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    This could also happen in men's snowboard PGS (a small chance but not impossible) and men's 500m in short track speed skating.
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    simpatizeri odredjenih stranaka treba da budu na celu svuda gde je moguce prvo OKS, sad ovo..............za ASS je odavno poznato, oni su jedni od najodvratnijih
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    Usually when I watch, not much happens, indeed. I usually have the 'luck' to end up watching a match with maybe 5-10 somewhat serious goal attempts and 1 or 2 goals and that's it Of course there's always exceptions, like in any sport.
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    Ma manite se stranih trenera, to ce in naseg dzepa kod tamo nekog stranca, a ne treba nam posto nista nece promeniti, ali nista.
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    People on this forum know too much about the qualification rules to be ever considered normal
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    Sećamo se, ovako igramo 6 godina već, od Londona.
  7. 1 point
    men only or also the girls counting? another couple of question for Ice Hockey... will the men's tournament Gold Medal winners win all their single games from 1st to the final in the 60-min regulation time? will the men's tournament top scorer (goals + assists) come from a team not being one of the so-called "big six" (CAN, USA, SWE, FIN, RUS, CZE)? will the women's tournament Gold Medal game be played by at least 1 European team? will Korea's teams (both men and women, it doesn't make any difference) lose at least 1 game by 10 or more goals deficit? Snowboarding... will both Snowboardcross events (m+f) be won by European athletes? will at least 1 freestyler (meaning Halfpipe and/or Slopestyle specialist, both genders included) who won Gold in Sochi 2014 repeat him/herself in Pyeongchang? will Shaun White win another (undeserved) Gold Medal in the men's Halfpipe? Overall will Italy win exactly 2 Gold Medals? will we see at least 1 new Country (for the Winter Olympics only, of course) among the Gold Medal winners? will there be at least 5 athletes (all sports, all genders, relays and team events included) winning 3 or more Gold Medals? will Kim Un Jong and/or Donald Trump show up at the Opening Ceremony?
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    Stage 21 in Wengen (SUI) January 12th, 2018 Alpine Combined Mens (2/2) 1. Victor Muffat-Jeandet 2:35.29, 2. Pavel Trikhichev 2:36:25 and 3. Peter Fill 2:36.44 Full Results HERE Alpine Combined Mens 2017/18 World Cup Final Standing 1. Peter Fill 140, 2. Kjetil Jansrud 110 and 3. Victor Muffat-Jeandet 105 Full Final Standing HERE Video Highlights
  9. 1 point
    We reached the finish line, that's always a victory in our book Anyway, this relay was awful. Last two relays, there were emotions, people falling on the snow, crying etc. Today, people casually walking (not even running) to their finishing teammate, obviously you can see how little this actually meant to most of them.
  10. 1 point
    no problem buddy I like your questions, especially the one with Naoki Yuasa, I would bet a big No 9 out of 10 races for sure, but there still a chance that he can succeed in this one
  11. 1 point
    TEAM SWEDEN Goaltenders: Sara Grahn (Brynäs) Sarah Berglind (Modo) Minatsu Murase (AIK) Defencers: Emilia Ramboldt (Linköping) Annie Svedin (Modo) Johanna Olofsson (Modo) Johanna Fällman (Luleå) Maja Nylén Persson (Leksand) Elin Lundberg (Leksand) Emmy Alasalmi (AIK) Forwards: Anna Borgqvist (Brynäs) Erica Udén Johansson (Brynäs) Pernilla Winberg (Linköping) Emma Nordin (Luleå) Rebecca Stenberg (Luleå) Erika Grahm (Modo) Olivia Carlsson (Modo) Hanna Olsson (Djurgården) Maria Lindh (Djurgården) Lisa Johansson (AIK) Sara Hjalmarsson (AIK) Sabina Küller (AIK) Fanny Rask (HV 71)
  12. 1 point
    Oh sorry... not a big ice hockey fan... will take it out of the list.
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    no please, not losing gold for 0.6 this would be too much for me
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  15. 1 point
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  17. 1 point
    Surprise, surprise.................. there will be Australian Open 2018 Prediction Contest (after two "NO" posted in Sunday and Wednesday...) Not a problem at all, but remain unsolved last two year of contests (some are team competitions: with spreadsheet easy/fast to manage, said someone.....), maybe was better ended these contests (for respect the users that lost time playing) and prepare the Winter OG 2018 contests!!!!
  18. 1 point
    And yet in women's skeleton you don't even need a track in your country to win at the Olympics...
  19. 1 point
    Idiot is not a word strong enough to define him
  20. 1 point
    Plus, how are you gonna get used to completely new players in basically a matter of days? And the thought of a mixed bobsled team is even worse! South Korea especially in the men's bobsled has made some serious steps and those athletes deserve to be there and potentially even fight for medals, it'd be rather unfair to all of a sudden take a South Korean out and put a North Korean in behind a driver he/she has never worked with before.
  21. 1 point
    18-year old Alex de Minaur reached the final in Sydney. What better place for your first ATP final than the city you were born in? Dude's on a roll btw, semi's in Brisbane last week, final now. If he wins, he'll be right at the door of the top-100 (101st most likely).
  22. 1 point
    By the way, Bos would be 10th in the ranking if our NOC decides not to count the insanely unfair race in Winterberg. One would think that'd be a strange thing to do, but they did exactly the same in alpine skiing in the Sochi qualification: Marvin van Heek got an 8th place in the insanely unfair downhill in Val Gardena, exactly what a Dutch alpine skier needs to qualify, but the NOC decided not to count it because of the weather conditions. Basically, they scrapped a result which was made unfair by the weather when said weather turned out positive for an athlete, in my opinion they should do the same now that the same kind of thing turned out negative for an athlete.
