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  1. Festival of Music begins! The member of the Egyptian jury couldn't wait, so let the Festival of Music begin! For those who are new to TISC, Festival of Music is an opportunity for any TISC participant to present songs and artists from nations who are not represented at this year's TISC Open. All participants of TOISC 2019 can write a post about which nation or nations they would to like present in Festival of Music. Usually a TISC participant can present up to two entries from two different nations. Remember, the same rules apply to entries in Festival of Music as TOISC 2019. Artists must be from or associated with the nation they represent, and entries must have been released on or before December 31st, 2014. Enjoy the festival!
  2. A short announcement from the Organizing Host Committee: A flight is on its way with most of the jury members who missed the flight yesterday. Sadly 3 jury members, @stefanbg, @Canada4thewin, @Jan Linha, never showed up. The three jury members only option to come to Denmark is to buy a ticket themself. The host jury will inform the confirmed participants for TOISC 2019 at some point in the upcoming week how this will affect the TISC Team Challenge. For now, the organizing committee and host jury wil do their best to welcome the last national juries and create the best experience for all national juries during their stay in Denmark.
  3. Well at least and are placed close to each other in the voting order.
  4. It's unbelievable there is still no one on Team Dizzy Mizz Lizzy!
  5. Me, @Agger and @Belle's biggest issue will be if we can understand a word of @Wanderer's weird Kiwi dialect.
  6. Team Dizzy Mizz Lizzy is the last team with no members yet.
  7. Denmark and Sweden on Team Myrkur. Can we expect Norway to join?
  8. A turtle pretty much symbolise how long heywoodu takes to vote.
  9. Well Tina Dickow is a good-looking woman, so I do understand why everyone wanted to be on her.
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