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  1. The bid logo has done its job. Let's hope doesn't turn into something like: ___* | | -----
  2. Exactly what happens here. People usually play recordings of someone reciting some surah from Quran without really understanding the full meaning but they feel the calmness and peace fulness from the recordings.
  3. Apparently our basketball federation's logo is so old-fashioned that even FIBA ordered to change it https://sport.detik.com/basket/d-4750915/logo-perbasi-jadul-fiba-instruksikan-ganti-baru
  4. We have quite a lot Arabic vocabularies which was spread from Muslim merchants about 700 years ago. Even some country names in Indonesian used Arabic derived ones because those merchants are the ones which made people at that time aware of those countries like Mesir, Aljazair, Yunani, etc. With the exception of Morocco, somehow we used the Western derived "Maroko". In Malaysia they still use Maghribi (and the number of Arabic vocabularies in Malay is even more prevalent than in Indonesian).
  5. Just don't say "Do you speak Iranian?". I remembered a video where a man meets an Iranian immigrant and he hesitated to ask that. Fortunately the Iranian put him out of misery and just cut the question and replied "Yes of course I still speak Persian"
  6. I think no one beats when Xi visited Venezuela a few years back...
  7. And now I wonder whether there are words in Slovak that is normal but became a profanity/negative words in Czech? Indonesian and Malay have a lot of these words, and sometimes it caused some trouble for travelers from both countries. For example: Dadah Indonesian: This word is used when you ask little kids to wave goodbye to someone else ("C'mon, dadah to grandma before we leave") Malay: narcotics Butuh Indonesian: need Malay: d*ck Pusing Indonesian: dizzy Malay: turn (left or right) Banci: Indonesian: drag queens Malay: census Seronok: Indonesian: Lewd Malay: Fun Also there is the word awak which means "you" in Malay but in West Sumatra it means "I" (other regions use different words). Imagine if someone from Malaysia comes to West Sumatra....
  8. I used to... I don't have enough perseverance unfortunately, but still refuse to uninstall it from my phone
  9. and is usually said to be 90% intelligible (for the formal/standard language) since it came from the same root. But from what I observe nowadays, younger generation in Indonesia will have more difficulty in understanding Malay because there are many vocabularies that is now become rarely used by them. And with more Indonesians understanding English, they just won't bother to think about trying to understand Malay when they happen to meet Malaysians. Side story: As I am Chinese descent with ancestry from Fujian Province, I speak Hokkien. And I found out that even Hokkien speakers in Indonesia has different variations, where sometimes the difference in the vocabulary can be quite big. The Medan Hokkien (the one I spoke) is mostly intelligible with Penang Hokkien in Malaysia, which means it's quite isolated compared to other variants. My father once arranged to meet a Singaporean businessman and my father thought that as they both can speak Hokkien it is alright (he barely understands English or Mandarin). When they start discussing, it turns out my father doesn't totally understand what the Singaporean was saying. Luckily I was there, and suddenly became the middleman between them lol
  10. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1086046/tokyo-mayors-shock-at-marathon-switch Looks like a drama is coming
  11. Talking about this, I remembered last year Hong Kong considered a bid for 2021 (but of course it is certainly cancelled due to the unrest)
  12. Han Aiping passed away due to lung cancer http://www.badmintonplanet.com/badminton-news/14811-former-world-champion-han-aiping-passes-away-57.html
  13. Definitely, because Cali is in Colombia
  14. The problem is the streams are playing cat-and-mouse with CCTV, I did have a few links that I used for badminton tournaments a few months ago and now none of them works. The 'always ready' solution is use a VPN to simply access the CCTV-5 web page, as you had done
  15. Pretty much you will just have to find a stream.. From what I saw, no event will be broadcasted until the opening (live in CCTV-5). And also only a few event the day after on CCTV-5 and CCTV-5+ Perhaps the CCTV mobile app will provide more events?
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