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Men's Ice Hockey NHL 2022 - 2023


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wow! what a night for Slovakia and for Hockey...


never expected Nemec to go up to no.2, but, missing on Slaf, that's a really smart call by the Devils...they already have quite some talent on offense (especially at center), now they're building a solid defense (last year they picked Luke Hughes, who's also expected to have some impact in the NHL sooner rather than later)...

they just miss a top goalie to become a force in the Eastern Conference...


I also appreciated MTL's move on Kirby Dach, a good, strong young center that could be a long time partner for Slaf (I'd really like to see them playing in the same line)...


on the other hand, I really don't understand the Blackhawks...they gave up the 2 players to rebuild the team on (Dach and DeBrincat) to keep the 2 dinosaurs (Kane and Toews) that are one of the reasons for which they're one of the worst teams in the Western Conference...OK being grateful to the guys that won so much for them, but I feel that's too much (and what's really bad, it's compromising their future not only on short terms, but also on medium least)...


big loser of the night, Shane Wright, who went in a few minutes from the expected no.1 overall with his hometown team to no.4 with expected long time losing tribe in Seattle...


last words for Washington...classy (and truly confident) move in calling Miroshchenko at the first round, considering that he's being treated for cancer in Russia right now...

good luck to the guy first of all...and to the Caps, too...

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@phelps Thanks for the nice words my friend. Yes it was just A SPECIAL NIGHT for me, for the boys, for us, for our sport, history and everything :)



btw one cute moment going viral now : :d


The 3 kids (Nemec, Slaf and Mešár) 10 years ago




The 3 kids (Nemec, Slaf and Mešár) 10 years after





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Also I just learn that Slaf is only the 9th European ever to be the NHL Draft #1  


and Slovakia is the only 2nd non-North-American country to have first 2 picks in one Draft (After Russia in 2004 when Ovechkin and Malkin were drafted 1 and 2)


Absolutely insane what happened last night. Nobody in this country is today focusing on the work, nobody, everyone just talking about the draft over and over :lol:



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