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  1. Do the Race Wlking events not have TV coverage? I can't find a place to see it... Nevermind, I already found it.
  2. Andorran athlete made the final in men's 3000 steep. YAY!!
  3. I understand why Karate isn't at the olympics, there's no much new it offers. It's just another combact sport in a white suit. Maybe a real option it would be to have Taekwondo one games, Karate next games.
  4. She's doing the hurdles now too
  5. What a robbery..... that second penality was so unfair.... I guess they really want the US to win, uh
  6. Rossi's failures are saving us.
  7. Spain may be bad at conpiting. But partying everywhere? that's our jam.
  8. The 100 hurdles women results are up??
  9. TBH I hope Bondarenko does a fault
  10. No... the Spanish Federation had no idea the Athletic event gave individual medals today, so they putted the "b team" today in orther to save the ""stars"" of the team for the repechage match. I had to explain them over twitter
  11. I didn't knew Stefecekova was pregnant :o
  12. At first I really though it was a mistake...
  13. Well, kill me if you like but I'm enjoying the DNA Athletics....
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