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  1. GREECE THANKS FOR THAT 12!!! Also thanks to every vote! And to everyone who take the time to listen to some spanish music!
  2. I am serious I think open waters are wrongly used. It has potential but I strongly dislike 10km because you can barely know who the athletes are. And usually races are boring and only had action in like the last 5 minutes. Same thing for 800/1500 in the pool, it takes too long and a lot of series make it boring. Merge both and do a Open Waters time trial, with lap times and everything could be more exciting
  3. Drop 800 and made a 3km time trial in open waters.
  4. Artistic swimming looks like it's doing flamenco.
  5. Women's 20km race walk (1 athlete? I think it counts...) http://www.rfea.es/competi/result2019/marcha/20km_oropesa/C73.0045.html
  6. I get Karate is a semi decent popular sport but it really briged nothing new to the games, just another marcial art. Kata's were the only *new* thing about them and most people despite them... I'd rather had non-combat Wushu, is awesome. IMO isn't a big lost, they only made the games cause Japan wanted some golds....
  7. They are reporting it as if it was oficial
  8. So looking at the WC entrys Pakistan only send 2 men at 25 rapid fire pistol. Why cancel the whole Wold Cup quotas? Probably some of the athletes spended a lot of money to get to India, not a cheap travel to make...
  9. Acording to the spanish team, no olympic quotas would be given in this World Cup due to the Pakistani team couldn't make it to India for the event. No news on how they would be awarded in a future
  10. The competitions I watched were actually pretty interesting. Lot's of lidership changes in the time heats lasted. It's live judged so it really let's you know how the heat is going every minute. And given France has Biarritz to host and LA2028 is coming, we assured venues with great waves. I'm really intrigued and excited for this event in Tokyo, and is not like Spain has any chance of medal.....
  11. Surfing is pretty interesting. Y'all should give it a chance.
  12. There's a popular meme in Spain that is a old guy taking part in Dancing with the stars dressed urban triying to do a breakdance routine. It's used as a way to refer to older people trying to act cool like teens. I think it's just perfectly fitting for the IOC...........
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