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  1. Well, now maybe the time for our government to prove just how sovereign they are... I'm not saying this will cause another war in the ME, but if it does, I desperately hope we will stay the hell away from it, no matter how hard the US push. The fact that we participated in the invasion of Iraq is for me one of the most shameful acts in the recent history of Poland. Oh, BTW, Israel announced they are preparing their airplanes in Lebanon.
  2. Team sports: men Volleyball, no doubt about it IMO. 2 X World Champions (2014, 2018) 3 x World Cup medalists (bronze in 2015, silver in 2011 and 2019) 3 X World League / Nations league medalists, including 1 win (bronze in 2011, gold in 2012, bronze in 2019) 2 x European Championship bronze medalists (2011, 2019) 1 x European League Bronze Medalists (2015) Of the other teams, only ski jumping had a similar, long-running history of success in the last 10 years, so they're my number 2. choice Individual: Here I have far more candidates, but out of sympathy I will chose Kamil Stoch. He already surpassed Malysz in certain aspects (i.e Olympic Games) and it feels like he can end up with more overall wins in his career than Malysz. He achieved amongst others: 3 x olympic gold medals + 1 bronze, 2 x World Cup overall standing winner 2 x Four Hill tournament Winner 1 x Raw Air winner overall: 34 wins and 68 individual podiums in the World Cup alone
  3. During Saturday's Bundesliga game between AlpenVolleys Haching and SVG Luneburg a record-breaking set was played, as the home side won the 3rd set 50-48. That one single set lasted for over 55 minutes. This is now the longest set in the history of German volleyball, and fairly close to the "World Record" set in South Korea a few years back (56-54)
  4. According to our media, USA withdrew from hosting the tournament as it would collide with celebration of the Independence Day. Still, the 2021 edition final tournament will most likely be held in United States.
  5. CEV has now officialy confirmed all the host countries of 2021 European Championship Women: , , & Men: , , &
  6. Man, I wish our women's volleyball NT was more famous for it's results than for the constant conflicts. I'm not trying to pick a side here, but this is like, what, 3rd major argument between the team and the coach in the last 5 years? And just when it seemed our level was growing again
  7. Markeng will most likely miss the remaining competitions of the season
  8. Everything looks like Lahti will host 3 days of competition after the second event in Kuusamo was cancelled.
  9. Guess I have bad info then, according to out media he's still awaiting his hearing and cannot be released even after paying bailout.
  10. Earvin Ngapeth got arrested once again, and the charges are serious as he was charged with sexual harrasment. Apparently after his team won the Club World Championship in Betim, Earvin went to a restaurant with some teammates and he "slapped a waiter's butt". He claims he mistook her for a friend of his whom he met eariler in Betim and immediately apologised after he realized his mistake, but the woman did not believe him and placed charges against him.
  11. And France beat Australia 46-7... this has to be one of the biggest margin of defeat in the history, right?
  12. Australia currently losing 4-30 against France, and we're barely 40 minutes in the game...
  13. Very tough group for us, but that's good. If they want to be succesful, they have to play such opponents.
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