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  1. With Korea's 3-0 win over Japan, and after beating Dominican Republic 3-2, we are almost 100% sure of qualifying to the Final Six What a great success for this team!
  2. Average attendance so far: 3,485 spectators per match. In any other sport, this would be considered a disaster, but something tells me that after the competition Ary Graca will step up to announce a great success and talk about what an amazing tournament it was. How are they not capable to capitalize on the popularity of volleyball, one of the few sports that can actually be played on any continent or island in the world, and doesn't require any special equipment or skills to start playing is beyond me.
  3. Portuguese fans really impressed me, I didn't expect such level of interest in the tournament in
  4. People in Urmia are just amazing The love they have for volleyball is shocking even for me (and Poland is often called Volleyland). Tonight, they celebrated on the streets like they just won the World Championship title Also, when the bus with our players left for the hotel, a big group of fans gathered to say their goodbyes to them and thank them for the match. Such amazing gesture, especially after what Kubiak said about them
  5. and qualified for the final four tournament, alongside with the hosts:. If the rules from last year still aply, should be relegated to Silver League, as they were the worst 4-th placed team.
  6. 4 Losses already, not a good sign We probably won't qualify for the Final 6, then again , the Olympic Qualifiers and European Championship are much more important.
  7. The level of competetiveness is unfortunately much lower than at the male World Cup. I think 24 teams are too many, should be 16 at most.
  8. Go Portugal today's game against China might be crucial if they want to stay in the VNL .
  9. Skierniewice, Polish city with over 50.000 inhabitants has announced they ran out of water.
  10. The pan-european party Volt officially announced they will join Greens/EFA in the European Parliament.
  11. Portugal tries it's best agains the United States and even won a set
  12. Could someone logically explain to me how it's possible that Canada is a challenger team while being far better than some of the teams that are permamently invited?
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