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  1. Kyiv, Sunday 9 August (edited with official results): w400h: Viktoriya Tkachuk 54.59 (big PB after missing last year through injury), Anna Ryzhykova 54.95, Mariya Mykolenko 55.99 PB There were men's 100, 110H and 200, no outstanding results but Serhiy Smelyk ran 10.40/20.88 and Oleksandr Sokolov 10.45/20.90. No other women's events took place. The national team champs were scheduled for this weekend just gone in Lutsk but were postponed till next weekend because of COVID related conditions in Lutsk and the surrounding area.
  2. Didn't compete in an OG, but set the Soviet record in an event where the USSR regularly won medals. Volodymyr (Vladimir) Inozemtsev, 25 May 1964 - 4 Feb 2020.
  3. Olha Korsun (Athletics - TJ) 2 years, 12/07/2019-11/07/2021 (stripped of Universiade gold medal)
  4. Vitaliy Butrym - Athletics (400m) 4 years to 19 May 2023 - EPO (!) Olena Serdyuk - Athletics (long distances) 8 years (2nd violation) to 9 June 2027 - cocktail of steroids!
  5. @ahjfcshfghb why have you entered Hejnova and Vondrova in their "wrong" events? (And Maslak in 200?) Don't be so sure you'll go down, Ukraine have entered a pretty weak team too, especially on the men's side, and Italy do have weaknesses. We don't know about Sweden yet. Ukrainian team:
  6. When did Maryna Novik move to Norway? I kind of remember her name from some old BLR results but haven’t heard of anything from her for ages!
  7. Ukraine in athletics (mostly women's) Finland in ice hockey and ski-jumping Germany at football (not above England but above the other home nations and Ireland)
  8. He reminded me a bit of Tiidrek Nurme, who set the Estonian record (3:38.59) at the same distance by front-running his heat of the 2008 Olympics.
  9. @Werloc shame Bertasius wasn't .04 quicker, he'd have set an NR in the EC final!
  10. @Werloc how come Serksniene didn't run in your relay team? (Not that they'd have Q'ed or even q'ed anyway, but still...) is it because of the 200 later (where I'd be surprised if she made the final)?
  11. @hckosiceis Lucia Vadlejch married to Jakub? if she is, he certainly needs to get to work on her javelin technique!
  12. do you run the names together like that as a non-native English speaker?
  13. Shmatenko you mean? Prokofyeva finished.
  14. Do you mean 9600? I thought Serdyuk was ahead of Prokofyeva all race long and the latter's finishing time (34:15.81) is consistent with your listed time being her split at 9600? Even so, I don't know how she forgot she was a lap (or 2?) behind Bahta. Agree she was more of a DNF than a DQ.
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