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  1. France just defeated Russia in the women's tournament (3-1). Is that quite a big upset ?
  2. Cricket should pretend to give a f. for a start for that to happen. I mean they didn't even make an application for an additional sport spot in 2024. Sure, it was never going to happen, but that's not really the point. Plus the whole other problems that it comes with (facilities, quotas drain, participation of the best players ?...). Basically, the same ones than baseball. I can see Baseball5 as a permanent sport at some point.
  3. It's already the 20th podium for the French male team so far this year. That's fucking unbelievable
  4. No, they don't At best, people will know a bit about the 6th verse 'lilberté, liberté cherie' and that's it. No one knows the others (I didn't even know we had so many before reading this thread)
  5. Year 0 : shit Year 1 : inconstant shit Year 2 : good Year 3 : olympic champion
  6. Not always. It still is much better than last year.
  7. Back in Seoul 1988, we had a good pair in canoe sprint K2. Philippe Boccara et Pascal Boucherit were actually world champions in 1987 and from my understanding favorite to win the gold medal in South Korea. All good and well, except they didn't make the semi-finals, they ... felt asleep before the start of the race and came too late... Fun fact, France still has to win a gold medal in canoe sprint 32 years later
  8. Yeah, I won't go that far, especially considering the best biathlete of the past two years is not french and that Jacquelin is still (a bit) of a wild card.
  9. It's only the first win In almost three years...
  10. I like these kind of races very tensed, indecisive up to the last shot.
  11. We only lost by 17 goals against the Netherlands. We truly deserve our 7th place in european women's water polo.
  12. Is there any video footage of the speed skating races in St-Moritz somewhere ? Would love to have a look at this new urban sport !
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