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World Championships Medal Counts in the Road to Summer Olympic Games Paris 2024 Road to Paris 2024


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On 25/01/2021 at 20:35, rybak said:

I wonder if :TKM will allow anyone to enter to their nation for these track cycling World Championships, since it's the only one country besides :PRK without any official cases of virus :mumble::p

The fact that they have to host the world champs in a country like that should be a sign for the UCI. Only host the world champs every 2nd year in the future.

Russian warship, go fuck yourself!

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5 minutes ago, Dunadan said:

Why not starting from zero after the Olympics? Shouldn't the World Championships held between July 2020 and July 2021 be part of the "Road to Tokyo" ?

I have decided to keep the quadriennium as if Tokyo 2020 were held in 2020, otherwise all the counts would change. The Latest World Championships Medal Count will not be affected anyway, because there was no world championships in 2020/2021 which will not be held again before Paris 2024.

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