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Tennis at the Summer Olympic Games 2020

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Novak Djokovic practicing some Gymnastics 

They came to the Olympics last minute, saved 4 match points today, and won our first medal ever in Tennis.   Best medal in these Games? I say yes!   (btw, I think I woke up the wh

Oh come on. We have an all-Croatian doubles final. It's not to be missed.   First time ever we get two medals in one Olympic event.   Mektić/Pavić  

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Lukáš Klein, you know, the kid who has no Davis Cup participation but ITF accepted him to play with Polášek in Doubles, will now also play the M Singles :roflmao:


Our federation received a couple of hours ago an official invitation from ITF for him to replace the Italian Berettini, since he is already in Tokyo, we accepted.


What a Olympic debut for a 275th singles and 276th doubles player :lol:



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US would only had 3 women in individual since Coco's withdrawall happend after closing the list. Her place went to the best placed only doubles player already in Japan, #137 ranked Renata Zarazúa from :MEX



Idk who replaces Coco in doubles, but considering Riske and Brady are there, I imagine one of them would play with Melichar.

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Be warned ..... If you pass by the tennis venue during Tokyo olympics and are carrying a tennis racket ..... You may be press ganged into playing tennis at the Olympics .  order of ATP 

strength does not come from physical capacity but from an indomitable will. - Gandhi

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13 minutes ago, prso1000 said:

Any news on the mixed entries? 

Official entries will be on 27th iirc. But definitely 🇬🇷 Sakkari/Tsitsipas and 🇵🇱 Świątek/Kubot are going to play. 

I am unashamed, at getting nothing done.

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