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Athletics 2024 Discussion Thread


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3 minutes ago, copravolley said:

Lorenzo Patta?

Patta ran a decent heat, but got slightly injured (harmstring) in the last few meters and therefore had to miss the final


hopefully, it's just a minor thing, but in the interview he did look a bit worried

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2 hours ago, Dragon said:

:GBR Charlie Dobson won the 400m in Savona in an Olympic qualifying time

44.46 his time




to complete the :ITA fest in Savona, Daniele Inzoli jumped 7.90m (wind +1.4) in the men's LJ, which is the new Under-16 world best (previously held by the Tokyo 2020 bronze medallist :CUB Maykel Massò with 7.85)


here's Leo Fabbri's 22.95m put video


and this is Furlani's 8.36m jump



Savona Meet full results

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15 minutes ago, phelps said:

@Biathlonfan in Savona, there was also Dovilè Kilty at the start of the women's Triple Jump


she ended up in in 5th place with 13.68m (windy, +2.2)

I know,she's achieved a 14.12 in the uae almost two weeks ago[1.5].Also in the same place as Martynas tonight,there was another Lithuanian triple jumper Aina Grikšaitė,placed second with 13.77 [+2.4] but also had a 13.73 in the last round [+1.3] 

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