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  1. Italy is a country where involvement in doping is an actual crime, not just a sporting offense. If the Russian coach was using fake credentials that really is beyond stupid. M
  2. Hmmmn....Loginov withdraws from the Mass Start. Seems he welcomed the Polizia to his room twice yesterday.
  3. Pidhrushina 2 minute penalty. Safety, probably.
  4. Wierer’s race! Roeisland gets a miracle!
  5. Simon’s shooting has been dreadful all week, now 15/15
  6. Vittozzi Five misses! B Needs to go home & watch box sets until summer training starts, I think.
  7. It’s very common in Nordic Combined & these Cross Country Tour races. Doesn’t really happen in biathlon because the maximum gap is only three-four minutes. Maybe they use it in those Schalke stadium races.
  8. Would have been chaos because some people would start lapped.
  9. That is the wave I was talking about earlier! They all started 8:08 after Johaug, but their actual calculated time could be 15 or 20 minutes, which gets added to their finishing time today.
  10. Johaug with the time for a shower, massage & lunch before the others arrive.
  11. Pointing out the poor state of the sport. 80% of the athletes are utterly non-competitive.
  12. Norwegian dominance is making this farcical. In today’s Women’s Pursuit they’ve got 39 out of 51 athletes starting in the Wave at 8:08.
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