korea, I knew the transportation would be great and it was. However, the Olympic Park itself was a bit...sterile. There seemed to be very little atmosphere. I've never been to an Olympics before, but it seemed almost like a county fair, with temporary fencing in a parking lot, rather than a big event. Don't get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with any of it. I just expected... I don't know. More? There was nothing right outside the gate, for example. Just some new apartments (and older villas). We literally walked half a block down the road to a small kimbap restaurant and got food. Which is good, of course, considering the prices inside. I just expected the whole area to be in Olympics mode. But right when you walked outside the gate there was nothing (besides the shuttles). It was really cool, though, and I had an amazing time. I visited Canada House which was overpriced and busy, but fun. Saw lots more Canadian athletes and personalities there, including some of the women's hockey players (thought it was the wrong time to ask for a photo). I even ran into the Donald Trump and Kim Jung Un impersonators while waiting for my train back to Seoul! Pics to come.
  9. Just got back from Korea with a nasty cold. Hope you're better.
  10. Good game, OAR. Congratulations! Congratulations to Germany as well. Frankly, I'm just upset no one made a Stalingrad comment during the overtime.
  11. Yeah, it was nice alright.
  12. Whatever happens, it's been one hell of a game (especially the 3rd period). Also, Canada is redeemed a little bit now.
  13. Goddamn it, Germany. You had it! A one goal lead with a PP with minute left! Nothing against Russia, btw. Just rooting for the underdog.
  14. Half of Team Korea was born and raised in Ontario.
  15. The two Canadians Germans on a 2-on-1!
  16. I'm behind! OMG!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Damn. Frustrating, because if it wasn't a tied game late in the 3rd that would have been a penalty where the Russian got hurt.
  18. I do want Germany to win because who doesn't like an underdog. But that would give them 15 gold which would break Canada's record. Soooooooo...
  19. I think they're proving it (again) right here.
  20. Switzerland: Oh good, we only have to beat Germany....oh crap. Sweden: Oh good, we only have to beat Germany...oh crap. Canada: Oh good, we only have to beat Germany...oh crap. Russia: Oh good, we only have to beat Germany...oh crap.
  21. orangeman

    Snowboarding at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Just going to delete my post because it was a long screed on different definitions of 'cheating' and the majority of sport fans acceptance of it.
  22. Germany will probably tie Canada's record 14 gold medals tomorrow in bobsled (and if miracles do happen, they might break it in hockey). Norway can also tie the record in cross-country. How about this, Germany: You let our sled sneak in for bronze in bobsled and we'll give you some tips on how to beat the Russians in hockey? Even at 29, it's our best total medals ever and best non-home gold medal count. That is pretty incredible considering the debacle in curling, and to a lesser extent in hockey, too. Got medals in 9 sports, and came so close to tying the record of 10 today with a 4th in cross-country. Pretty well-rounded performance. By they way, Sebastian Toutant's gold in snowboard today was Canada's 500th Olympic medal (summer+winter) ever. Pretty cool.
  23. orangeman

    Speed Skating at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    She's Canadian and fell at the Olympics. That's pretty consistent.