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Swimming Qualification to Summer Olympic Games Paris 2024 Road to Paris 2024


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Historically speaking, I’d normally feel good about McIntosh’s chances of winning double gold in the 200IM/400IM. Now, not so much…

And we still have US Trials too…

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Williamson puts :AUS men's 4*100m Medley Relay on a different perspective...


if the backstroke leg turns out to be somehow decent, I guess the US boys should start worrying (at least until their trials)


for what concerns :ITA, now we can consider ourselves out of contention, since our fly leg is really too weak (unless Ponti suddenly switches to Italy :mirror: :raspberry:)

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:AUS Australian Olympic Trials: Day 2


Women's 100m Backstroke (SAQT: 59.62, OQT: 59.99):

1. Kaylee McKeown - 57.41 Q

2. Mollie O'Callaghan - 57.88 :yikes:

3. Iona Anderson - 58.43


In the event that Mollie O'Callaghan does end up dropping this event, then Iona Anderson should be selected.


Women's 100m Breaststroke (SAQT: 1:06.31, OQT: 1:07.01)

1. Jenna Strauch - 1:06.90 q

2. Ella Ramsay - 1:06.94

3. Sienna Toohey - 1:07.01 :hyper:


Toohey is just 15 years old by the way. The selection criteria doesn't explicitly say that the stroke 100 winners get nominated but I'm going to assume that Strauch will be selected anyways despite missing the qualifying time. Overall, disappointing times here.


Men's 100m Backstroke (SAQT: 53.21, OQT: 53.74)

1. Isaac Cooper - 53.46 q

2. Bradley Woodward - 53.53

3. Enoch Robb - 54.14


Just like with the women's 100m breaststroke, I'm going to assume that Cooper will be selected for the medley relay.


Men's 200m Freestyle (SAQT: 1:45.97, OQT: 1:46.26)

1. Maxmillian Giuliani - 1:45.83 Q

2. Tommy Neill - 1:46.02 q

3. Elijah Winnington - 1:46.08 q

4. Kai Taylor - 1:46.26 q

5. Zac Incerti - 1:46.83

6. Alex Graham - 1:47.11

7. Flynn Southam - 1:47.29

8. Brendon Smith - 1:47.53


Pretty disappointing times overal. Giuliani is the only one to get under the qualifying time. I'm going to assume that the top 4 will all be selected with Incerti and Graham also having a good chance of being selected for the relay.


Qualifiers after Day 2 (15 Athletes):

*Athletes in italics don't have a qualifying time yet


Men (8):

  • Isaac Cooper - 4x100m Medley Relay
  • Maximillian Giuliani - 200m Freestyle, 4x200m Freestyle Relay
  • Tommy Neill - 4x200m Freestyle Relay
  • Sam Short - 400m Freestyle
  • Kai Taylor - 4x200m Freestyle Relay
  • Sam Williamson - 100m Breaststroke, 4x100m Medley Relay
  • Elijah Winnington - 400m Freestyle, 4x200m Freestyle Relay
  • Joshua Yong - 100m Breaststroke


Women (7):

  • Emma McKeon - 100m Butterfly
  • Kaylee McKeown - 100m Backstroke, 200m Individual Medley
  • Mollie O'Callaghan - 100m Backstroke
  • Lani Pallister - 400m Freestyle
  • Ella Ramsay - 200m Individual Medley
  • Jenna Strauch - 4x100m Medley Relay
  • Ariarne Titmus - 400m Freestyle


Other nomination candidates:

  • Alex Graham - M 4x200m Freestyle Relay
  • Zac Incerti - M 4x200m Freestyle Relay
  • Alexandria Perkins - W 100m Butterfly
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Aside from women's 100 back and Toohey it was a very disappointing night. Ramsay is already on the team so she'll get to swim breast in the medley relay prelim. Top two in the men's 100 back will very likely be selected as it's a relay event and both are under the OQT. Neill was under the OQT in the 200 free so very likely he'll get the individual swim.




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