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  1. There was no need to add men's 800. I'd say take 800 out in both genders and leave Men's and women's 1500.
  2. Jur

    International Olympic Committee News

    Spain was robbed in 2016 and also in 2020, wow
  3. I wouldn't mind in wrestling 6 women freestyle, 4 men's freestyle, 2 grecoroman
  4. What I want: 2 climbing events / 2 surfing / 4 skateboarding / 6 road roller races / 4 petanque What I think we will have: 2 climbing events / 4 skateboarding / 2 squash / something in petanque
  5. Maybe Wakeboarding, but I can see ir easily happening at the same venue that sailing does. But no chance for Surf in the Mediterranean.
  6. I can't see Surfing happening if they want everything in the Paris 2024 map
  7. If you get out boxing and weightlifting you have tons of quotas. I can see that happening in Paris 2024
  8. Eliminate the team events in Eventing and Dome.
  9. Jur

    Athletics 2019 Discussion Thread

    Loving the concept! I want a new country
  10. And is still unkown what will hapoend with boxing and weightlifting, it can open a lots of doors for this sports if the get out of the programme
  11. I'm the only one who thinks this is kind of stupid? Olympic sports should have some sort of a long term plan, no just one appearence and that's all. 2028 Olympics being in LA is going to push for baseball and surf so they are going to have them at 2020, cut in 2024 and reinstate in 2028, instead of having some kinf og programme or arrangement between the different host citys and the IOC, for the sport stability to be in all and had an stable games.....
  12. "will have to fit with the Paris 2024 venues map " So wakeboarding and Surf are screwed then.....
  13. Oh, I never hear about that rule, with actually sounds pretty unfair too, by the way, but it would make for more decent teams at the Olympics... if they held the South American Qualification Tournament were all teams are even worse than Mexico...
  14. Yes? I think there's a qualification event for North Americans that Mexico would easily won against Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago
  15. I'm the only one who finds this Qualification Process really unfair?? Right now are placed 5th to 9th in the 2018 World Series with means that at least 3 out of those teams would be out of the Games, instead worst teams like and have almost secured a place in the Games. OIf just they did continental qualification before World Series, Olympics would have better teams, something like (as right now) as host from continental, via world series and a battle between probably and at the preolympic Instead of: as host, via world series, from continental spots and have and battle at the last preolympic..................