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  1. Griff88

    [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Be careful for what you wished for.. Demonstration occured in West Sumatra criticizing the president for his focus in building new infrastructures. The sign reads "we don't eat infrastructure??" And yesterday one major route between two big cities in West Sumatra collapsed
  2. Griff88

    Badminton 2018 Discussion Thread

    Whew it's getting more and more dramatic.
  3. Griff88

    [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Saw this on 9GAG and instantly remembered your comment
  4. Griff88

    Badminton 2018 Discussion Thread

    In 2015 there was cookie wars, now this.. Hopefully it is resolved soon, since it will be sad if Denmark sent weak teams to Tokyo Olympics and Thomas/Uber in their home soil.
  5. Griff88

    Badminton 2018 Discussion Thread

    BWF Major Events Hosts 2019-2025 World Championships 2021: TBA, Spain 2022: Tokyo, Japan 2023: Copenhagen, Denmark 2025: Paris, France Thomas/Uber Cups 2020: Aarhus, Denmark 2022: Bangkok, Thailand 2024: TBA, China Sudirman Cup 2021: TBA, China 2023: New Delhi, India 2025: TBA, China World Junior Championships 2019: Kazan, Russia 2020: Auckland, New Zealand 2021: TBA, China 2022: TBA, Spain 2023: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA World Senior Championships (Veteran) 2021: TBA, Spain 2023: Seoul, South Korea 2025: Auckland, New Zealand One small drama about this bidding: Indonesia and Malaysia refused to bid due to unfairness in revenue sharing by BWF. China also stated its intention to follow suit, but later keep their bids and won the most events lol
  6. Griff88

    Winter Olympic Games 2026

    C'mon Stockholm, it's not 2006 anymore...
  7. Griff88

    National & International Sports Awards

    We had our first ever Indonesian Sports Awards on Friday. Basically most of the awards are useless since it is based on popular vote and used the priority of Football > Badminton > Some Memorable/Viral Athletes > I don't know who they are. Here are the winner of non-vote awards: Athlete of the Year: Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo/Marcus Fernaldi Gideon (Badminton) Young Athlete of the Year: Lalu Muhammad Zohri (Athletics) Coach of the Year: Herry Iman Pierngadi (Badminton, the coach of athlete of the year ) Sport Club/Institution of the Year: PB Djarum Badminton Club (Kevin Sanjaya's club ) Lifetime Achievement Award: Christian Hadinata (Badminton)
  8. Griff88

    International Olympic Committee News

    Although TPE is safe for Tokyo 2020, the referendum already had its effects. In Badminton Asia (where China has considerable political power), Taipei has been stripped from hosting Asian Junior Championships. Without the referendum issue, Taiwan is already de facto barred from hosting Asian badminton event except junior events. A ban was even considered if the referendum passed.
  9. Please, FAI even held one event in Northern Cyprus lol
  10. Griff88

    Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    Let me present: The dumbest Football Association president ever I hereby challenge other FIFA members to challenge him in term of stupidity Background: Indonesia failed to reach the knockout stage of Southeast Asian Championships (AFF Cup), the new coach claimed his responsibility and intended to resign from his post. When the president was asked about the AFF failure, this bald dumb man called Edy (who is also a Governor in my parents' province of origin and also a director of a League club) just said a bunch of nonsense". Transcription: Journalist: "The national team failed in AFF, what will the association do in the future, any evaluations?" Edy: "Journalist must behave... So the team can get good results" Journalist: "What measures will be taken for the next tournament?" Edy: "The next step from the association is... Kompas (a media group where he walked out from live TV interview) journalists must behave"
  11. Griff88

    [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Nice, now we have a new difficulty level after "bringing bible to Pyongyang"
  12. Griff88

    [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    My reaction will be Life is not a video game... Don't do stupid things.... Even cats in real life don't have 9 lives....
  13. Griff88

    Sports Budgets in your Nation

    That's why some athletes and coaches began to voicing their concern.. How come you prepare the athletes win 2 Olympic golds with 45% less budget than the one used for Asian level competition?
  14. Griff88

    Sports Budgets in your Nation

    After the Asian Games, our sport budget next year will be reduced from USD 100 million to USD 55,7 million. And still we never know where it goes. While football and badminton will barely affected by this, I was concerned about the other sports which are planning to go to Olympic qualifying tournaments...
  15. Griff88

    International Olympic Committee News

    Perhaps the tournament is not directly related to World Bowling but in QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup they let athletes from Catalonia, Azores, French Guyana, etc to compete.