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  1. That means high chance both China and Thailand will keep team quota and Mirza will qualify
  2. [hide] ATP Finals - KnockoutRound November 16th - November 17th, 2019 4 Athletes, Semifinals and Final Semifinals Date & Time (GMT) Athlete 1 T1 T2 Athlete 2 November 16th 2019, h. 14:00 Stefanos Tsitsipas 2 1 Roger Federer November 16th 2019, h. 20:00 Dominic Thiem 2 1 Alexander Zverev [/hide]
  3. Just the luck he needed to get some confidence and points.
  4. Yes, Egypt can win both quotas in 10m Air Pistol.
  5. Moreover, if Tuvalu doesn't want a large number of tourists, don't give too many visas.
  6. How will swaps make a difference to Kynan's chances? Ranking quota is allotted before any swaps. Also, there will be only one ranking quota no matter what. Even if Slovakia, Qatar and Chinese Taipei swap quotas, it won't add any more quotas in Trap. Also, Italy still doesn't have quota in Men's Trap. If Italy fails to win the European quota, there is no way anyone else is going to win the ranking quota.
  7. I have a feeling that you won't feel the same way in November next year.
  8. Bhavani Devi and Deborah and Esow should also not be sent to Olympics if they qualify. Heck, anyone who has not won a Gold at the World level should not be sent. If it destroys the sport, so be it. Atleast we won't be wasting the money on these useless fellows. And our Shooters, Wrestlers, Boxers and Mirabai Chanu could atleast eat healthy food.
  9. Yes, that is what I meant. In absence of Kynan in Trap, it doesn't matter if the quota goes to Trap or Skeet. Shreyasi is front-runner but not by much.
  10. There are 2 WCs next year before Rankings close. Good performance in both can propel him to a good ranking. I am aware that swap has to be in same gender. Otherwise, Kynan/Anish would be the prime candidates for swap. Even if both are able to get quotas through rankings, it would be better to select Manavjit or Prithviraj or heck even Vijayveer for the swap.
  11. According to me, the only event with headache is Women's 10m Air Rifle. Mehuli is almost surely out, not because she is shooting bad but since she is shooting in MQS, she can't get bonus points for reaching finals or rankings. I don't think NRAI would want a situation where Apurvi or Anjum miss out on Olympics, so only two possibilities are there. 1) Apurvi and Anjum are selected in 10m. Anjum starts in 50x3 as well. Chinki's quota goes to Shotgun events. If Kynan is able to get a quota through ranking (very small chance), then it will surely go to Trap, otherwise it could go to either. Whoever gets the quota would be very lucky. 2) Elavenil replaces Anjum in 10m. Chinki's quota is swapped for another in 50x3. While personally, I would prefer option 2, I think option 1 is more likely. In fact, I would place the likelihood as 75% for 1 and 25% for 2.
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