  23. 1 point
    yeah...but that's another World if compared to the rest of Italy... they speak another language, they have a different special statute and some different laws... things there work a lot better than in the rest of the Country at any level... I must confess...Bolzano/Bozen is the only other Italian place where I could imagine to live if I had to leave "my beloved Milan"...
  24. 1 point
    perfect point in this part of the World, where the Olympic Games have been thought and created, history and tradition mean Winter = Snow & Ice so, imho the Winter Olympic Games must only include disciplines played on those 2 "elements"...
  25. 1 point
    Tennis Australian Open 2018 Prediction Contest is now Open
  26. 1 point
    First normal female after long time.
  27. 1 point
    4th March (like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Star_Belgrade) and of course', I'm big fan
  28. 1 point
    1) Please speak for yourself. If your interest in a sport depends only on one athlete, you cant be helped. 2) Freestyle skiing might be many things, but certainly not boring. 3) She has tons of olympics ahead of her, no reason to make a drama out of a 10 year old not qualifying for the olympics.
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    At last a reaction with all this stupidity https://es.panampost.com/orlando-avendano/2018/01/09/artistas-francia-rechazan-moral-victoriana/
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    tonight and tomorrow we celebrate Yennayer 2968
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    Match of the first round: Maria vs Sharapova Now, my view of the women's draw: Section 1: A strong one. Halep-Kvitova in R3 breaks my heart. I am afraid Simona will be too much for Petra at this moment. Intriguing match between Barty and Sabalenka. Sabalenka has such raw power and on a good day can beat almost any top player. Barty is very skillful player and should find a key to neutralize Sabalenka's power and make her move, for the later being pretty bad in defense. The key in this match is Barty's mentality and ability not to break under the pressure being a favourite and at home. Giorgi this weak is on fire and if she keeps her momentum (which I doubt) can make some damage and reach R4. There are also other two of my favourite players But both Osaka and Jabeur have been bad so far and I don't expect either of them in R3. All in all - Halep should come through as a quarterfinalist from this section. Section 2: This section is also interesting one. Still not sure how much Konta is injured, but things don't look promising. Should be able to reach R3 but there is crafty Strycova. Safarova showed some good tennis in her match against Angelique in Sydney, so R3 for her is expected where she should be encountering another seeded Czech, Pliškova. Karolina struggled against Cepede last year at the French Open, but on hard, I expect her to be convincing. Haddad Maia (I like her!) has a rematch with Cabrera but should be able t beat her again and is definitely capable to put a big fight against Pliškova. My pick is definitely Pliškova as most likely quarterfinalist from this section. Safarova and Strycova being serious tests. Section 3: Muguruza must reach R4 with her draw! But the bottom half of the section! Kerber showing great form in Perth and Sydney so far, almost 2016 GS level, with new coach, improved serve, bh, being more aggressive and sort of a first-strike player, is something very good to see on WTA these days! She'll probably overcome Friedsam and Vekic and then comes R3 against either Sharapova or Sevastova. The Latvian does have beautiful game but somehow her emotional meltdowns seem to be rather a disadvantage. She can beat Sharapova again who still cannot find her form. If Kerber does not overplay and peak too soon in Sydney during this week, I can totally see her in R4. Potential quarterfinalist.... in this order: Kerber>Sevastova>Muguruza>Sharapova Section 4: We all already saw Mladenovic breaking her losing streak in Sydney... Anyway, Bogdan is not that easy to beat, so I expect another dramatic match from Kiki and let's hope this is the end of her agony. Putintseva-Watson is no betting zone match definitely Keys should make R4. Lucic-Baroni is still bothered with injury and her form is questionable. Rogers is a tricky player and we can see last year semifinalist going out in R1. Sasnovich played beautiful tennis in Brisbane. And if she is able to repeat it, R3 here we come. My fave, Vondroušova, had bad second half of 2017 and played quite poorly (except in that match against Kuznetsova at USO). What bothers me around her is her attitude sometimes. I hope she can be motivated enough cause she has very winnable opening round and I'd like to see her pumped up against transformed Garcia. Garcia's form is unknown quantity and I hope her back is okay now (the reason she withdrew from Brisbane). If she's healthy, ball-bashing delight in R4 is upon us. Most likely quarterfinalists: Keys>Garcia.
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    I think preserving the integrity and identity of the Winter Olympics is important. Besides, I don't see how expanding the Winter Games will help with the allready very critical lack of bidding cities, If moving around some summer sports is an option, I'd very much favor the introduction of a third season; the Fall Indoor Games or something. We would have 16 months between each Olympics then (Summer -> Winter -> Fall).
  34. 1 point
    As Sindo said, AO will be missed this time as we are focusing on Winter Olympic Games. But we still have enough GS tournaments left Also, there won't be Jolly in 2018; scoring systems for Ice Hockey and individual sports and contests where we are predicting medal winners remains unchanged. However, some alterations in scoring systems for other sports prediction contests may be implemented during the year.
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    He raced in Armenia today. Another missed chance. https://data.fis-ski.com/dynamic/results.html?sector=CC&competitorid=215379&raceid=31027
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    Jedna reč: tragično. Tajmaut usred napada, krila neiskorišćena, tehničkih grešaka na pretek.
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    Elena Fanchini said that she has been diagnosed with a tumor http://www.gazzetta.it/Sport-Invernali/Sci-Alpino/Coppa-Mondo-Sci/12-01-2018/sci-elena-fanchini-rinuncia-giochi-una-dura-prova-ma-non-mi-arrendo-240863112577.shtml
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    Darn it, there goes your chance of becoming a millionaire.
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