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Shooting ESC Shotgun European Championships 2019

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I wish all the best to Czechs Jiri Liptak and Tomas Nydrle to earn the Tokyo spot :-) 

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The European Championship Shotgun is about to start in Lonato, Italy


It was only July when the World Championship Shotgun was held in the same place – at the beautiful shooting range of Lonato.

And now the best Shotgun shooters of Europe come back again.


The Opening Ceremony is on Wednesday, and the competition really starts on Thursday.


The first events are Trap Women and Trap Women Junior.

The first Finals are on Friday.


After the Trap events there is one day of a Double Trap shooting before the Skeet events.


The last competition day of the ECH is September 16th.


This means there are almost two exciting weeks of shooting in Lonato!


The European Championship Shotgun in Lonato is an Olympic Qualifying Competition.

There are two quota places available in each individual event (Men, Women) to 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

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it looks like Italy have started with the right mood at the home champs...:cheer:


Fiammetta Rossi has a 4-target margin over her nearest opponent after day 1 (75 targets) in the women's senior Trap...and Jessica Rossi and Silvana Stanco are also among the top 6...


the same thing is happening among the junior girls...Italy have the 1st, 4th and 6th ranked shooters after day 1 (always Trap, always 75 hits completed)...


and of course both Italian teams are leading with a very wide margin their respective team event...


there's only 1 problem...a really big problem...the only event we need to dominate here is the men's individual Trap, not the women's (which is always good if it happens, but it's not a question of life or death, like the men's)...

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women's Junior Individual Trap, shooters qualified to the Final

:ESP Mar Molne Magrina

:ITA Sofia Littame

:RUS Polina Kniazeva

:POR Maria Ines Coelho De Barros

:UKR Nadiia Bulhakova

Shoot-Off for the last place: :GER Kathrin Murche vs :GBR Jessica Ellen Hayward


UPDATE: :GBR Jessica Ellen Hayward won the shoot-off and she's the 6th finalist...


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meanwhile, in the women's senior Trap events, the competition is still running, but :ITA Italy is almost sure to win the team Gold and :ITA Fiammetta Rossi is mathematically safe in first place with 118/125, result that nobody else can reach anymore (and :ITA Jessica Rossi is tied for second with :RUS Daria Semianova with 113/125)...


for what concerns the Olympic Quota Places, instead, :RUS Daria Semianova (113/125) and :ESP Maria Quintanal Zubizarreta (112/125) are the only girl looking for that already sure to make the Final...


other girls still with a mathematical chance to make it through to the top 6 are: :ESP Beatriz Martinez with 90 hits after the first 4 series (however, Spain can win only 1 Quota Place, as Fatima Galvez already has one); :SMR Alessandra Perilli with 111/125 (likely to go the shoot-off to make the final); :GBR Sarah Wixey with 86 hits after 4 series (she needs a 25 in the last 25 shots to reach the shoot-off for the final)...


so, it's highly likely that we're going to have a 3-way battle between RUS, SMR and ESP (with 2 different shooters) for the 2 available quota...

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Bea Martínez failed at the last round, did 19 and is out of the final :facepalm:


I'm in shock with Maria Quintanal, didn't expect this level at all, so I hope :SMR doesn't win the shoot-out and we get the quota directly, because I don't see María getting it in the final.

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so, now the qualifications are over...


women's Individual Trap, shooters qualified to the Final

:ITA Fiammetta Rossi

:ITA Jessica Rossi

:RUS Daria Semianova

:ESP Maria Quintanal Zubizarreta


Shoot-Off for the last 2 places in the Final: :ITA Silvana Stanco vs :ESP Fatima Galvez vs :SMR Alessandra Perilli


:RUS Semianova, :ESP Quintanal Zubizarreta and :SMR Perilli are the only shooters fighting for the 2 Olympic Quota Places available Today...


UPDATE: :ITA Stanco and :SMR Perilli "won" the shoot-off and qualified to the we really have a 3-way fight for the 2 available Olympic Quota places...

Edited by phelps

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Perilli in shoot off?? You can already award quotas to Russia and Spain...

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All King Victor Emmanuel's Show Horses Can Make Really Beautiful People Fall

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