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  1. Johanna Schnarf (alpine skiing) suffered a several injured for the 3rd time in her career and she retired after 15 years in World Cup
  2. Iannone will appeal to CAS, despite showing evidence of court contamination, he was disqualified.
  3. 21pm, MS Channel (814 on Sky or on their website) with an Italian commentary
  4. Today I will see the Paraguayan futsal finals between Santa Rosa and Oviedo. Thanks Paraguay for give us some sport
  5. I think that I have something to watch.. RAI Sport are show highlights from Athens 1896 to Rio 2016
  6. The futsal Paraguayan finals between Santa Rosa and Oviedo will be show on Italian TV, apparently
  7. In really they are 919, there is a mistake in the yesterday update
  8. We follow the same theared on reddit? (In really I follow the telegram channel lol)
  9. I think that he have wrost problems than Coronavirus... He should try to go in some mental health hospital
  10. Eirik Brandsdal has announced his retirement from professional Cross-Country skiing after 13 years in the World Cup
  11. Daily update: Active cases 50418 (+3780) Death 6077 (+601) Recovered 7432 (+408) Total cases 63927 (+4789)
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