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  1. Ilka will need some time to get her form
  2. so Mourinho new coach for Tottenham Spurs now Levy will have to give him money to spend
  3. so we lost the last game against Poland. few games back we were in good position to qualify, but we played really bad against Macedonia, so
  4. this weekend great derby between liverpool and man.city, one of the crucial games of the year
  5. congrats to Serbia, fully deserved. Kovačevič killed us. We didnt play like in previus games, some our guys didnt play good. but its ok
  6. what is happening, Serbia is scoring every point
  7. iam sorry brothers from Serbia, but this gold is ours
  8. there wouldnt be much team sports where yugoslavia wouldnt be champions
  9. its expected to be around 4000 slovenian fans at the final, i hope they all get tickets
  10. congrats to serbia, france put all hopes to ngapeth, but this is a team sport
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