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  1. If I understood right, they will have to play two away games in a better ranking country (possibly against the likes of Belgium or The Netherlands). ...
  2. De_Gambassi

    Biathlon IBU World Cup 2018 - 2019

    Way not enough wind and snow, they shoud've cancel that race.
  3. De_Gambassi

    Other Non-Olympic Sports Discussion Thread

    Vervy, very, very unlikely...
  4. De_Gambassi

    Winter Olympic Games 2026

    With the last news on political italian landscape and with the upcomming Calgary referendum, there is a decent chance the IOC is left with no candicdacy at all for 2026. If so what do you believe would be the IOC actions ?
  5. De_Gambassi

    Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    180 pages... so (some) people do care ?
  6. The extinct of the coverage in today's l'Equipe
  7. De_Gambassi

    Men's Volleyball FIVB World Championship 2018

    That's not the point... It's not an attempt of anything (as it won't change anything). It's just plain stupidity. I think that's the part why they believe so It the third time we have people that should know better misunderstanding the rules. How is that even possible ? How come the international federation is not even capable to make it crystal clear to NTs, federations, medias ?
  8. De_Gambassi

    Men's Volleyball FIVB World Championship 2018

    And now an other confusion The french federation actually believes that's the number of points who will determine who go through the third round (ant not the the number of victories first). I believe they are wrong, but still. How can an international federation set up a competition that creates so much confusion ?
  9. De_Gambassi

    Men's Volleyball FIVB World Championship 2018

    Making the most of the existing tiny volleyball fanbase, excluding everyone else. A brillant long term strategy.
  10. De_Gambassi

    Men's Volleyball FIVB World Championship 2018

    Fine, my Bulgarian is quite poor TBH,I find it quite incredible that such a unethical policy could even be considered and talked among volleyball fans without creating some kind of uproar.
  11. De_Gambassi

    Men's Volleyball FIVB World Championship 2018

    Something that was written only in italian medias I may add. Even for the very low FIVB standards, such a move would have been called for what it would have been : a scam.
  12. De_Gambassi

    Men's Tennis Davis Cup 2018

    As much as I'm gutted by the end of the Davis Cup, I can't say they 're no reasons why.... Saturday's double between France and Spain was watched by only 1.2 million in France and by no one in Spain as it was not even broadcasted live...
  13. De_Gambassi

    Athletics 2018 Discussion Thread

    4'49'' for the WR ; 4'40"" for 9100 points
  14. De_Gambassi

    Athletics 2018 Discussion Thread

    live stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zE50Kc3Iykc