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Fencing FIE World Cup 2022 - 2023


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Men's Individual Sabre (:ALG Algiers)


Gold: :GEO Sandro Bazadze

Silver: :ITA Luigi Samele

Bronze: :FRA Bolade Apithy & :EGY Ziad Elsissy



Bazadze b. Elsissy 15-13

Samele b. Apithy 15-11



Bazadze b. Samele 15-13


Full Ranking & Results

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Men's Individual Foil (:GER Bonn)


Gold: :JPN Kyosuke Matsuyama

Silver: :ITA Alessio Foconi

Bronze: :FRA Enzo Lefort & :GBR Marcus Mepstead



Matsuyama b. Lefort 15-12

Foconi b. Mepstead 15-8



Matsuyama b. Foconi 15-11


Full Ranking & Results

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Men's Individual Epee (:SUI Bern)


Gold: :HUN Tibor Andrasfi

Silver: :COL John Edison Rodriguez

Bronze: :FRA Luigi Midelton & :JPN Koki Kano



Andrasfi b. Kano 15-11

Rodriguez b. Midelton 15-12



Andrasfi b. Rodriguez 12-11


Full Ranking & Results

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Women's Individual Epee (:EST Tallinn)


Gold: :ITA Alberta Santuccio

Silver: :FRA Marie-Florence Candassamy

Bronze: :KOR Song Se Ra & :CHN Zhu Mingye



Santuccio b. Zhu 11-6

Candassamy b. Song 15-13



Santuccio b. Candassamy 15-11


Full Ranking & Results

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nice start of the 2022/2023 World Cup for Italy...


medals coming from 4 out of 5 events (and in the men's Epee, despite no medals, we still have 3 guys in the quarterfinals), one Gold.


we did even get a medal in the women's individual Sabre, which is very rare (have to admit that this is the weapon that most feels the Russian ban).


only truly disappointing result is Marini's loss to his teammate Bianchi in the second round of the men's Foil.


let's see how the team events go tomorrow...missing the top 4 even in a single weapon must be counted as an upset and a disapponting result.



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1 hour ago, Vektor said:

Well, I can't complain much, 4 out of our 5 teams went into the Top8. And hopefully 2 teams will make it to the Top4, our men's sabre team will have to defeat Iran for that. 


:ITA and :HUN ended up behind the chalkboard in the men's Sabre...


:FRA destroyed :ITA and :IRI just edged out :HUN at the last hit.


semis are :KOR vs :FRA and :GER vs :IRI 



in the women's Sabre, it's the mostly expected :ITA vs :FRA for Gold and :KOR vs :ESP for Bronze


in the men's Epee, :KOR vs :FRA is the GMM, meanwhile :ITA and :HUN are fighting for Bronze


in the women's Epee, as already written, it's :ITA vs :UKR for Gold and :FRA vs :POL for Bronze


finally, in the men's Foil, the GMM is the great classic of the last 10 years, :USA vs :ITA meanwhile the BMM is :FRA vs :JPN 


so, :FRA is the only team making the top 4 in all of today's 5 events (twice in the GMM, twice in the BMM and once still TBD, but sure of the top 4).


:ITA are in 3 GMMs and 1 BMM, but also once out of the semifinals and :KOR are once in the GMM, once in the BMM and once TBD, but sure of the top 4.

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We got 9th place in the women's sabre team. I think we were unlucky to have to play South Korea so early, as we beat two top 10 opponents (USA and Poland). Still, we are slowly moving up the rankings and I believe soon we will be in the top 10 where we belong.


I must say it is a shame that we probably will only have one woman at the Olympics when we have two ranked in the top 6 in this discipline, really I wish they would both get a chance but it will be very hard to make it in the team event. However, I think for Los Angeles 2028 we will have a better chance as we'll have more time to get a good third fencer.

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I was thinking of doing a World Cup medal table because I never see that on the FIE site or anywhere else. I might do one later with a larger table, listing all the disciplines, but for now here's a really simplified version after 10 World Cup events out of the scheduled 76.


:ITA  2-5-0

:FRA  2-1-6

:KOR  1-1-2

:HUN  1-0-1

:JPN  1-0-1

:ESP  1-0-0

:GEO  1-0-0

:USA  1-0-0

:COL  0-1-0

:IRI  0-1-0

:UKR  0-1-0

:CHN  0-0-1

:EGY  0-0-1

:GBR  0-0-1

:GER  0-0-1

:GRE  0-0-1

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