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  1. I Think easily quote dir Bra Usa Aus. Fourth berth is wide open, maybe for Fra, Ita, Cze or Gre
  2. Ok. An example. In hockey series, that's give 6 places for olympic tie breaker, both Scotland and Wales are competing. If one of them catch the place? If another team loose with them?
  3. ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, WALES. All this team are competing, al this team will plays european champonship that assigg a bid for Tokyo. Wich of these three competes? Only one? BEst of three? No one? It's a shame for CIO that England, Wales and Scotland competiing separately, it's a shame for CIO that nations loke Hong Kong (Is China) or Macau compete in olympic games.
  4. Margherita Panziera, 58.92 in first leg of relay, (women 100 back) is qualyfied, too
  5. Costarica is pratically qualified in women's surf: 8 spot will be assigned in WSL, maximum 2xNOC. In WSL are only: - USA (2) - AUS (2) then, with one athlete: - FRA - NZL - CRC - BRA right 8 spots.
  6. Next european Championship Will be held in baku, on may2020. So, this is the only valid for olympic ranking. Correct?
  7. Equatorian Guinea (GEQ) have a NOC? It is a women golfer in good position in new ranking
  8. For team size, you don't count minimum standard time for road events of athetics?
  9. Some nocs (and antidoping agency) work hard and well, other nocs don't work and set doping free.
  10. In Italy not so good, too. Public tv have a sport Chanel, but football eat all other. One event on two is a football game. Volleyball and cycling are well supported, and stop. Tennis channel is good, and some little broadcaster show sometime minor sports-like judo. Then , Italy Eurosport have a good cover for winter sports.
  11. It's not so easy, but for me: Male sportsman of the year, Martin Fourcade Female sportsman of the year Ledecka, no dubt. Team of the year European team of Ryder Cup Junior sportsman of the year (under 20 years old at 1/1/2018) Kolensikov Junior sportswoman of the year (under 20 years old at 1/1/2018) Darya Bilodid Greatest moment of the year Korean's Flag at the opening ceremony of Winter Games. Biggest idiot of the year AIBA,
  12. Today i have a lot of time, so we can analyze team by team, for a good prediction...(sorry for my english... ) WATERPOLO M Probabily, 7 european team will be qualified. What are there? Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Montenegro, Spain, Greece...no more. 90% confirmed. WATERPOLO W 10 team for tokyo, 4 for europe. A little bit more diffucult, but not impossible. 5 team for 4 spots, for me. So, 75% VOLLEY M 2 chance: Italy-Serbia, and an european tournament with France and Bulgaria for one spot. Italian team is poor, without wing speakers. But versus Serbia, in Italy, are on 30% i think, and another 40% with no so strong France. Here my 45% VOLLEY F c'mon, silver world championship i think can beat Ned... and in case of loss ther will be another torunament with Tur and AZE. 65% is not certainly optimistic... FOOTBALL M 4 from european champioship, in Italy. We need second in first round, 'cause probabily england will be in semifinal. Terrible draw, i know, but depends witch players will be called up. With Donnarumma, Chiesa, Cutrone, we have good chanches. Without them, we have no chanches. 30% after draw. FOOTBALL W first three european team at world cup 2019. We need many gook luck. We will pass at 8/F. Here, all depends from draw.... We have to pass at 4/f with no more of 3 europena teams .... i hope in a wonderful GER/SWE in 8/F, NED/JAP is possible... BASKET M 7 temas diretly at tokyo via world cup 2019. Only 2 for europe. Impossible. But, 16 next team to the olympic qualification tournaments. With? Italy is now a good team without a center. HAckett, Mannion, Vitali, Belinelli Della Valle, Datome, Gentile, Brooks, Melli, Gallinari, X. 1%? uhm.... BASKET F 6 berth for qualifyng torunament from eurobasket women. 3 spots for every tournament. We have a great team... BASKET 3x3. Italy have a great chance. 2020 FIBA Universality-driven Olympic Qualifying Tournament. Any NOC that has had a men's or women's team play in the basketball at the 2012 Summer Olympics or basketball at the 2016 Summer Olympics tournaments is ineligible for the UOQT, so we will play with Andorra, Mongolia.... BASEBALL M Depends, who will play? Hockey F Japan wins the asiam games, so another spot is free. 7 single match (a/r) will decided. Probabily, match will be with New Zealand or Spain. Difficult? Sure. Impossible? nothing.
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