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  1. De_Gambassi

    France National Thread | En Route pour Tokyo 2020

    Peut-être une très bonne nouvelle pour le sport olympique français: le CNOSF lance - enfin - sa chaîne TV Budget de 2M€ Diffusion sur le plus de canaux possible (y compris web) Media365 en sera l'opérateur (j'aimais assez ce que j'avais vu de leur chaîne à l'époque) http://sportbusiness.club/le-cnosf-choisit-reworld-pour-sa-chaine/
  2. De_Gambassi

    Summer Olympic Games 2024 Sports Programme

    Please someone put Bach face on it...
  3. De_Gambassi

    Summer Olympic Games 2024 Sports Programme

    @phelps @Gianlu33 etc. Apparently, there is a rumour from Italy that Paris 2024 would chose seven sports and let IOC make the final cut. Any italians here heard about that ?
  4. De_Gambassi

    Summer Olympic Games 2024 Sports Programme

    https://www.francetvinfo.fr/sports/jo/jo-2024/info-franceinfo-le-breakdance-pressenti-pour-integrer-le-programme-des-jeux-olympiques-2024-a-paris_3184479.html#xtor=CS2-765-[twitter]- That's the original source. The orginal article is very lacking in details. They've never reported on the subject before that. Paris 2024 was/is still interviewing IFs for inclusion. They get the date of the reveal wrong (21/02). I would still wait for a few days/weeks before starting a new career in mass murdering if I was you.
  5. De_Gambassi

    Bobsleigh IBSF World Cup 2018 - 2019

    Two man bobsleigh wize, that may very well be the best french performance ever. Mingeon did won a few world cups but that was in four man bobsleigh.
  6. De_Gambassi

    Biathlon IBU World Cup 2018 - 2019

    Still too eraly ?
  7. I guess they must believe that only the most hardcore of the hardcore would like to follow such a minor event. So why not ask them a bit of a mony. It won't change much the audience anyway.
  8. De_Gambassi

    Alpine Skiing FIS World Championships 2019

    Nils Allegre crying a bit during post race ITW. He is not forgotten.
  9. Again, it's not a projection. The've just counted medals, just like here (with a slighty different methodology and slighty different results)
  10. https://www.insep.fr/fr/actualites/projection-jo-2020-la-france-à-la-7e-place (end of the page) Actually: the most interesting thing here is the comparison with 4 years ago.
  11. They call it a 'projection' It actually comes from the french NOC who made it clear it was not some kind of a prediction of any sort.
  12. De_Gambassi

    Which Countries deserve to host the Winter Olympics Games ?

    Some of it, yes. It's very early stage anyway..