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  1. Statement form ISSF after today's announcement of the new dates for Tokyo 2020: "All quota places already allocated during qualifying competitions, starting with 2018 World Championship in Changwon, Korea, will remain valid. Given a very low probability that any qualification competitions would be held this season, the ISSF will address to the IOC with a proposal to leave unchanged the provision to allocate 12 quota places according to the World Rankings (one in each individual event) as of 31st May 2020 which was stipulated in the Qualification system approved in 2017. The remaining qualification quotas (16 quotas allocated to the European Shooting Confederation), which have not been awarded so far, can be won during the 2021 competitions. After a new deadline for the Olympic qualification has been agreed with the IOC, a schedule will be approved to determine the procedure of how to exchange and redistribute quota places, including those which will not be distributed by the IOC Tripartite Commission".
  2. I'm really curious to see this year's April Fool's Day stories from the media. I assume there will be two approaches. Stay away from anything related to the coronavirus pandemic, or something related to the coronavirus pandemic which can either go okay/well or real bad.
  3. @hckosice I have read something about Matej Toth and his thoughts about his participation in next year's Olympics. I'm not 100% sure about this particular part: "Aktuálne si nevie predstaviť svoju účasť v Tokiu, no rozhodnutie chce spraviť uvážene Pre Mateja Tótha by bolo ideálne, keby sa olympijské hry preložili na jesenné mesiace. Hlavne, čo sa týka prípravy. Avšak už teraz je jasné, že sa uskutočnia v budúcom roku. „Momentálne si neviem predstaviť, že olympiáda bude aj so mnou. V každom prípade je to rozhodnutie, ktoré si treba dobre zvážiť. Určite sa nerobí len vo svojej hlave.“ Celú situáciu si Tóth musí prebrať so svojím tímom, trénerom a, samozrejme, s rodinou. „Nechcem robiť unáhlené závery. Určite sa k tomu v priebehu tejto sezóny vyjadrím, pokiaľ nejaká bude. Nič nebudeme robiť za horúca. Zatiaľ definitíva nepadla.“ Is he considering if he will participate or not?
  4. The Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics organizing committee will likely support the idea of delaying the Games to July of next year. The committee has been working to set new schedules and secure venues for the events since they were postponed last week due to the coronavirus pandemic. NHK sources say the option of opening the Olympics in July of next year is gaining support at the committee, considering the time needed to contain the virus, make preparations, and select athletes. The opening day would be July 23. It was originally scheduled for July 24 this year. The remainder of the schedule would accordingly move up one day. The Olympics would end on August 8. The Paralympics would be held from August 24 through September 5.
  5. According to our national NOC, IOC President, Thomas Bach, told at a video conference that the IOC will announce a date for the Olympics within three weeks.
  6. IOC and 32 international sports federations held a teleconference on Thursday. Sources have told AFP that athletes who had already qualified for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics before they were postponed will keep their places when the Games take place in 2021.
  7. @Dolby, @Fly_like_a_don, @nitinsanker Could some Indian user on here explain what the police is doing and why? I have this video from an article about how some Indian police officers treat people who don't follow the rules about curfew.
  8. As far as I know the commericial radio stations don't need to live up to any Danish music quota. But our national broadcasting station does have to, but the language doesn't need to be Danish. In the most recent public service deal (from 2019), DR (Danish Radio, our national broadcaster) must annually offer/play a minimum of 48% Danish music, i.e made or performed by Danish artists and ensembles, on their two biggest radio channels, P3 and P4.
  9. I also recall Denmark in TISC Open 2019 had made templates for all and then realised during the Grand Final that they forgot to make one for themselves. I have heard the member of the host committee who was responsible for making templates has been moved to a new position. I think he is now the manager for some other contest?
  10. German fencer, Max Hartung, has announced he will not participate in Tokyo this summer. He will only take part in the Games if it is being postponed. In a interview he said he needed to set an example to protect his fellow-athletes. It has to be said Hartung is chairman of the German Athlete Association.,olympia6956.html (in German)
  11. You were quicker than me, @Belle! I was just in the middle of posting the same. But once again, I was too slow. I'm really looking forward to see what she can achieve in biathlon. To those who want more information about it, you can check it here:
  12. Pretty good draw. We are on team with the host, Croatia, and our eternal frenemy, Sweden.
  13. Great! P.s. the Danish Jury also thank you for sending those bottles of tequila. They are very much appreciated.
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