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  1. What about Czech handball (Hazena) ? Is it dead ?
  2. We don't have an official national sport (thankfully), but quite a comprehensive list of traditional sports/games recognised as such http://www.culture.gouv.fr/Thematiques/Patrimoine-culturel-immateriel/L-inventaire-national/Inventaire-national/Fiches-de-l-Inventaire-national-du-PCI/Jeux They all are regional/local games, Some of them will be played in one city only and a good chunk of them should be considered dead and to be museum material. I'd consider most of them to be mere 'games' and not really 'sports' as we think of them. Sportswise, the most interesting ones are the descendants from the ancient paume game (ballon au poing, balle au tambourin, longue paume...) which are very similar to belgian balle pelote or allready mentioned frisian kaatsen. If you had to pick one as 'the national sport' though that would be pétanque, as it's the only one (with pelote basque and boule lyonnaise) with a national reach.
  3. "Gender equaity" for exemple. Bach might have formalised it, but it was in the making for a long time before him. We didn't wait for Bach to introduce both female wrestling and boxing. (percentage of women events during the summer olympics) And honestly as much I don't like that policy at all, I understant why IOC could have chosen to cave in under political pressures. Bach or not Bach il would have make little difference. It's the same for your other points really, it's only IOC trying to survive the current economic and political climate. I'm not taking Bach for responsable here. There is little him or some other guy could do.
  4. All of this were allready put in place (to various degrees) before Bach.
  5. I had a Bart Simpson skateboard when I was nine. So yes, very much.
  6. Annnnd... it's a loss (0-3) Argentina first team qualified to the final.
  7. Rink hockey semi finals are live http://rollergames.tv/live/?liveId=A217BCEBB2594BDF8FE2E65131DBF66302443 At half time, France is drawing Argentina 0-0 which by itself is allready quite amazing
  8. Some interesting stats here. Cumulutaive medals for each nations in olympic team sports during euro and world championships for the last 20 years
  9. Best ever (since 1936) result for the french national rink hockey team We're qualified to the semi finals. A medal seems impossible, but you never know .
  10. Inline figure skating,seriously...
  11. I have a general question : as some of the european territories (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Curaçao ...) have entered the Central American and Caribbean Games last year, is it possible that some day they could also enter the Panam Games ?
  12. Who cares ? You're complety missing the point. IOC deals with the ignorant masses who won't see the difference. That's what matters.
  13. Or droping it for good as it was only in for political reason in the first place
  14. People who will mistake Karate for Taekwondo : a shitload People who will mistake football for handball: absolutely none
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