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Giovanni Gianni Cattaneo

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  1. Gianlu, you forget Karate (3-4 medals), Skateboarding (1 medal), Basket 3x3 (0/1 medal). I think that 40 medals are possible, but qualifyng cycle is not so good. We have out some possible medals (man football), and other possible gold medals in trouble (archery, euqestrian, shhooting).
  2. New World Champion is Australian Tom Burton 1) Tom Burton (AUS) 2) MAttew Wearn (AUS) 3) George Gautrey (NZL). All first four positions are for Oceania Olympic Pass for SWE ARG RUS HUN GUA
  3. Any live score or streaming? Today's regattas are finished but no news...
  4. After 2/3 dressage standings: - FRA 67.9 - NED 67.9 - ITA 69.4 - ESP 77.10 - SWE 78 - SUI 82
  5. Live results http://equiresults.com/competition/5347/99353/results
  6. Tomorrow i give you live score and live pictures...
  7. I Think easily quote dir Bra Usa Aus. Fourth berth is wide open, maybe for Fra, Ita, Cze or Gre
  8. Ok. An example. In hockey series, that's give 6 places for olympic tie breaker, both Scotland and Wales are competing. If one of them catch the place? If another team loose with them?
  9. ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, WALES. All this team are competing, al this team will plays european champonship that assigg a bid for Tokyo. Wich of these three competes? Only one? BEst of three? No one? It's a shame for CIO that England, Wales and Scotland competiing separately, it's a shame for CIO that nations loke Hong Kong (Is China) or Macau compete in olympic games.
  10. Margherita Panziera, 58.92 in first leg of relay, (women 100 back) is qualyfied, too
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