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Fencing FIE World Cup 2022 - 2023 Road to Paris 2024


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Fencing is baaaack!!! :cheer:


the new season starts Today in :ALG Algiers, with the preliminary rounds of the women and men's Sabre.


this weekend will also feature the women's Epee in :EST Tallinn, the men's Epee in :SUI Bern and the men's Foil in :GER Bonn, starting Tomorrow.


Links to live scoring and streaming, as usual, available on the dedicated pages of the FIE's website.

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1 hour ago, Benolympique said:

Does it count for the Olympic ranking?


1 hour ago, Vektor said:

Only the events in May 2023. 

still, you need to do well right now in order to earn a good seeding for the draw in the tournaments that will actually give points for the Olympic qualification away.


and we all know, in the team events, a good draw is as important as that given day's performance.


it might be decisive to keep the Olympic dream alive, especially for those "2nd tier" teams that already have to make up for poor world champs last Summer.

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Hoping for a good start of the season. As @phelps said, every point counts. Our goal is to qualify at least 3 teams and at least one fencer in every discipline to Paris2024. The latter would be a big deal because I can't even remember when was the last time we qualified a fencer in men's foil. But we definitely have a chance now. Obviously men's epee, men's sabre and women's sabre are the most important as those are our strongest teams, all three have to make it to Paris2024. 

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@George_D @Makedonas we have a Greek derby between Gkountoura and Georgiadou in the quarterfinals in Algiers :d :thumbup:


more surprising results...


:ITA Martina Criscio beat first :UKR Olga Kharlan in rd #2 and then :JPN Misaki Emura in rd #3 :yikes:

:GBR Caitlin Maxwell upset no.2 seed :AZE Anna Bashta in the first round :yikes:


in the top half of the draw we have a double :ITA vs :FRA fight (Criscio vs Balzer and Battiston vs's destiny, nowadays :lol: :p), meanwhile in the bottom half of the draw we have the Greek derby and the young Briton Maxwell facing :ESP Lucia Martin-Portugues.


shame on the organizers for not setting up any live stream...:redcard:

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Women's Individual Sabre (:ALG Algiers)


Gold: :ESP Lucia Martin-Portugues

Silver: :ITA Michela Battiston

Bronze: :FRA Sara Balzer & :GRE Theodora Gkountoura



Martin-Portugues b. Gkoutoura 15-8

Battiston b. Balzer 15-13



Martin-Portugues b. Battiston 15-12


Full Ranking & Results

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Nice start to our season, first ever World Cup win for :HUN Andrásfi in men's epee. Koch was also in the Top8. Thankfully Siklósi isn't alone anymore with great results in the next generation of Hungarian male fencers. Our future looks bright in men's epee. 

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