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  1. It's the new rule. It's happed in Jamaica-Italy too
  2. He was such a bad guy, but he was 1000 times better than Al Sisi or Mubarak
  3. No, it doesn't. But it change the distance...
  4. Men's Recurve Brady Ellison Anuar Khairul Mohamad Md Ruman Shana
  5. I'm almost sure that it wasn't a marathon... Maybe an half marathon?
  6. The men's bronze match was a win-win for me so, i happy Amazing results for Shana and Bangladesh!
  7. Women's Recurve Lei Chien-Ying Kang Chae Kang Choi Misun
  8. Mixed Team Recurve South Korea Netherlands Italy
  9. Yes, it's bronze medal! Very close match but the Azzurri defeated Taipei 5-3!
  10. Men's Team Recurve China India South Korea
  11. Women's Team Recurve Taipei South Korea Great Britain
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