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  1. I just realized taht all of this means we get an extra year of 50km race walking
  2. July is perfect for me, since I don't have to work or study. Better than spring.
  3. Nursing homes in Spain are one of the biggest centers of infections....
  4. Spanish press is saying the IOC would anounce today the delay of the games.
  5. Quota for in -52kg for whenever the games are going to happend!
  6. The match between and got me sweating, amazing start by Gazi but the ned boxer made a comeback and an impressive 3rd round got me nervous. Happy got the win at the end.
  7. That only happens in Catalonia, and I don't think it's a sport, is more like art I would say.... just a folklore thing, not competition.
  8. I was tempted to put and as former Spanish colonies to represent Oceania, but I didn't want to look like a Colonializer asshole
  9. BILBAO 2022 First season of the Ibero-luso-american Games. PARTICIPATING COUNTRYS: It's a bit of Iberoamericans meets Lusophone Games meets former spanish colonies. Europe: and I'm gonna get controversial..... África: and I'm gonna get controversial again..... America: Asia: SPORTS PROGRAME: (I went a little bit over in the athlete count, around 1600, and I had to sacrifice a lot of sport that I would have love to had) For the sport programme basically I took my fav olympic sports and then went with popular sports in Spain/LatAmerica like Roller Hockey. No "olympic" team events except for 3x3 basketball. I wanted a Paralympic event, so I added Weelchair Basketball, cause it's the most popular. Also went with basque culture and tradition and added Basque Pelota, Surf, Coastal rowing and Tug-of-war. I acomplished total parity in sexes (take that, IOC!!) EVENTS: 3x3 Basketball: Men's and women's tournament. 80 athletes (10 teams per gender) Artistic skating: Men's and women's freestyle. 24 athletes (12 individuals per gender) Archery: Men's and women's individual and mixed team in recurve and compound. 60 athletes in total Athletics: M and W events in: 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, 5000m, 100mh, 400mh, half marathon, 10k rw road, HJ, LJ, PV, TJ, SP, HT, JT, DT, combined events, 4x100m relay, 4x400m relay 280 athletes. Badminton: Men's and women's singles and doubles, mixed doubles and mixed team event. 80 athletes overall Basque Pelota: Men's hand pelota; women's hand pelota, women's doubles paleta goma, men's jai alai 52 athletes (10 per gender in individuals, 8 in doubles) Cycling: Men's and women's road race and time trial 90 athletes (55 men, 35 women) Coastal rowing: Men's skiff, women's skiff, men's four, women's four, mixed double skulls 68 athletes (18 per gender in skiff, 16 in mixed doubles) Futsal: Men's and women's tournament. 280 athletes (10 teams per gendes, 14 athletes per team) High Diving: Men's and women's event 16 athletes (8 per gender) Road speed skating: Men's and women's 200m time trial, 500m sprint and marathon 40 athletes Roller hockey: Men's and women's tournament 120 athletes (6 teams per gender, 10 players per team) Surf: Men's and women's shortboard 40 athletes Triathlon: Men's race, women's race, Mixed relay 50 athletes. Tug of war: 4x4 Mixed -580kg team 48 athletes (8 athletes per team, 6 teams) Weightlifting: 7 weight classes per sex 112 athletes (8 athletes per weight class) Wheelchair basketball: Men's and women's tournament, 120 athletes (6 teams per gender, 10 athletes per team) VENUES: CITY OF BILBAO San Mames Stadium - Opening and closing ceremonies, Archery. Zorroza track - Athletics Streets of Bilbao - Cycling, Road speed skating La Salve bridge - High Diving Fronton Bizkaia - Basque Pelota Bilbao Arena - Futsal Temporary setting in the esplanade nearby Guggenheim museum - 3x3 Basketball, Tug of war Pabellón La Casilla - Wheelchair basketball Polideportivo Artxanda - Artistic skating, Weighlifting CITY OF BARAKALDO Bilbao Exibition Center - Badminton, Roller Hockey CITY OF PORTUGALETE Nervión river and the streets of Portugalete - Triathlon CITY OF SANTURTZI Port of Santurtzi and the bay of bizkaia - Coastal rowing CITY OF MUNDAKA Laida beach - Surf
  10. Well, the spanish federation decided not to send several boats to the World Championships and have them focusing instead in the final qualification regatta......
  11. It's March 13, even if the french race is canceled he still has plenty of time to get a 20km decent race. But, however, reading the "panic" around him I don't think he knows his 2018 europeans count for the ranking....
  12. Now that I'm looking his case, I don't think he'll even need a 50km race. If I'm not mistaken, the 2018 Europeans count for the olympic ranking. And he was second there with a great mark. So just doing a decent 20KM would allow him to enter easily by ranking.
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