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Artistic Gymnastics FIG World Championships 2019

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Olympic qualifiers: Team:    (qualified in 2018),            Qualified through the event finals: FX:  Artem Dolgopyat PH:  Rhys McClenagham,  Cyril Tommasone SR: 3 gymnasts (     c

@Sindo also must be so happy that thought to rename the forum as tottalgymnastics 

I have no words, Ibrahim Colak was my school-mate in the middle school, he was such a nice and humble guy, 5 years ago we could not imageine a world medal in gymnastics. He came 5th back in 2017 but l

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Just now, hckosice said:

Yeah I nearly got whiplash from how quickly they published the list of Rym Gym qualifiers for the 2021 World Games.

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2 hours ago, rybak said:

Thanks God Gabriela is qualified :d


@thiago_simoes There is any real chances that an men's Polish gymnast will qualify as well?

Lukasz Borkowski is the only one with a chance of qualifying. At the Polish Championships he scored 81.034, which would easily qualify him for Tokyo. But National Championships usually hand out unrealistic scores, so I searched for his score in an international competition. Bad news: at the European Games he scored 71.297.

Anything under 78 means no chance of qualifying, in my opinion, especially because we probably will have 6-12 athletes who will qualify through the event finals (while in the women's competition only 1 qualified through the event finals). At the very worst, 75-76 should be the threshold for Olympic qualification, unless the judges are very strict.


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250.093 for :TPE. Surely that's enough for Olympic quota. :mumble: First since Tokyo 1964, incidentally.

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1 minuut geleden, Dennis zei:

Does :NED stand any chance to qualify a team here?

No, too much injuries. Zonderland isn't at his best level, Rijken will do all apparatus (but a few weeks ago he couldn't do floor and vault because of an injury) and Bletterman is not good enough.


Only way to have 3 gymnasts at the OG is with an individual final for Deurloo at high bar (in that case Schmidt will have the AA-quota and Zonderland will win the World Cup-quota). But after 1 subdivision the scores at high bar are really high already (Tang 14.933, two Italians 14.200), so I don't think it's gonna happen for Deurloo.

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