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  1. Griff88

    International Olympic Committee News

    And the news about the Indonesian bid has divided people to 4 groups: Those who doesn't care at all Those who are (too) optimistic Those who fear/reject the bid because of the cost Those who fear/reject the bid because of Israel I just want to prevent our country from being a laughing stock. The bid itself (for me) is destined to fail since we have the weakest infrastructure and de facto rejection of Israel won't make this bid sounds good even to drunk Mr. Bach
  2. Griff88

    Badminton 2019 Discussion Thread

    It's pretty obvious.. You can't get through the competition in China and you search for other countries. It is also possible some of them decided to emigrate and/or study while playing for the country of destination.
  3. Griff88

    International Olympic Committee News

    Also for Akhal-Teke riders they will get extra 2,5 points in dressage and start show jumping from -5 penalty points
  4. Griff88

    International Olympic Committee News

    I'd rather support this:
  5. Griff88

    International Olympic Committee News

    Indonesia officially submitted bid for 2032 The only thing that can make it happen is the withdrawal of all candidates.
  6. TITI DJ - IMAJINASI Titi DJ is an Indonesian diva, who started her career 34 years ago. The song is about a women who can't stand her relationship but also can't afford to part. And no, she's not a DJ.
  7. Griff88

    [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    officially become North Macedonia, now many sport federations must be struggling to update their website
  8. Griff88

    European Winter Youth Olympic Festival 2019

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfY1qIUP7h-JyNs0XFOCFTg?fbclid=IwAR3ALQP9gXsSavaGtCPNlqwRBImcMqiBd91cX4I8H2n8fbqgvUK1ujrUgE8 I think for the next few days the speed skating streams will be here.
  9. I choose you, Wooper! I did thought of a lazy name: ayxotl (ayotl drum + axolotl)
  10. Griff88

    European Winter Youth Olympic Festival 2019

    Based on the latest update on the official app, I think they finally updated all the stuff.
  11. Griff88

    European Winter Youth Olympic Festival 2019

    Your safest bet is the Bosnian national television BHRT.. Would be really nice if someone recorded the opening, since there is no way I will be awake during the opening
  12. Griff88

    [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    I can only think of Beiwen Zhang (though she managed to raise some herself).
  13. Despite the dire situation of the jury, still entering the contest
  14. Griff88

    Retired Athletes in 2019

    A week late but two Indonesian badminton players, Liliyana Natsir and Debby Susanto announced their retirement.
  15. Griff88

    [OFF TOPIC] Eurovision Song Contest 2019