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  1. Technically Kurdish is part of the Indo-Iranic family, so is related to Farsi, Hindi, Punjabi etc. Which are also part of the large Indo-European family. But even then I don’t think there is a single standard Kurdish, just lots of dialects.
  2. Just go back to Church Slavonic and admit that the last 1000 years has all been a terrible mistake.
  3. Yeah, there’s a lot to learn though, it takes a while to master these events when you don’t have institutional memory.
  4. Comes out for the third and rides like a man whose coach has been shouting at him for the last hour.
  5. Italian had beaten her, but went off the edge of the track.
  6. Kirsten Wild will need to get the floor of her house reinforced, she has so many European medals.
  7. We always change the team about a lot during Years 1-3, then consolidate in Year 4 of the Olympic cycle. So that’s why we get better.
  8. Watched a film of the 1953 TdF. About half the stages finished at outdoor tracks which doubled as football or rugby stadiums. Not many left now, I bet.
  9. The Hawaii Ironman starts in about three hours. Here's a link for live streaming https://www.tri247.com/kona/kona-2019/how-to-watch-ironman-world-championship-2019
  10. New WR for Wei Meng with 59/60 in the Final.
  11. Not surprised, throwing himself on the ground after every throw!
  12. Uganda used to have a lot of very good athletes in the 60s & 70s, then they had a long period of dictatorship, civil war and went for a long time without anyone. The last 10 years things are getting a lot better.
  13. Her daughter was LJ Champion in one of the European U-20 or U-23 competitions a few months ago.
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