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  1. Bad idea to put athletes with surname 'Zhang' and 'Jang' in one heat because the commentator ain't putting effort to differentiate them
  2. Ugandan umpire officiating at Indonesia Masters had her bag stolen.. She lost her important documents, credit card, and a few hundred dollars
  3. Finally got the email after "terrorizing" them a bit Apparently they had some issues with the emails
  4. Luckily, we didn't bother to enter or it will be even closer.
  5. Should I be genuinely worried because there is no email whatsoever?
  6. I was amazed, but apparently skating to the Purifying Mantra doesn't lead you to a clean program.
  7. Sinitsyna skating to a Buddhist chant, totally unexpected
  8. Ouch these mixed team figure skating team names are surely annoying.. I thought the commentator was talking about the rest of team members supporting their fellow member when he said 'Team Motivation'
  9. Interesting points from Joachim Fischer https://bwfworldtour.bwfbadminton.com/news-single/2020/01/14/europeans-struggling-in-reading-the-game-joachim-fischer-part-1/?fbclid=IwAR0jx6gSF5NFHOAKRK4Smv5f6gTjhWOSYdBZ4WHhmimifDNRSlXpybfDsXI
  10. First thing is the typo 4th choice is eliminated (Nagano 1999 lol). I remembered Donat Acklin's unique name, so not Albertville 92. In the 50-50 condition, I chose Innsbruck because I assume 4 years after hosting, the gold winning athletes might be still in Oslo
  11. Holy shit I think doing this while suffering from flu really sharpen your knowledge
  12. The existence of Olympic Games is mostly because of the mercy in world politics, isn't it?
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