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  1. If they chose extreme caution just to prevent rocking the boat, then they do need a big overhaul. Also, if we believe China’s numbers, then we shouldn’t worry about second wave. Also, one of the main rules of life is:
  2. You do know that France, UK, USA and Netherlands have among the worst deaths per capita rates right?
  3. Can’t believe it but Trump isn’t wrong here. Conduct of WHO has not been upto the mark. Also, he has to try and source HCQ from any source possible. “Saam, daam, dand, bhed”.
  4. Karnataka has no doubt been among the best managed state. They have also been blessed with small number of TJ cases.
  5. One big cluster (Tableeghi Jamaat) has played a huge role in increased numbers. We are still not completely fucked. There is still hope. In a couple of days, we should start with antibodies testing as well.
  6. Thats nothing, now you are followed by me.
  7. Bhai post karne ko kuch nahi hain isliye sannata hain. Dipa’s chances are very low. Her only hope is Asian spot which will be through all-around, so low chance. If Narsingh has finished his ban period and wins the trials, no issue in him taking part in qualification tournaments.
  8. Just saw the video. You guys call that violent response.
  9. In general, police is corrupt, like all other institutions, but in this situation, can’t blame them much. There will be isolated cases of excesses but history has shown a mild lathicharge is the only thing that works. Even I have bore the brunt of a police lathi once during college days. Police is also human and they are risking their lives being in field. A number of idiots are still roaming around as if we are in vacation mode. Videos don’t work because people would knowingly go out so that they can go viral. I know situation is worse in rural areas but have some faith, Indian system, both government and public, is always slow to respond but once active it will ensure that there will be minimal losses due to starvation.
  10. I have a theory about Iran-Iraq war. It is just my theory, so most probably it is horribly wrong but still, here it is. Shah was American ally and Saddam was Russian ally initially. Russia was able to install Khomeini and was even able to have a communist coup in Afghanistan. In India, as well in 1980, Indira Gandhi, Soviet ally, was back in power. So, the only American ally in the region was Pakistan. USA asked Saddam to attack Iran and promised him Kuwait as reward for doing so. Iran was distracted on its eastern front and couldn’t help Russia with logistics in Soviet–Afghan war severely crippling Soviets. USA was able to flood and supply Afghanistan with Mujahideens through Pakistan. And was hence able to win the war. USA then dithered on Kuwait to Iraq leading to US-Iraq war. Maybe Iran’s top leadership at that time really believed that they could annex a substantial portion of Iraq and hence kept on going.
  11. Regarding Chloroquine: In absence of a universal medicine, doctors all over the world are using different combinations to treat the patients. Chloroquine is a known drug for Malaria. Some doctors claimed that it was effective in Covid-19 as well. Trump was irresponsible in declaring it as a sure cure without enough clinical trials. We need to give people hope that a vaccine or atleast an effective treatment is around the corner but Trump should not have named the drug.
  12. Did you know he is also an Olympic champion
  13. In my limited interactions since then, general feel is “it will cause lot of issues, we all will go mad with boredom, businesses will be hit hard but it was necessary”
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