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  1. Since it is included in the Olympic qualifying, all the best European players are taking part. It's basically an European Championships with different packaging. The weaker players who won medals in Baku 2015 will be really grateful.
  2. For the opening and badminton, yes
  3. That 7 from Kang Chae-young in shoot-off tho.. Everyone gasped: the commentator, the crowd, and me..
  4. It's time.. By doing this, hopefully the youngsters can flourish
  5. Question for you guys: Is it normal to find some foreign banknotes for sale in museum? I visited the National Museum of Malaysia and at the souvenir shop there are some of those for sale. Most of them are from Asia, however the 2 rarer ones for me is 5 Croatian dinara (@dcro : if I'm not mistaken this is the old currency, right?) sold for less than USD 1 and 20000 Yugoslavian dinara sold for USD 7
  6. I am on vacation in Singapore, and I have some (Youth) Olympic pilgrimage :D
  7. Apparently Samoa won gold from Don Opeloge, and from that I learned that Samoa has won an Olympic medal from 2008 based on reallocation after disqualifying the dopers (3 years late lol)
  8. Basically almost all small nations will be supported by me.. Except countries like Bahrain or Qatar who shamelessly "buy" athletes, but hey I'm still glad when Nasser Al-Attiyah won his medal. Despite I'm half Chinese, I always hope anyone will stop China from getting too many medals
  9. Our former first lady passed away a few days ago due to leukemia.. But that's not the big news... The big news when the losing candidate of recent elections, Prabowo Subianto, came to the former president's house to express his condolences. When we expecting him to say the almost the same thing as other politicians who also visited the former president, he then said "I was told that the late first lady chose me as her presidential candidate in the last 2 elections, so I can feel what her husband is facing right now" The former president was evidently pissed off and also reminded the journalist to remove any recordings of the statement, but of course it is futile.... Bizarre....
  10. I enjoyed the podcast actually, just raising my eyebrows you said 'w w w' instead of 'triple w' for the GSSE website and when you pronounced Shanghai but that can be ignored as not everyone knows Chinese I don't have more suggestions as what I want to suggest is the some as @heywoodu's post
  11. I wonder why there is no one talking about the cartoon-bird like look of the weightlifter
  12. Eko Yuli Irawan (Weightlifting) I really want him to do that since it's his 4th and last Olympics. He always won a medal at each of his 3 participations so I think it really suits him. I just hope the flagbearer is not the CdM (usually a wealthy politician or businessman with a sprinkle of interest of sport)!
  13. To put it easily the lyrics sounded like when North Koreans misinterpret the concept of jihad ("Millions (of people) will become guns and bombs, defending the headquarters")
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