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  1. I can't help but smile since I just read an article about Danish phrases which includes "Fanden tag mig". And now I see this
  2. Haha yeah I hate 2010 and 2014 because I stayed late but it's only 1-0. BOTH goals happened after I decided to sleep (can't stay awake anymore, besides it is also the first day in school semester in both occasion) 2002 rooting for Germany (6 year old me was impressed with 8-0 win against Saudi, because never seen such scoreline before), ended up disappointed 2006 hoping for France to be the avenger for Germany, disappointed again 2018 is definitely the best one I've ever watched, but yeah the winner is not the team I wanted.
  3. Eh I guess I will take any North Korean state approved haircut
  4. Garuda di Dadaku (Garuda on my chest) - The unofficial song for national football team, the reff tune is based on Papuan folk song 'Apuse'. Supporters also chant the lyrics during matches... In badminton matches, usually after any Indonesian players win the title they will play either 'Bendera (Flag)' or 'Kebyar-Kebyar'. These two songs are rather patriotic rather than sport specific though. Kebyar-Kebyar also became famous after Arkarna covered it. Other sports doesn't really have a special song, but during multievent reports on TV station these 2 songs from SEA Games 2011 will be used over and over again as the intro (kinda like the Bugler's Dream).
  5. Yeah, moms always know the best I think some people just want to live away from their parents because they want freedom (as @heywoodu said) from being told this and that. You want to have some privacy but perhaps such concept doesn't exist with some parents. I also want to move once I am financially stable Good luck with your hair btw
  6. Ok, this is perhaps the most outrageous stuff ever... Some people are protesting the burial of deceased Covid-19 patients in their area. A few dead bodies even had to be dug up again and reburied somewhere else due to the protest The newest development is that people even threw rocks at the specially assigned burial team. How splendid..
  7. I owe it to my mother.. She kept pushing me to go to the barber when the cases are still around 50-ish (I felt that it is still way too short). Three days after I had it, the local government started to implement various measures and lots of barber in my area are closed until now.
  8. Money Adventures: Kuna or Dinar Or a bit more serious guess >> Croatian Adventures: Heap of Music
  9. Oh yeah, I remember watching this match. I hope they will somehow upload the badminton from 1981 but that seems like demanding Olympic Channel to upload something from Moscow 1980
  10. Yep. People often confused why I know all of the flags and countries of the world while on the other hand I'm confused why they don't know that
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