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Men's Ice Hockey NHL 2022 - 2023


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The Draft is officially over.


6 :SVK players drafted ! :)

1. Juraj Slafkovský - Montreal
2. Šimon Nemec - New Jersey
26. Filip Mešár - Montreal
63. Adam Sýkora - NY Rangers

185. Servác Petrovský - Minnesota
204. Adam Žlnka - Arizona

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Some quick stats from the Draft


The NHL clubs this year have drafted a total of:

87 players born in :CAN  

49 from the :USA  

26 from Sweden :SWE 

25 from Russia  :RUS 

14 from Finland :FIN

7 Czechs :CZE 

6 Slovaks :SVK  :yes

3 Latvians :LAT 

2 players each from Germany :GER , Switzerland :SUI and Austria  :AUT 

and 1 from Belarus :BLR and one from Poland :POL  @Monzanator


As mentioned above

Juraj Slafkovský is the only 9th European player drafted #1 in the history of the NHL

and Slovakia is only the second European country in history with the top two picks in the NHL Draft :hyper: after Russia in 2004 (Ovechkin and Malkin drafted 1 and 2) 

Also Juraj Slafkovský is the first ever #1 NHL draft pick player from :FIN Ligue (This is really enormous surprise I must say, never before any player from the SM Liiga was drafted numero uno)


And finally gazillions of new records for Slovakia.

a- Marian Gáborík's national record (3rd by Minnesota in 2000) was sent into the history this year by both Slaf and Nemec.

b- Nemec is the highest drafted Slovak defender ever. Also he became the First ever Slovak blueliner drafted as #1 among all defenders (also applies obviously for Slaf among forwards, both highest slovak darfted forward ever and first slovak forward drafted as first forward overall)

c- for the first time in history, 3 Slovaks were drafted in the first round !!! :bounce:

d- 6 players drafted overall, is the highest number since 2005 when 7 Slovaks were drafted. (the absolute record is simply eternal, from 2000 with 16 Slovaks picked out)

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For the record, Mariusz Czerkawski & Krzysztof Oliwa are the only two drafted :POL players that actually played in NHL. Kolusz & Pysz are Polish but they never played in NHL. Sidorkiewicz, Valtonen (sic!), Liv, Wolski & Szuber were either born in Poland or are of mixed Polish ethnicity but they represented other countries. Szuber was born in Opole and resides in Germany. He played for Germany in WJCh so he's no more Polish than Miroslav Klose :p




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Son of God´s first day in Montreal


1:28 "Yeah, it´s not getting any better..." :lol:


Also loved the answer to the booing from some montreal fans : "I think it’s about hockey, hockey is their passion as well as mine. And maybe some of them did not like me, but I will do everything that I will play good for this team, and ... they will actually... maybe like me one day." :d


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3 hours ago, Monzanator said:

I see he restricted adding comments on the IG profile so he maybe didn't want to have the last pic flooded by French comments :p


I noticed tennis plater Linda Fruhvirtova liked that pic so maybe she is a hockey fan too ;)

15 seconds in Montreal and already broke the VO2 machine :lol:



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Todays :SVK news from the UFA day


The best slovak goalie of the last 2 decades Jaroslav "Stop" Halák will move from Vancouver to NY Rangers for 1 season and 1.5 mil. USD


Erik "Drago" Černák signed a 8 year deal with his Tampa Bay Lightning, the new contract will start working after the end of the previous one which will expire after next season, the new one is from 2022/23 until 2031 season and is for 41.6 mil. USD (ccs 2.950 Mil. USD per year)


and finally the most awaited thing happened today :d



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a lot of moves in the last couple of days...


the most important (and unexpected), Johnny Gaudreau signing a 7-year deal with Columbus :yikes: at 9.75 million/year


then, Vincent Trocheck signing also a 7 year deal with the NY Rangers to replace Andrew Copp, who went to Detroit (the Red Wings also signed David Perron for 2 years at 9.5 million/year, Domink Kubalik and Ben Chiarot)...


Claude Giroux and Cam Talbot went to Ottawa (together with Alex DeBrincat), meanwhile Edmonton signed Jack Campbell to fill their need for a good goalie and re-signed Evander Kane for 4 years...


more moves...the Avalanche lose Burakowsky (going to Seattle) and Kuemper (Going to Washington), meanwhile Carolina replaces Trocheck with Max Pacioretty and De Angelo (gone to Philly...just prepared my pop corn to watch how it goes between him and the new Flyers coach, John Tortorella :roflmao:) with super-veteran Brent Burns...


"my" Kings a few days ago signed Jake Fiala from Minnesota and re-signed Adrian Kempe for 4 more years...


waiting for more "bombs" in the next few days...

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