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  1. y'all sleeping on Spain, I'm sure our team would put a big of a fight...
  2. I hope one day she marries ecuatorian race walker Andres Chocho, means the same as Fica in spanish
  3. Fatima Galvez lost the shoot-out. for the quotas in final. I'm not optimistic about this....
  4. Bea Martínez failed at the last round, did 19 and is out of the final I'm in shock with Maria Quintanal, didn't expect this level at all, so I hope doesn't win the shoot-out and we get the quota directly, because I don't see María getting it in the final.
  5. "Manex" sounded basque so I had to look it up and confirmed it. Now I have to root for this boy too!
  6. Spain's only female winter olympic medallist, Blanca Fernandez-Ochoa, bronze in Albertville 1992 in Slalom, has been found dead at 56 years. She was quite a celebrity here, and very loved, so her going missing since the 23 in August has been fully covered in the media. Searching teams have been working hard these days in some mountains looking for her, but sadly her body was found today
  7. I hope we can see a medal for the Olympic Refugee Team in Tokyo 2020!
  8. Beatriz Pascual (Three Olympics, three TOP8; and was never DQed in any race in her career)
  9. I think they need to be TOP300 at the end of the process to get the quota, so it's not done yet The only egypt men in the TOP300 right now is Safwat, in #233, if Karim Mohamed wons the quota he's out in #339 by know.
  10. It was sad when in the Olympics in women boxing they only needed to win 1 time to ensure a medal...
  11. She and her sister represented Spain until a few years ago. She was at the 2012 Olympics representing Spain but changed cause it was easier representing France
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