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  1. Very happy (and surprised) for Susan Dunklee and Lucie Charvátová ! I hope that the latter will continue her good results for the end of the year and in future years.
  2. Happy New *Olympic* Year to all !!
  3. Yeah, very happy for Charvatova ! It's nice to see her at the flowers ceremony. Only one miss ! I did not believe my eyes when I saw her shoot.
  4. We stole the french girl's energy to give everything to the men.
  5. Yeah for sure ! But the session taking place in the hotel seems to be problematic (+ the fact that our championships are a disaster, minus the two medals). That seems to create a mini-crisis too, because one of the doctor from the french staff left and went back to France.
  6. Typical France Televisions. Every athlete can get a medal with them. But Robert Michon is a lovely lady, she does a lot for athletics / throwing in France.
  7. Apparently, at the beginning of the week, a hypnotist went to the French hotel, and did an hypnosis session to some athletes, without the leaders of the federation knowing. lmao I can't with our current team or federation.. And now Amdouni with this case of doping.
  8. All week, Diniz was groaning against the conditions. I think he didn't even want to compete here in Doha. He's one of the commentator for the television now. I'm really afraid for next year too.
  9. Can I say that the best result for France for the moment is a 6th place ? French commentators are desperate. As soon as a french athlete appears, he/she is "a new hope". lmao Mayer please save us !!!
  10. Vasquez A new Salazar-boy who wins... lmao.
  11. Ow no ! For once, we have a good coverage of High Jump here with French TV. Usually, we're seeing absolutely nothing (but this time we have litteraly no coverage for Discus Throw ).
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