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  1. Hazena (that other handball from a country that doesn't exist anymore) played by women in... France (Pershing Stadium near Paris) in the 20's
  2. Volata a football code invented in 1928 in Mussolini 's Italy. It was a weird mix of handball (field handball then), football association and rugby. Somehow, it looks a bit like current gaelic football to me. The sport never took off.
  3. FFS https://sport.francetvinfo.fr/cyclisme/championnats-deurope-de-cyclisme/direct/championnats-deurope-de-cyclisme-sur-piste-1er
  4. Yes at some point, virtually every large stadium in the country served also a velodrome (Parc des Princes, Parc Lescure, Gerland and well Marseille's velodrome to name a few). There were hundreds of them, nowadays, there must be a dozen left. Too bad, we could have used them to learn how to run a pursuit team...
  5. No, I don't know the specifics. From the wording, I believe they only used world championships results (no world cups or world league results). The overall tally seems a bit low to me also (the US with "only" 104 medals ?), so maybe, sports without a proper world championship have been excluded from the table. PS I'd be interested by that Brazilian guy table
  6. On today's L'Equipe. It should be the same methodology than used here.
  7. Well, outdoor velodromes are a dying beast anyway. No one is building outdoor tracks anymore.
  8. I'm not even sure if an outdoor velodrome would be allowed to host any euro/world championship these days
  9. If you're talking about the PR vélodrome. Yeah, it won't happen. There is a indoor velodrome also, but it's probably too small (1500 seats)
  10. Just looking at the FIBA website, France has more than 50 tournaments/exhibitions/stuffs scheduled before the end of the month and 5 between November and December
  11. Thank you for you detailed answer. I don't think it's only about budget, a change in general policy can make wonders also. Here in France and starting with this year, we are moving from a quasi sovietoid system to something new and hopefully much, much more efficient in the middle term. I guess I've been interested lately in the general policy behind one nation performances. We need some japanese people to ask them how they've done it PS: yesterday night, I was listening to a sport scientist working for the french open water swimming team claiming that the Italian team had a a budget 10 times higher than the french one
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