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Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

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I know most people are focused on the Winter Olympics, but I've been collecting qualification dates and results for the Youth Olympics. Overall I'm up to date on most things except for the continental quotas for athletics and an official word as to the top 16 nations in swimming (though that's less important). I also don't have the quotas for BMX freestyle, but the qualification event was such a flop I think the UCI has to recreate something different.


I'm also still looking for the qualification dates for the following continental qualifiers.

* Athletics (Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania)

* Beach Volleyball (Africa, Asia/Oceania)

* Boxing (Africa, Asia)

* Futsal (Africa, CONCACAF, South America)

* Rhythmic Gymnastics (Asia)


Boxing should be little trouble, I'm just waiting for AIBA's calendar to update. I suspect Asia's rhythmic gymnastics qualifiers will be revealed soon. I think Africa's athletics qualifiers will be at the African Youth Games.

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Vojthas    29

European U18 Athletics Championships will be at the beginning of July (5-8) in Győr, where the EYOF took place last year. I don't know if it's the qualification event, but it might be this.

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thepharoah    110

Today African wrestling championship started in Nigeria , as Cadet events for Greco Roman and Female wrestling took place and here're nations who guaranteed to qualify after today's events :- 


  • Men's Greco Roman :- 
  1. :EGY - 2
  2. :ALG - 2
  3. :TUN - 2
  4. :NGR - 1


  • Women's Freestyle Wrestling :- 
  1. :EGY - 2
  2. :NGR - 2
  3. :MAR - 1
  4. :TUN 1


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thepharoah    110

African Wrestling Championship 2018 in Nigeria , those are the countries that guaranteed to qualify to YOG in men's freestyle :-


  • Men's Freestyle :- 
  1. :EGY - 2
  2. :RSA - 2
  3. :ALG - 2
  4. :NGR - 2
  5. :CMR - 1




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