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Countdown to Beijing 2022


Alpine Skiing FIS Junior World Championships 2021


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Competition starts today. There will be a livestream on the official website. Sadly there will only be 3 competitions for each gender (Super G, slalom, giant slalom). Surprisingly GB (on the men’s side) and Croatia (on the women’s side) could win some medals.

You know who wears sunglasses inside?

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Women’s slalom:

Gold: Mathiou (Italy)

Silver: Bostroem Mussener (Sweden)

Bronze: A. J. Hurt (USA)

Mathiou (2002) and Bostroem Mussener (2001) are young enough to come back next year. Very close race, the top 8 were within 0.68 seconds. Not sure if any of the girls can become world class, no one looked like a superior talent.

Sadly another 4th (and 5th) place for Germany. This was the last competition (no downhill/combined/team this year), so here is the final standing of the Marc Hodler Trophy:


1) Austria 61 points

2) Italy 43 points

3) Sweden 40 points

4) Switzerland 36 points

5) Norway 35 points

6) Germany/USA 29 points

8) Slovenia 20 points


Separated by gender:


1) Austria 42 points

2) Switzerland 30 points

3) Norway 22 points

4) Italy 19 points

5) USA 16 points

6) Germany 10 points

7) France 8 points

8) Sweden/Slovenia 4 points



1) Sweden 36 points

2) Italy 24 points

3) Austria/Germany 19 points

5) Slovenia 16 points

6) Norway/USA 13 points

8) Switzerland 6 points


Biggest surprises for me: 

- Sweden has a lot of very good talents on the women’s side, they could become strong again at senior level in a couple of years.

- The US has some nice talents again (Hurt and Ritchie).

- France did very poorly for their standard, only 9 points overall (1 point better than Finland) and their best results were a 5th place in men’s Super G, a 9th place in men’s giant slalom and a 10th place in women’s slalom.

- Germany and the US were surprisingly close to Norway and Switzerland in the Marc Hodler Trophy.



You know who wears sunglasses inside?

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