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  1. I'll be utterly surprised if Lavillenie is not the chosen one this time. Seems very obvious, and recently we have gone with the obvious choice. So... And I'm fine with that.
  2. Speaking of 'hockey' hooligans. The ones from south african girls high school are quite something too:
  3. Wait, what, The crossed A from their flag doesn't mean they are part of a anarchist group, you mean ? I'm shocked. What's next ? There are no such a thing as hockey holligans, perhaps ? Come on...
  4. Yes, pretty much. It has an arabic version also. Considering every comments from the pic were originaly in arabic. I assume it comes from there.
  5. No one in France is watching France 24...
  6. Marseille just won the LEN Euoprean Cup. It's the first french club ever winning an european cup (it was allready the first one in a final) Fun fact. Clubs from Marseille were the first ones from France winning a football european cup (1993), and handball one (1993) and now a water polo one (2019).
  7. This is not about having faith in the political abilities of my countrymen... It's just this particular fucked up proposal made no noise at all and everyone has allready forgoten about that.
  8. Far left candidate that is trying to reach people who will be against anything and everything on every possible occasion. Her proposal has no pulling whatsoever. I didn't even know about that before reading it here. And the survey was an online one which means pretty much nothing. No one is talking about that (like not a single tweet for the last three days or so) It's not "a long shot", it's nothing. Just a politician doing her thing.
  9. Get rid of the sport that sell 1/4 of the overall tickets number ? Sure, it will happen... We all have to get real here. The olympics are in a precarious place. The audience is getting older and the candidates to host the games are becoming less and less. They need to keep the costs as low as possible and bring new revenues. Anyhing outsilde of this realm is pure fantasy.
  10. 80 quotas to get rid in other sports to make room for karate ? I mean the fact that additional sports quotas were counted this time in the overall 15,000 athlete quotas probably changed a lot of things.
  11. The french karate federation is still trying to win the fight.... https://beltofhope.com/en I'm not sur what they hope to achieve. But here it is.
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