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  1. After this article I think so
  2. Link:
  3. Final standing: 1 Italy 2 Spain 3 Greece 4 USA 5 France 6 South Korea 7 Unghary
  4. Coach... : Niccolo Campriani M 10m Air Rifle (M) Italy
  5. I found this:
  6. I didn't understand the qualification format. Can a nation that has not gained access to the Olympics with the team but has only a single pass (Nespoli for example) qualify a second archer before the Paris tournament?
  7. I ask you a question (I believe nobody wrote it here): is it possible in your opinion that some nation decides not to participate in Tokyo due to COVID? I intend a total block as a denial. Such as the Australian national team did on the occasion of the diving qualification a short time ago. Ps sorry for my english (google translate docet )
  8. For today:
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