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Women's Softball Tournament at the Summer Olympic Games 2020

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No, but is certainly fitting for a typical Totallympics bashing masked under a pretense of "discussion".   Baseball/softball is like the only non-European-centric team sport at the Olympics.

Well I really hope this isn't the last time we see softball in the Olympics, because IMO this tournament was a ton of fun.

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35 minutes ago, Olympian1010 said:

Venue photo:


They're not going to have to spend much time picking up trash from the stands though.  Can concentrate on creating truly Japanese karenagare raking patterns in the shale around the bases. 

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Damn. I love softball. :hearts: It's one of like three sports whose WCh I followed religiously this cycle.

It will be weird starting the Olympics with an event I am genuinely interested in. As opposed to the traditional football openers, which were always really about checking the graphics and stuff. :p

All King Victor Emmanuel's Show Horses Can Make Really Beautiful People Fall

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Trying to stay awake just to check it out. It’s not my sport but I hope fans of the game enjoy themselves today/tonight

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