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    All the 206 Olympic NOC flags + 50 non-Olympic NOC flags have been updated both here and on the results website. Some colours were a bit "discolored", so we can say all the flags made a trip to the washing machine Some examples of before and later: Old New
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    No, that's not what this means. It means that NED and SVK have received unused quotas (from unused continental spots). There are 3 continental quotas in each event and only one was used here (Australia).
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    New Year but always the same old song for the prediction contests: no old results, no schedule of the new year, decisions overturned in few days (Sindo said on 2nd January that Australian Open won't have a prediction contest and now we have the contest) no planning, why work on Australian open while it would be better to open the Olympic contests (we still don't know how many they will be and what are we waiting for opening the hockey contest?) Moreover I think the choice of Australian Open is quite nonsensical because past tennis contests showed that they don't capture the interest of new people because the two brackets are big and tedious (you need a lot of time to fill them) it's necessary a lot of work for the organizer (check many results in the first week, create many predictions in the second week) the contenders have to work a lot in the second week because there are many matches and you don't know when they finish, so many matches predictions are forgotten or skipped Good luck to the contenders and to the organizer (it's nice to see tuniscof come back on predictions) for the Australian Open but I hope that this contest doesn't steal time and energy from the Olympics.
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    Yes, because is very easy to ask to the government: "could you please give us millions of dollars to build these ice facilities of sports nobody has ever heard from and that will cost additional millions to mantain?". I don't blame the countries who have tradition in the Winter Olympics, they're in their own right, but the idea that "summer" nations don't participate in a higher level simply because "they don't want" is a little too much.
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    You can't be seriously comparing the challenges faced by US athletes to the ones faced by brazilian athletes, as if I can travel to another state and have all the facilities needed to train, etc. You talk about how this is a "cultural" problem, but how can Brazil (or any other tropical country) create a culture of winter sports and general interest if they're so hard to practice? Even if we had some ice rinks and other facilities (not snow, of course, because you know...), you can't simply create a top level athlete from day to night - unless we buy them, which is not the right way to go. I'm not against the Winter Olympics, but in one way or the other, the climate HAS great influence in the results - just take a good look at the nations who will win a medal next month. The point here is that the Winter Olympics can't never be compared to the Summer version regarding reach. That doesn't mean it isn't fun or that they must be cancelled.
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    The final decision was 100 % correct. Well done by the refs (I cannot say anything about the match in general, though). "For the throw-off at the start of each half (incl. any period of overtime), all players must be in their own half of the court. However, for the throw-off after a goal has been scored, the opponents of the thrower are allowed to be in both halves of the court. In both cases, however, the opponents must be at least 3 metres away from the player taking the throw-off (15:4, 15:9, 8:7c)." and: "if during the last 30 seconds of a game the ball is out of play, and a player or team official prevents or delays the execution of a throw for the opponents, in order to prevent them from being able to take a shot on goal or to obtain a clear scoring chance, the guilty player / official is to be disqualified and a 7m throw is to be granted to the opponents. It applies to any type of interference (e.g., with only limited physical action, interfering with the execution of a throw such as intercepting a pass, interference with the reception of the ball, not releasing the ball)."
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    Linger, the golden jewel in your wonderful contribution to music. I love this song so much. God bless you Dolores. I miss you when you're gone, that is what I do....
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    WOMEN´S UNDER 18 DIVISION I GROUP A 2018 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Japan WW18 back on top Promoted to highest level for sixth time The Japanese women’s under-18 team capped a dominant week in Asiago, Italy, by defeating Slovakia in the decisive game by a 3-0 score. The win gives Japan a perfect 5-0 record at the 2018 IIHF Ice Hockey U18 Women’s World Championship Division I Group A and earns the nation promotion to the top level for 2019. This marks the sixth time the Japanese ladies have made it to the top, and they did so in impressive fashion. Not only did they win every game, they surrendered but one goal in five games, that to Hungary. They never trailed, scored 21 goals in total, and played poised hockey all week. “We’re really happy with the way we played,” said defenceman Akane Shiga. “It was important for us to earn the promotion this year. But we must continue to work hard so that we stay up after next year. It’s very important for our program because we are a small nation for women’s hockey.” “Our coach gave us a good system to work with, and we communicated very well,” Shiga continued. “We played like a team, which is really important.” Indeed, the Japanese played a virtually perfect tournament. They allowed a mere 51 shots over the course of ALL five games, didn’t allow a power-play goal, recorded four shutouts, led the tournament with eight power-play goals of their own, and were the least penalized team. Slovakia had also won its four previous games but with a bit more trouble. It beat Italy, 5-4, in overtime on Friday, and with today’s loss maintains its position in Division I-A for next year. The Slovaks have played WW18 since 2009 and have never been promoted or demoted. Today, the Japanese made sure to put the game out of reach quickly. Airi Sato made a beautiful deflection off a point shot just 4:29 into the game to give Japan the early lead, putting Slovakia in a hole right off the bat. Less than a minute later it was 2-0 when Remi Koyama’s shot dribbled through the pads of goalie Andrea Risianova. Yuuki Ito made it 3-0 late in the period when she banged home her own rebound. That was all the scoring the team needed. Japan moved the puck with authority, skated freely, and were in possession of the puck for much of the game. In all, shots were 34-8 for the winners as Slovakia simply couldn’t get the puck near Reika Sasaki’s goal with any danger. Even late in the game, after Japan took its first penalty, coach Peter Kudelka pulled Risianova to make it a six-on-four, but Slovakia still couldn’t generate any decent scoring chances. Captain Diana Vargova, who led the tournament with nine points, was held in tight check by the Japanese tonight and didn’t record a single shot. Italy rallied in the third period in the final game of the tournament to defeat Austria, 6-4, and leapfrog the Austrians in the standings. The hosts finished in third place and 11th overall in the program – the best placing ever of an Italian women’s hockey team in the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship program. Austria finished fourth and Hungary fifth. Despite beating Hungary earlier today, 3-2, in an exciting shootout, Norway finished in last place and will go down to Division I-B next year. @Gianlu33 this one is for you. Gold and Bronze medalists posing together after the tournament´s last match Results Thread
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    The original nation can waive the waiting period for an athlete to compete for a different nation.
