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  1. And they will play for the non qualified women team on top of that !
  2. Thomas Bach urban sports* to be held on a a 30,000 seats temporary venue on Place de la Concorde *skateboarding, BMX freestyle, 3x3, breaking and climbing (plus whatever new events the'll come up with by then)
  3. Yeah, right, so nothing "usual" about that. Rio was exceptional for french boxing. Everybody knows that, whatever the reasons might be. But, to pretend that we were 'usually' benefiting from it... come the fuck on. Just check back Vastine's cases (twice...), if you don't remember him.
  4. I highly doubt that's the case... But even so, that would be more a case of corruption. They really dont, you may remember that NOP was tore down thanks to american anti doping efforts... ----- Anyway, contrary to you, I believe this sanction is a new dawn for the fight against doping. I for one think that anti doping policies have so far miserably failed. There are many reasons for that, but one that seems primordial to me is that you can't expect bodies (national federations and NOC) that have, a priori, zero direct interests in fighting against doping to do so. Sure, you may find some good guys who will be willing thanks to some sort of morality or health concerns. But, don't count on them to be a majority... Bottom line, you have to assure these bodies have a personal interest in trying to fight against doping. Having collective sanctions, excluding whole sports or even whole nations from the Olympics is a great tool to achieve just that. For instance, I believe that every olympic sport should have a policy like weightlifting.For a start...
  5. They don't have a state sponsored doping system, more a dont give fuck doping system, which is not exactly the same thing. PS: can you please stop your "westerner" crap. it's getting ridiculous.
  6. I... don't remember that When Durban was still going to host the CWG, it was said that the city could bid for the Olympics
  7. i'm getting old, i'm forgetting stuff Still, there is one difference, the bid was technically a two cities bids, not a regional one like that one
  8. I believe it will. It makes too much sense.The only good thing from Agenda 2020.
  9. ... and the first (?) time, a region/state/whatever is officially bidding for the Olympics, ant not a single city.
  10. One nation, one boat rule excluding world champions from the olympics. Fantastic...
  11. Amazing, despite every possible efforts made by the national federation to kill this sport in our country, it's still somewhat (a bit) alive. Good luck to him. he will need it.
  12. It gets very, very sordid... I'm out. For anyone interested, well, the internet is yours.
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