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  1. And to think his ancestors got all the way to Easter Island!
  2. Actually I think that’s a bad thing, it shows that it’s long past time to go to a full Decathlon for the women. The event is not supposed to be won by a great performance in one single discipline. Decathlon Men are never international class in a single discipline, they are true all rounders.
  3. Got time off from his day job as bass player for Grand Funk Railroad.
  4. Does happen in cycling about once a season. The other classic error - which can only happen in small races where there is no radio - is some guy goes off on a long solo breakaway, wins the stage. Then the sprinters in the peleton do not know he has gone, race it out for second place, think they’ve won, celebrate....
  5. Actually I remember it being a very important week for Kaisa because she got her first wins there after doing both biathlon & cc for a while. Then I think at the first WC that year she got a snow win as well, so it was a big confidence booster.
  6. Oh, yeah, also out-of-favour Russians trying to get back into the national squad.
  7. Usually the 4 main races at the weekend get streamed live. Some nations take it more seriously than others. Norwegians, French & Germans don’t often bother. Poles & Ukrainians mostly do. Home nation generally send their best.
  8. It is only the last competition of the year that matters!
  9. Olympic Quals for the top 8 - but I think Asadaskaite was already qualified earlier, so top 9.
  10. I think I have watched all the Modern Pentathlon events this year and never once have all the computer graphics worked properly! They should have had a timer on the line.
  11. Incredible fourth shoot from Asadaskaite, is clinging on for the win.
  12. Oh dear, Elodie Clouvel just does not agree with English horses. After her nightmare at London 2012, another three refusals in Bath today.
  13. Yeah, I reckon they must have had some approximate idea of the time just from the TV replay, so would have known that the Hungarians were not near Ireland's 3:08.
  14. Wow, there were no timings for the second 4x400 so Ireland have been awarded the win!!!!! All the teams in the A Race given No Mark. https://www.european-athletics.org/competitions/european-athletics-team-championships-first-league/2019/athletics/event/mens-4x400-relay/phase=flm404100/index.html?intcmp=[#]-schline-calltoaction
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