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  1. Two first seeds are out, let's see what will happen to the other first seeds...
  2. Just watched the ceremony... And I can't stop myself from talking about the Prince who disrupted the ceremony coverage (coming in the end of the parade hoping to come in just before Morocco, but the guys outside shaking his hands more times than usual - and finally the camera abruptly switched back to the stadium ). Then someone at the VIP box clapped thinking the African Union anthem has finished, before the prince caught in the middle of sitting to his chair when the announcement to keep standing for the Olympic Anthem The drone is cool but I don't think a famous guy playing jetski is worth projecting. Even Turkmenistan doesn't go that far in opening
  3. Riots in (West) Papua after an allegation of Papuan students breaking a flagpole and threw the Indonesian flag to a sewage ditch in Surabaya, East Java... The alleged flag in the sewage photo spread quickly in WhatsApp and FB. Later the Papuan Students Dorm in Surabaya (yes, it exists because no one really want to rent rooms for Papuan students) was surrounded by angry mobs plus members from ultra nationalist group. Also starring the I-don't-know-why-they-are-there Islamic Defenders Front supporters. Funny when a group that wants to change the nation's ideology so bad also take part in "defending the national symbol", perhaps crowds and riots attract them lol. Police forced their way to the dorm and arrested (but later released) the students. Unfortunately a viral video in WhatsApp about the incident enraged Papuans, where some people yelled "Monkeys!" and "Dogs!" to the arrested students. Even worse, hoaxes about a Papuan student got killed started overflowing in WhatsApp. And those in Papua started demonstration demanding police actions. Fortunately non-Papuans are not attacked, instead the local council building was burned. Papuan students in other province also voiced their concern with mass rallies. 3 viral WhatsApp posts = riot in 2 province
  4. Me neither The head of federation claimed "even though we only have slim chance for Tokyo 2020 due to our weakness in lead and bouldering, we'll try our best to keep our players in form by participating in world class tournaments." but then skipped the World Championships A medal would be nice today especially in the Independence Day
  5. For some reason they chose to participate at the OQT in France.
  6. It seemed harsh but if it is not enforced, the race is a joke.
  7. They also have 2 silvers in Gold Coast, unfortunately lack of funds prevents them from achieving more success
  8. Yeah because any other Olympic sports besides archery in Bangladesh is a disaster. Even Wikipedia agrees
  9. Well, they have been very active in the past 5-6 years.
  10. Precisely. It is not easy to search for the event you wanted to watch
  11. Well because their best event, live target archery, has been cancelled from the program.
  12. So apparently the Youth National Games of China has a curling event, curling-bowls combined event , and curling-floor curling combined event? Am I reading this right @Function CR Lee ?
  13. I was referring to China tho
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