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    The bid logo has done its job. Let's hope doesn't turn into something like: ___* | | -----
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    UK has the same problem like USA. Two-party system makes the entire political landscape stuck in mud. Moreover the first past the post voting system favors the two biggest parties even more. Hail to the democracy! The politicians have learned how to spin the democracy into their favor, it's always us or them, no third party will spoil the result. When it comes to politics, people often do not know what they're voting for. The Brexit campaign was a bunch of lies, people voted for Brexit and Brexit only, not for "no Brexit without a deal". Another epic flaw of the democracy. The entire post-voting circus was centered around this frickin' deal with EU which somehow nobody talked about before the vote. Brexit puppets wanted the control back, hell, they can't even control their own parliament now.
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    I'd say that's how it finishes when you take the ruling out of a monarch and give it all to parlament/government. Another example - Spain (although I doubt that King Felipe would do something in case of Catalonia as he can't even make his own wife respect his parents).

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