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  1. Haha yes I am very aware of this. When Vietnam host multi event, they will make sure shuttlecock will be added. Vietnam will easily win the Games. Also vovinam and finswimming are expected to be on the list. I actually hoped the government would agree to host the Games in HCMC, since I felt the venues in Hanoi looks old (despite it is used for 2003 SEAG). But they refused since building the Rach Chiec Stadium will cost more.
  2. Not as famous as they used to be but Black Eyed Peas is perhaps the most famous artist to ever perform at a SEA Games ceremony
  3. These are from about 2 weeks ago, mostly focusing on the wooden beams
  4. And now also that women's breaking medals (at least in the web). But three sets of canoeing medals are still not showing Man, this is confusing
  5. So in the news, there are two Malaysian rhythmic gymnasts who both awarded the gold because they scored the exact same score but with different E-score. The technical delegate then changed the result and relegated the other one to silver position, as per FIG rules. But the handbook doesn't mention such tie-breaker and Malaysia protested the decision. https://www.thestar.com.my/sport/gymnastics/2019/12/09/msian-gymnast-izzah-stripped-of-one-gold-medal-as-sea-games-rhythmic-gymnastics-controversy-continues
  6. Just sharing the image of 6th ever SEAG silver of Timor Leste
  7. One taekwondo athlete from Timor Leste entered finals!
  8. But hey here is their first official medal:
  9. I've never seen someone submitted a photo like this for a Games result system
  10. They guaranteed 2 bronze medals after boxing QF
  11. If anyone likes Poomsae: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bLtX7Mgd1k
  12. Yea it's actually India.. Perhaps the website wants to compete in 'publishing wrong results' with Southeast Asian Games
  13. @Olympian1010 lol looks like I have to retract my statement about a new level in host's crime. Apparently the manager either did not read the amended rules or unable to understand the English
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