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Summer Olympic Games Paris 2024 Tickets, Trips and Experiences


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1 hour ago, Agger said:

Added some nice tickets as well.


The late handball session on the 27th where I expect to arrive, 

the swimming finals on the 1st, which does have 2 potential Danish finals

badminton singles semi finals on the 4th, 

both athletics sessions on the 5th (with mens pole vault as my main event)

the late quarter final in men's basket. Guess that's most likely USA?


Getting pretty close to a full schedule. No tickets yet on the 31st, but will most likely watch triathlon in the morning. Could add a later ticket that day or the 3rd or 4th.

I've got a ticket for the morning session.

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Got my Paris-olympic leave at work secured today! Ha!


I rather won't go to Paris myself and watch it online/on TV at home but you never know... maybe some last moment decisions will be different...


But i think about Italia 2026 instead so maybe it's time to open another similar thread here...


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