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  1. That's true, but at the other hand it is always a bigger motivation for the weaker teams to play against the strongest ones, especially if such nations are the host. I think played very well today and deservedly got a point, we'll see how they perform against other teams. Also this shows that the gap between teams gets smaller (not only in volleyball, in sports like handbal, basketball or hockey surprising results also happen more frequently than they used to) and the sport is evolving.
  2. France after yesterday's incredible performance now a very weak match against Greece
  3. Apparently there is again some confusion regarding technical time-outs. In some host countries there's no breaks after 8th and 16th point, while other countries still kept it in place Oh, CEV...
  4. Czech Republic beat Iran 3-0 and qualified to the next round. That's actually pretty surprising, I thought they would win only against Colombia I also continue to be impressed by Egypt, hopefully their recent successes in junior competitions mean we will finally have a strong African side in volleyball.
  5. Wow, what a scare in set 3 At least we won, but it wasn't nowhere as easy as people thought it would be.
  6. Congratulations to and for winning their respective opening matches Very nice atmosphere in both countries, the stadiums weren't really full but the fans seemed to really enjoy themselves, so I hope this championship will help volleyball to grow in those countries, especially since they just lack one win to advance to eightfinals, which would be a huge success for both nations.
  7. Well, if we're considering Iran, then there's also Canada (they actually won a medal in WL, while Iran didn't), on european level we have Belgium , Germany, France also used to be pretty mediocre comparing to now.. But yeah, I agree that the international calendar is ridiculous.pretty soon the players won't be able to catch a break. I think they should just get rid of World Cup and Grand Champions Cup alltogether (does anyone even watch WGCC?) the same should happen to CEV challenge cup . World league format should be changed - have one year serve as continetal qualification, and the next year should serve as the "final" tournament, with X best teams in the world prequalified and clear promotion/relegation criteria for each continent. Let's be honest, the Nations League is a complete joke that noone takes seriously. Sadly, FIVB apparently thinks pushing this many tournaments is "promoting the sport".
  8. Yeah, I agree... In Men's ECH this kind of makes sense because the level of teams is way more balanced, there's like 10 nations that could fight for a medal ( , , , , , , , potentially or even ), teams like , or are always a threat, and even teams like or made big progress lately. Other sports also increase the number of teams participating in the EC, so volleyball had to do the same in order to not lose the fans. Meanwhile in women's championship even 16 teams was arguably too many, as there is only a handful of good teams. And I don't think any other sport has 24 teams in the European Championship, not even football, so why would CEV do that... Although I must say the level of the matches so far is nowhere as low as I expected. (with vs being the exception)
  9. Also, speaking of attendance, sadly for women's volleyball (with the exception of a few countries) it generally is much lower than for men's, and such is the case for most sports, I think. To put it harshly, I think more people would care to show up if it was the guys who are playing...that's far from fair, but that's just how it is I believe Poland and Turkey will still deliver great atmosphere, and in Slovakia's and Hungary's case I just hope it won't be as bad as during this year's Eurobasket... the poor girls playing in Latvia barely got any audience at all
  10. Still more people than in Poland Well, the time was 14:30 Now, at the Belarus vs Russia game the attendance in Bratislava is pretty decent as for non-host match in women volleyball
  11. We already have first surprise of the competition 3-2
  12. Cuba vs. Brazil was intense! 3-2 and 27-25 in tie-break Another good day for Africa. Hosts won 3-2 over , and some good news for @thepharoah as defeated 3-1 and is now surely qualified to the next round! In group D, shockingly won 3-1 over
  13. I didn't include football, because it would be the most popular in every country. And it is a map of interest, not of "how good a nation is"
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