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  1. I remember a few years back Canada allowed themselves to fall out of the top 20 through coaches not paying attention. As a result they could only send one athlete per sex to the Vancouver Olympics!
  2. It was strange because he had already beaten him in a couple of races this last month. Just keeping his cards close to his chest, I suppose.
  3. Gontier is why the Italians like the mixed relay so much - it keeps her in the stands.
  4. meltdown, serves them right for being sponsored by alcohol-free beer. They deserve it. N
  5. Off we go... Team Slovnakia fully represented.
  6. Very weird that Sweden, a country that has a lot of coldness, has to have an American representing them.
  7. Oi, Kristian Bromley as usual coaching about five different teams, needs to have a big suitcase for all the coats.
  8. Oh dear, horrible second half from Laura.
  9. Also natural track luge, telemark skiing, errr.....
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