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  1. yay!!!! first ever medal for Spain in Winter Youth Olympic, and I wasn't expecting this one at all!!
  2. I like my name (Jonander) a lot.
  3. Well, actually at these games in Spain there are 3 federations involved since Ski-Mountanering aint in the Snow Federation. It's with Sport Climbing and other sports under the umbrella of "Mountain Sports".
  4. Wow, it hurts... Congrats to , it was a great match
  5. 29-29 20 seconds left, ball for Spain............ we can do this!
  6. 29-29 and only a minute and a half left... I'm nervous!
  7. I guess it would happend but not mountain skiing hurts.
  8. Marathon World Championships gets hosted along the London Marathon for the last years.
  9. And how the hell does this 3x3 thing work?
  10. And how the hell did the Spanish mens team qualify? We don't even qualify for European Games and suddenly we are here.....
  11. Based on the rankings before they were hidden Spain's woman was in and US woman (who needed to be top10) was under the 20th place. How can all chance that much in a month?? And why and how did the spanish men's team qualifiyed??
  12. It's a total meltdown for the Spanish women's team... nobody understands how this happend... I don't have a clue.
  13. So..... the spanish girls were ALWAYS in preolympic place and suddenly they are out of it. The women's US team were no where to be found and are in. And the spanish men team qualifies when even our federation saying it was already imposible for our team.... they were making only women tournaments to get points, they ditched the men's chance........ And all that happend when the rankings went invisible..... SUPER SKETCHY.
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