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  1. france cant qualify cause they lost set. poland will be first,unless slovenia wins with 3:0 and 17 points diference slovenia won first set we really gonna regret bad day against france
  2. we blew up against france big time.such a experience team that we have. we should close first set,we lead 23:19 in 3rd and blew it. we need miracle against poland to qualify
  3. what a win for Maribor, they scored in 117 minute in overtime in second leg to go to 3rd round against AIK
  4. yeah, our only defeat and we are out. we couldnt score in last 10 minutes after ocvirk injury
  5. both slovenias teams played 2:2 olimpija at turkish side malatya, domžale at home against malmo
  6. olimpija goes into2nd round with away goal in 92.minute. they were really unlucky to loose first game at home mura lost, domžale will also go ahead
  7. nikola mirotic signed with barca who is making very good team
  8. its gonna be intereseting season,now we have more teams for finale
  9. good tournament for our boys to get in top8,but usa were too strong
  10. so lakers after kemba walker or kawhi
  11. great tennis in first 2 sets,then as expected
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