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  1. Yes, they are... The first time women are allowed was in 1959 Btw, most average Indonesian attention to women military personnel is a bit "wrong". Mostly some random beautiful personnel became viral or people keep focusing on the controversy when hijab was allowed as part of uniform for those who wish to wear it
  2. https://www.weightliftinghouse.com/2019/04/15/asian-weightlifting-championships-2019-results/
  3. Should've given it to Manama instead Who knows they can also import spectators
  4. Really happy for PU Chitra winning against the stranded Africans
  5. I can't stop grinning when the Qatari commentator pronounced the North Korean name of "Ju Ok Byol" as "Ju Oh Kay Byol" at the 3000m steeplechase. Maybe he need one shot of missile from Kim.
  6. At least the championships is treated as International Challenge, a big boost for African players especially if they want play in higher level tournaments during Olympic qualification.
  7. It is a blessing for sports fan living in China, in Indonesia...
  8. 49kg women Hou Zhihui Ri Song Gum Zhang Rong The commentator said that Hou is having flu~
  9. Well.. The noisiest E-sports players are usually from Southeast Asia
  10. Looks like the recording is up http://sports.cctv.com/m/v/index.shtml?videoID=VIDEraNTtnU3UEil9IY6MEnx190420
  11. There are not many water-carrier who run marathon nowadays I believe
  12. Election for the Indonesian parliament will be a World War
  13. Just voted today.. Let's see whether we will continue what we have or change into a likely dictatorship. Time to enjoy discounts with the ink
  14. Welp I will be happy too It would be weird for a country with gamer rehab center to showcase e-sports
  15. Maybe All I can think about is "Ninja Warrior"
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