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    Great Britain will take up the quota in men's luge. Official announcement Thursday
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    http://www.ibsf.org/images/documents/downloads/Quotas/2017_18/Quota_allocation_IBSF_RANKING_Bobsleigh_2_Man_14_01_2018.pdf 2 man http://www.ibsf.org/images/documents/downloads/Quotas/2017_18/Quota_allocation_IBSF_RANKING_Womens_Bobsleigh_14_01_2018.pdf 2 woman
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    i Skrbic je nesto u tom RSS-u, valjda je i on ucestvovao u izboru selektora.........ovo su samo glupe predstave za javnost da se zaborave igra i rezultat
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    Estrella Burgos finished his preparation tournament and can now get ready for his personal Grand Slam in Quito.
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    This one definitely can't count for the general standings. Short notice, not complete templates, contradicting statements from prediction contest mods... It's back to the same old story from 2016 and 2017 (for which we still don't have results btw), as @Pablita very well explained in her post. There must be some rules, although they can seem harsh, they should be for the best. I don't think prediction contests on Totallympics can survive any more flops to be honest...
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    IMPORTANT The Prediction Contest for Australian Open 2018 has been cancelled. First of all, huge apologies to the 16 users who spent their time in posting their predictions. This is my decision and I take full responsabilities, so don't blame @tuniscof for that. My decision is based according to these 3 factors: 1) Too short notice: I wrote in this thread there would have not been an Australian Open Prediction Contest on January 7th, Wanderer confirmed it on January 10th, then tuniscof opened it on January 11th. 2) Draws: qualifications were delayed because of rain so they finished on Sunday instead of Saturday, and as some users wrote here there were some withdrawals which partially changed the draw. This would create a lot of unfair situations between users who posted their predictions with the "old" draws. 3) Focus on Winter Olympic Games Prediction Contests: Winter Olympic Games are few weeks away and Totallympics is going to organize several Prediction Contests during that period, so our focus should be on that and to guarantee results will be posted on time. The small number of participants few hours before the start of the Australian Open is mainly because of the previous reasons. Also, in general, I am against Tennis Prediction Contests because of the reasons Pablita pointed out. I suggest to make at most one tennis Prediction Contest per year, but this is a decision I leave to the organizers. I decided to intervene in this situation because of the urgency for a decision to be taken and the unavailability of tuniscof in the whole day. Once again, apologies for the time users spent to post their predictions, hopefully this is the only time we have to cancel a Prediction Contest!
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    Рукометни савез у складу са резултатима заслужује буџет од 200 динара. Овај коментатор на РТРС-у прво полувремен анализирао овако: "бићу кратак, Србија делује јадно, одморите се мало пре наставка"
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    Talk about misinformation (or just being a troll). The only countries in South America where you can seriously practice snow sports are Argentina and Chile. So, tropical nations should send their athletes to other countries because an event with global aspirations do not afford to contemplate realistic weather conditions all around the planet? This is not a matter about being evil, as much as it is about you being totally ignorant of the facts.
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    And I'm not sure if that flag is Colombia or Lithuania..
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    Nooo This is a sombre day indeed. RIP Dolores, you are going to be missed. F*ck
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    I'm so so sad... Chester in july, now her... not to count all the others who left
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    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5271823/Cranberries-singer-Dolores-ORiordan-dies-London-hotel.html RIP
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    Heidi Zacher is out for the rest of the season with a rupture of cruciate ligament.