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  1. Don't worry, and thanks for you amazing work with the prediction contest
  2. [hide] Knockout Round - Semifinals January 24th - January 26th, 2020 4 Nations, Semifinals, Third Place Match and Final Semifinals Date & Time (GMT +1) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 January 24th 2020, h. 18:00 Norway 2 Croatia January 24th 2020, h. 20:30 Spain 4 Slovenia [/hide]
  3. @Vojthas how it's possible that i had 0 points yesterday?
  4. [hide] Women's Tournament - Knockout RoundJanuary 21th - January 25th, 2020 8 Nations, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Third Place Match and Final Semifinals Date & Time (GMT +1) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 January 21th 2020, h. 17:30 Hungary 3 Spain January 21th 2020, h. 19:00 Russia 2 Netherlands [/hide]
  5. Dimitrov lost the super tie-break against Paul... Another big is eliminated from the Australian Open.
  6. Berrettini is out too.. this Australian Open doesn't seems so good for the Italian colours..
  7. Sunday will be a crucial day for the Italian political history. For all the days Emilia-Romagna citizens will vote for their president of Region. Emilia-Romagna is not a region like all the other for his political history, it's the cradle of italian left and when the DC centrist won in all Italy only here (and in few regions) the communist won with huge margin. If the centre-left coalition will lost against centre-right coalition probability our government and some party (like PD, the 2nd Italian party) will implode.
  8. [hide] Men's Tournament - Knockout RoundJanuary 20th - January 26th, 2020 12 Nations, Play-Offs, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Third Place Match and Final Quarterfinals Date & Time (GMT +1) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 January 22th 2020, h. 16:00 Italy 2 Montenegro January 22th 2020, h. 17:30 Serbia 4 Spain January 22th 2020, h. 19:00 Hungary 5 Russia January 22th 2020, h. 20:30 Croatia 2 Greece [/hide]
  9. Sinner lost against Fucsovic I expected him to reach the third round
  10. Paris had a crash in Kitz and is actually injured. He broke the right ACL . Paris's season is obliviously finish
  11. On RAI Sport , they will show all the quarterfinals https://www.raisport.rai.it/dirette.html?canale=RaiSport Web 1
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